Best Paintball Gear Bag – Equipment Carrying Cheap Bag 2022

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Making fair and beneficial decisions is a challenging game. There are infinite paintball gear bags in the market, ranging from expensive to cheap. Thankfully, I am a paintball game lover and playing the tournaments for more than two years. That is why I always go for the best to save my bucks and enjoy maximum reliability without compromising the quality.

For that sake, I have come up with the 3 best paintball gear bags 2022 that are amazing for packing and carrying paintball gear. Undoubtedly, this is a hard kind of thing to grab the most demanding and accurate gear bag for managing all your paintball stuff in one place. So, I have reviewed the best gear gun paintball bags and their buying guide for a better idea. You are going to love them all because they all are durable, convenient, budget-friendly, and spacious. 

Top 3 Best Budget Paintball Bag Carrying Case

I always thought about how to choose the best paintball gear bag that falls within the boundary of my budget as well as fulfill my requirements. Well, I am familiar with this sort of confusion, and this is the reason I started searching for the top-rated and suitable paintball gears to bring the best.

There are 3 paintball gear bags reviewed in this article to make your purchase more fruitful. If you are a beginner at paintball gaming, you can read our buying guide to choose the most suitable option. However, before you jump to buying guide, here are the features of top-notch paintball gear bags.

  1. Virtue High Roller V4 Travel Gear Bag
  2. Mercury Tactical Alpha Mini Monster Wheeled Bag
  3. HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)

3 Best Paintball Gun Gear Bags

1) Virtue High Roller V4 Paintball Equipment Bag

Virtue High Roller V4 Extra Large
SpecsFeatured Value
Dimension15 x 31 x 16 inches
Weight11.5 Pounds

If you need a large paintball equipment bag that serves all your storage needs, then Virtue High Roller V4 is the best option. It has a robust construction that makes paintball gaming more fun.

In addition, you can do as many things as you can with its maximum storage capacity. It provides optimal protection with its waterproof tarp-lined interior. You can enjoy desired handle length with its extra-long telescopic handle.

It is the best paintball gear bag with a nylon zipper for smoother opening and closing and multi-terrain nylon wheels for smoother carrying. Its rear skid plate, google case, foam-padded handle, and desired storage capacity will win your heart.

Durable and Robust:

Virtue high roller is one of the most durable equipment available in the market. It is built to withstand the toughest practice and travel experience of paintball players.

Its multi-terrain nylon wheels will provide you with the most robust approach and allow you to roll the bag on uneven ground without breaking down. The heavy-duty extra-long telescopic handle provides you firm grip and durability while traveling for paintball, hiking, or picnic.

In addition, the most robust and waterproof nylon zipper pulls protect your equipment from water, and they do not let gear dirty.  

Ergonomic Style:

Virtue paintball bag comes with multiple features that allow you to keep your gears protected, and the ergonomic style provides you comfort. First of all, trap-lined armored goggle case to protect your paintball goggles from scratches.

The foam-padded top handle offers you can ease while carrying the bag. The waterproof tarp-lined wheel covers protect the wheels of your bags and provide ultimate protection to your gears. All these qualities make it perfect for action sports.


The equipment bag comes with a 7000 CU waterproof tarp-lined main compartment which provides you massive storage for markers, goggles, and other paintball gears.

It consists of neoprene padded storage sleeves on both sides of the bag, giving you more space and ultimate security. Furthermore, The breathable mesh-lined zipped pocket allows you to keep your small gears.

On the external side, this bag comes with large angled zipper pockets and massive accessory compartments. In addition, the waterproof tarp-lined pouch and microfiber-lined lens at the outer side protect your small gadgets or personal belongings.

Sports Friendly:

V4 is the perfect choice for any professional athlete and paintball player. It is excellent and suitable for extreme conditions and sports such as paintballs, motocross, and snowboarding.

The heavy-duty hide-away backpack straps and chest buckle allow you to carry it on your shoulders in muddy areas or on off-road trips. It can withstand the roughest user and the hardest conditions for traveling and practice.

