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Enjoying your paintball games is more fun when you have the proper protection support. Undoubtedly, grabbing the best paintball neck protector is tricky because you can see a large variety of neck protectors in the market. Things become in your favor when your choice is paired with comfort and desire. But do not you think so, it will suck your time and money at the same time?

So, coming to the point, you might be tangled between the better and best option for a paintball neck shield. And you are definitely searching for the possibility that not only protects your neck but also provides comfortable wearing without usage hectic. A paintball game is like a tug of war where you have to give your best and make battles in your court. Here we bring a breeze of the ease with three top-notch paintball neck covers and their buying guide to address your needs in a summative way. Let’s wade through this article.

Enjoying your paintball games is more fun when you have the proper protection support. Undoubtedly, grabbing the best paintball neck protector is tricky because you can see a large variety of neck protectors in the market. Things become in your favor when your choice is paired with comfort and desire. But do not you think so, it will suck your time and money at the same time?

So, coming to the point, you might be tangled between the better and best option for a paintball neck shield. And you are definitely searching for the possibility that not only protects your neck but also provides comfortable wearing without usage hectic.

A paintball game is like a tug of war where you have to give your best and make battles in your court. Here we bring a breeze of the ease with three top-notch paintball neck covers and their buying guide to address your needs in a summative way. Let’s wade through this article.

Table of Content:

  1. Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector
  2. Tippmann Neck Protector Neoprene Paintball Protective Gear
  3. Exalt Neck Protector

Three Best Paintball Neck Protection Shield

There are different brands with their exaggerating claims, but how do you know they are telling the right or just posing? We have made it easier because we have invested our time to bring the most leading paintball neck protectors for a fruitful and valuable selection. For that sake, you can take a sneak peek of each product along with its features for an eagle-eye view.

We have selected the three best paintball neck protectors and depicted their jaw-dropping features in an obvious manner. So just read it and have the desired protective shield to stun your opponents with your unstoppable performance in the paintball battles.

3 Top-Rated Paintball Neck Cover

1) Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector Armor

Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector Armor
BrandPlanet Eclipse
SizeL, XL

This is one of the best paintball neck protectors that offer versatility in size per the user’s needs. You can wear neck protector armor to enjoy maximum comfort during your paintball games.

It is available in L / XL size to serve all players without worrying about wearing problems. Velcro neck adjustments allow you to wear it as per your fitting needs. 

It has an ergonomic design that is made with formed padding for next-level comfort. You can have optimal protection for the throat and neck as it is manufactured to bring ease to your gaming.

There is lower neck padding that can be folded to attain double throat protection. This product also transfers heat with its integrated pad venting.

Padded Structure:

There is padded construction supported to maximize the protection. While running in the paintball fields, you have to cover up yourself with the best paintball chest protector and paintball neck protector. Wearing proper armor means more confidence and more winning battles in your count.

Eclipse Overload neck protector has padded folding that is built to last for better protection. If you need something that does not make you feel worried about the safety and security in your paintball battles, then it is the best option for you.

Ergonomically Design:

When talking about style and comfort, this paintball neck guard has all for you. Its ergonomic design allows you to wear it without any hectic. It is made to support a comfortable fit along with handy wearing. You can use it around the neck and have ultimate protection paintball games.

Enjoy optimal protection and safety to keep your neck and throat protected. All kinds of issues will vanish away with this neck protector because it is specifically designed to support protection for the neck and throat at the same time.

Velcro Closure:

No more worries about the size adjustment issues because it has size adjustment capacity. You can set it according to your neck. There is a Velcro closure that allows you to set it as per your neck size—the reason behind this Velcro closure is to give convenience and comfort to the users.

Unlike other technical to wear and harsh to carry neck protectors, this product has no such issues. It has a fantastic design that not makes it easy to wear but also easy to adjust for any user. So you can have a precise fitting and desired confidence to rule your battles.

Heat Transfer:

You can wear it comfortably without any heating or rash issues. Playing in the paintball fields, you have to run and hit your opponents. So its possibility is when you are comfortable and more confident about your wearing armors.

This paintball neck protector has integrated pads that make it smoother venting. That is why you can have improved heat transfer without any bruises or rash. As a result, you can enjoy your gameplay and have real-time fun regardless of any health damage.

Make Buying Decision:

Planet Eclipse Overload Neck Protector has features that make it a perfect fit for a confident paintball player. It has integrated heat vents, double folded padding, and Velcro closure that add more comfort for users. Additionally, its ergonomic design wins your heart, and you can quickly wear it for an advanced level playing support.

2) Tippmann Paintball Neck Protector for Men

Tippmann Paintball Neck Protector for Men
MaterialNeoprene support
SizeOne size fitting

Tippmann is a famous brand that serves people with high-quality products in the field of the paintball industry. Although they have made numerous products, this paintball neck protector for men is best for protection. When talking about its comfort, it is so smooth and easy to wear. This is the best paintball neck protector with neoprene support.

When you need an option that gives comfort and quality at an affordable cost, try this neck protector and add versatility with its stylish appearance.

It has a softer texture that offers wearing comfort and moisture-releasing vents to protect your body from sweat and hotness while playing paintball games. In addition, this neck protector easily fits every neck because it has a universal size construction.

Soft & Thick:

It is made with high-quality material that protects from damage and hits of paintballs. In addition, this neck shield has a softer texture that makes wearing more fun. You can quickly wear it in the roughest and tough places without worrying about the rashes and other issues.