V4 is a new and improved design with multiple upgrades, more pockets, and heavy-duty waterproof tarp-lining. If you are tight on budget, there are used paintball gear bags also available in the market.

Make Buying Decision:

The heavy-duty nylon wheels, extra-long handle, with backpack straps give you multiple options to choose from. The waterproof interior lining and encapsulated zipper provide an extra layer of protection to your gears.

Most importantly, its large storage capacity and robust design give you the durability you need. If you want to make a long-lasting investment in gear bags, this is what you need to level up your game.

2) Mercury Tactical Paintball Rolling Gear Bag

Mercury Tactical Alpha Mini Monster Wheeled Bag
Dimension13 x 17 x 33 inches
SpecialtyHeavy Duty tractor wheels
Weight10.53 Pounds

Are you looking for a tactical paintball rolling gear bag? Your search ends here with the best travel companion of Mercury mini monster deployment bag. This wheeled luggage can withstand the roughest conditions to protect your valuable gears.

It comes with 600 denier polyester construction along with three wheels. It features modular internal compartments and interior mesh zippered pockets, which can fit everything you need.

This equipment bag is perfect for heavy-duty travels and obeys your paintball traveling needs. These bags come with protective corner guards, and they can be folded and fits almost everywhere you want.

Large Compartment:

Mercury tactical mini monster bag has a large compartment designed to store large paintball equipment and gears. In addition, you can keep large paintball guns and barrels to protect them from any damage. The interior mesh zippered pockets are designed to support small gadgets and your personal belongings.

You can keep your goggles, best paintball knee pads, and chest protectors in this waterproof nylon luggage. In addition, maintaining marker barrels, scopes, and other essential gears is not an issue with this bag.

Heavy Duty Bag:

Mercury offers you one of the most robust paintball bags. This heavy-duty denier polyester bag can carry up to 50-pound weight without getting damaged. You can carry this padded bag as a backpack on your shoulder or pull it with a padded end handle.

It can withstand rough sports usage, which makes it perfect for paintball and other wild games. If you want ultimate protection for your equipment, this is the ideal gear bag for you. The protective corner guards prevent your bag from tearing apart or getting damaged.

High Quality Material:

This perfect sports gear bag is made with nylon which makes mercury water-resistant and durable—the heavy-duty polypropylene issued by the manufacturers to make the ideal inside the frame of the bag.

In addition, the sides of the bag have a perfect foam line that ensures a high-end structure of the pack. All these high-class materials make the bag robust and heavy-duty. In addition, the vinyl denier polyester bag can carry heavyweight equipment without any issue.

Additional Features:

The bag contains zip-off exterior accessory pockets, which you can carry paintball pods and other additional accessories. The reinforced handles and heavy-duty tractor wheels allow you to pull the bag even in off-road tracks without damaging any wheel.

It is a maximum size airline checked luggage which is also perfect for airport compliance. This paintball bag can be more spacious if you adjust your gears appropriately in the backpack. Moreover, the water-resistant exterior keeps your bag fry from even outside.

Make Buying Decision:

This bag has a large paintball compartment and durable waterproof nylon fabric. These qualities make it one of the most robust and best gear paintball bags.

However, the heavy-duty polyester can carry up to a 50-pound weight, far more than you need. If you want to level up your gaming and traveling experience, this would be the perfect pick.

3) HK Army Expand Paintball Gearbag

HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)
ManufacturerHK Army Paintball
Dimension21.2 xx 16 x 4.5 inches
Weight4.25 Pounds

When it comes to paintball Gearbag HK Army expansion is one of the top-rated and most sought-after backpacks you can always have. The bag’s most impressive feature is its versatility and affordable price tag.

In addition, the reinforced construction of the bag is notable, and it guarantees the durability of your backpack.  It is entirely waterproof, which offers your gears the ultimate protection from getting wet. The backpack includes padded shoulders straps and perfectly placed pockets with loops attachment.

Extra Space:

This best paintball gear bag is specially designed to keep paintball accessories while traveling for destination games. They are large and offer more space for additional accessories like keeping protected best paintball pants. The HK expand bag can be enlarged by approximately 30% with a zip at the base of the bag.

After expanding the paintball gar bag, you can keep the rifles, long markers, and additional protective gear. This bag has inside secure loops to keep the barrels safe and protected and prevents damage while traveling from one place to another.


A bag should be multipurpose, so you do not have to spend money again and again on different backpacks. A gear bag must not be used alone for the paintball accessories or gears, and it must have the compatibility to serve other purposes.

This HK paintball backpack can also be a duffel bag. On the other hand, it provides the ultimate traveling experience with wheels.

The versatility of this paintball bag allows you to use it while traveling or going for a picnic. You can also use this durable backpack for hacking or camping. The high-class waterproofing protects your stuff from rainy weather and moisture.

Ergonomic Design:

This ergonomic paintball gear bag is on the recommendations of several paintball tournament players. They pointed out every single need of a player, and the engineering team resolved the issues and presented you with the best outcome.

First of all, the padded shoulder straps are comfortable enough to carry the heavyweight for a long time. Next, the Molle loops on the four side pockets of the bag for additional protection of your paintball gears and other accessories.

The microfiber-lined goggle compartment for safely keeping the tactical goggles and mask. In the end, padded interior paintball gun compartment for safekeeping of markers and rifles.


Affordability is one of the essential features to look for while purchasing a backpack. HK Army expansion is not only the top-rated paintball gear bag but also the most budget-friendly.

It comes with all the essential features which you would not get in cheap stores and online websites. You will wonder why you do not see the cheap bags available in a couple of bucks everywhere.

This reason is that those bags are not durable and reliable enough to carry the most expensive paintball equipment right. Although HK Army expands, the bag is consistently low priced than other paintball backpacks.

Make Buying Decision:

There are several good reasons to choose HK Army to expand backpack, the most prominent feature is its large storage capacity. You can keep your essential paintball gadgets and protective gear in this waterproof backpack, and the versatility and affordability of this comfortable padded bag are unmatched.

If you want to increase the level of your paintball and take the maximum accessories with you, this would be the best cheap paintball gear bag for you.

Types of Paintball Bags

First of all, you have to decide the type of gear bag you want to buy and the factors that come up next. There are three main designs for the best paintball gear bags to store your equipment, which we will discuss now.

Duffel Bag

The duffel bag is the first type of gear bag designed like a standard hockey or motocross bag. If you intend to carry a large amount of gear with you, this bag would be perfect for you.

You can almost fit in every last of your equipment and walk out of the door. But the downside is this paintball bag will cost you more than backpacks—your cheapest load at a high price or on sale.


If you are a paintball player and a hiker, then backpacks would be the ideal choice. Some of the paintball backpacks come with rollers that turn them into perfect travel bags.

In addition, the backpacks usually have many moll loops for attaching carabiners, so you have many options to hang accessories such as water bottles and more.

If you are not a professional paintball player, you should not go for an expensive paintball gear bag. Instead, there are some mid-ranged bags to choose from them. Because these are considered good paintball gear bags.

Gear Case

This type of paintball gear bag is different from the above packs. Most of these bags consist of carbon fiber instead of fabric, and they are solid and more durable than fabric gear bags. In addition, these paintball gear bags are made only for specific paintball items such as barrels, markers, gas tanks, and beans.

These unique gear bags keep your equipment organized in the larger bag—this gear bag is for efficiency with duffel bags and backpacks.

Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Gear Bag 2022

Buying paintball gear bags used to carry equipment which makes them one of the most crucial moments because it will be a long investment. When you decide to buy the best paintball gear bag, you need to consider the bag’s functionality, considering what you need to carry.

If you are a severe paintball player, then you must have all the necessary gear and accessories. You must have bought expensive and durable gears for your game, but it’s also essential to protect them. Paintball gears need ultimate protection while traveling to a different site to play destination games.

In short, you need durable and reliable storage of bags to increase the stability of your gears. Moreover, you need a bag which provides ultimate protection for your belongings such as mobile and other types of equipment.  Rest assured, with the help of this guide, your investment will be secure, and you will be able to have the best gear bag.


It is the most crucial factor to consider while investing in the best paintball gear bags. The compartments are always essential in every paintball bag, and it usually more significant than other parts of the pack. The other parts are also vital to carry more small gadgets, scopes, and protective gear.

The main compartment holds the larger gears, like markers, best paintball elbow pads, or masks. There are also inner pouches inside the compartment to keep your belongings protected, such as a smartphone and wristwatch. You can also keep the things separate and organized inside pockets of the bag.


The fabric paintball bags are used widely for various purposes. The durable and fine fabric used in paintball gears is durable enough to serve you for many years. One of the most important things to note is that the bag’s material should be washable to clean the bag without destroying it.

Natural materials should be preferred because they are both breathable and synthetic. Empire paintball gear bags and some other good paintball bags have a lining, which makes them water-resistant, which makes it easy to remove the dirt and paint on your bag.


Most of the paintball gears are essential; that’s why you own them. Therefore, you have to be constantly conscious to protect this equipment; you know better from your past experiences. This is why it is beneficial for you to organize your gadgets inside your paintball barrel bags.

Most people carry their IDs, cash, and smartphones with them, so you need some extra pocket to keep all these things inside the bag. There are also some mesh linings or waterproof pockets to protect your expensive personal belongings.


It is also one of the critical factors to consider while checking out bags in stores or online shopping. The paintball marker bag should not be much heavy, because it will get heavier when you put the things in it. That’s why you need to make sure that the bag is portable and lightweight while it should be easy to store items.

Handing Style:

Most of the paintball backpacks come with two straps that have pads in them to be more comfortable. That helps you carry them on your shoulder so you won’t feel much weight, this is the most common and best kind of backpack.

Furthermore, pull handle bags have a retractable system; you have to hold the handle while moving from one place to another.

There are also bags with straps on the center, which you have to carry by your hands; these bags feel heavier and not loved by people. But they usually have more storage capacity than other gear bags.

Zipper System:

In these bags, which carry the expensive paintball gears, you need some protection. The zippers on the most reliable equipment bags are waterproof and protect your backpacks and mobile phones.

Some packs offer Velcro straps which are also good, but zippers are way better than them. In some gear bags, you will find two zippers in the backpack, and it is advisable to secure your gears with a lock.


There are different circumstances in which you prefer different sizes of gear bags. If you intend to use the bag to carry some small gear in the field, you must choose a small size paintball gear bag. They are lightweight, providing easy mobility, so they do not drag you down while moving around.

However, if you use complex gears and have to carry many tools, markers, barrels, and loaders, you need a medium or large bag. In short, the size of the bag varies according to your requirements or needs.

Benefits of Best Paintball Gear Bag

There are multiple benefits of having the best paintball gear bag. These bags allow you to keep your carry a lot of gear with you on paintball matches. If you are not using complex paintball markers, then you need a small backpack to carry them. The more benefits of the paintball gear bags are as follows:

  • It protects your marker, barrels, and other essential gears
  • A paintball carrying case keeps your kits organized
  • It secures your personal belongings on the battlefield
  • The paintball makes your travel easy and convenient
  • With a paintball rolling equipment bag, you don’t need to carry the weight
  • The versatile bags allow you to use them for multipurpose, such as hiking and picnic
  • You can be free from the hassle of having a lot of stuff on your harness
  • You can have additional magazines and hoppers in the backpack


Virtue High Roller V4 Paintball Equipment Bag is the best paintball gear bag with nylon lining, nylon wheels, and a feasible zipper closure. It comes with an extra-long handle for convenient carrying and padded hidden straps to carry the bag on the shoulders.
In addition, the trap-lined armor goggles case protects your tactical goggles from scratches and getting damaged. The top padded handle provides you with a comfortable grip to hold the bag.
On top of that, the large interior compartment with hidden pockets allows you to keep long paintball guns, barrels, and personal belongings. You can also save additional gears and accessories in the exterior accessory compartment. All in all, it is the perfect paintball and travel-friendly robust gear bag.

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