Most of the neck protectors in the market have harsh material that makes rashes on your skin and makes it difficult to wear. But, Tippmann has made this product to deliver softness and desired thickness to combat the solid hits of paintball in the tournaments and gameplay.

Desired Protection:

You can have the ultimate protection and maximum comfort with this neck protector. It has a structure that not only fits your neck size but also makes it comfortable to wear.

Running in the paintball fields means you have to be focused and more target-oriented. This is possible by wearing the best paintball gloves to get the desired solace and grip.

Moreover, this neck shield supports optimal protection while playing paintball games. There is no chance to hit your neck and get bruises. So, enjoy the freedom of playing without getting injured.

Moisture Releasing Vents:

When talking about its ventilation support, moisture-releasing vents absorb heat and moisture to keep it cool for you. Paintball tournaments and games are full of hustle-bustle. That is why you always have to be ready to fight your opponent. You can easily target your enemies like a pro with this neck protector because it gives no moisture accumulation.

There are moisture vents that repel the sweat during playing on the paintball grounds. So you can enjoy the fun and have a fearless playing spirit with this neck protector.

One Size Fits All:

This paintball neck guard is available in one size that fits all the users. It is quite a fantastic feature of this product that ensures no wearing hectic.

This paintball neck guard has no wearing discomfort and brings ease for smoother wearing. Whether you are healthy or frail, this neck protector fits your neck and protects you from bruises.

Make Buying Decision:

This paintball neck protector has the best quality material that suits paintball games’ harsh and challenging environment. It has moisture-releasing vents that combat moisture and sweat caused by your gaming.

You can quickly wear it because it is available in one size that fits everyone. Its softer and thicker construction gives maximum protection and desired comfort. If you prefer wearing comfort without sweating and bruising issues, it is the best option.

3) Exalt Paintball Neck Shield Protector

Exalt Paintball Neck Shield Protector
MaterialBreathable Fabric
SizeUniversal size

Are you looking for a vibrant and comfortable option that makes movement easier? Then Exalt paintball neck shield is the best protector for you. This is a lightweight neck protector specially designed with foam to sustain the hits of paintballs. You can quickly wear this product because it has a universal design that fits all ages and sizes without fitting issues.

Its foam construction and lightweight features win your heart and give maximum comfort. Additionally, it has a breathable fabric laminate that combats the stains and makes washing easier.

The product protects you from bruises and provides flexibility for a supported freedom movement. There is molded structure with a flex feature to be the best version of yourself in the paintball battles.

Foam Construction:

Enjoy weightless wearing support with this neck protector because it is made with lightweight foam. You can wear it on the neck and have desired protection. There is no wearing discomfort and super doper safety without any bruises and welts.

In the paintball battles, you do not know where the paintballs are coming from because a hustle-bustle in the game can cause sudden hits on your neck. This is now easy to tackle with this best paintball neck protector.

Breathable Fabric:

This is a high-quality paintball protector for the neck that has breathable fabric. There is no worry of rashes and skin irritation with this product. It has a breathable fabric that gives no moisture and no skin damage at all. In addition, the neck protector has a laminate with stain resistance which means you can quickly wear and wash it.

Being in the paintball fields, you have to target your opponents and fight like a beast. This is practicable when there is a user-friendly best paintball knee pads and neck protector at the same time.

Molded & Contoured Design:

Its molded design is backed with foam support ensures optimal protection without any discomfort. You can have desired movement capacity with its flexible construction.

There is flexibility in its design that allows you to move freely in your paintball games. In addition, you can move your head and neck without having any stretch in the neck protector.

Universal Size:

There is a different manufacturer with different sizes of neck protectors in the market. This paintball neck protector youth design has the size fitting for all the users.

All sizes of people can wear it. Walt paintball neck cover has the universal size that fits everyone despite the size and wearing issues.

Make Buying Decision:

Walt paintball neck protector is the third product in our review, but it has quality and comfort at the same time. The best thing about this neck protector is its universal size that fits everyone.

Moreover, it has a foam construction that maximizes protection and breathable fabric for washing and smoother wearing. There is no worry about bruises and movement because it has molded and contoured designs that never compromise on movement flexibility and wearing comfort.

Buying Guide for Best Paintball Neck Protector

It is essential to have a paintball neck guard in a paintball match to defend your neck against high-velocity paintball shots. If you avoid this safety gear, it can result in injuries on your neck, which would be painful.

But luckily, there is the best paintball neck protector available in the market, which provides you ultimate protection against any neck injury.

Neck protectors are an affordable part of paintball armor, which provides you comfort and reduces the impact. But the problem does not end there; you need to find a perfect neck shield that offers you protection even on the point-blank range. Unfortunately, finding durable neck armor with ultimate protecting abilities could be tricky because hundreds of neck protectors are available in the market.

Every manufacturer claims that their product is best for players, which obviously cannot be accurate. To make a perfect deal, you need to know several essential factors which play a vital part in a player’s safety. These factors are optimal breathability, comfort, flexibility, padding of the neck protector, the list goes on.

It will help you make your investment-worthy, and you can choose a perfect neck shield for your paintball battlefield. In addition, you will be more confident on the battlefield after wearing neck armor and enjoy the game.

This guide will put light on some crucial aspects that you should know before making a purchase. So, keep these factors in mind while making a buying decision, and hopefully, you will have the best paintball neck guar. These variety of factors to consider are as follows:


The most crucial factor which needs your undivided attention is the padding of your neck protector. Paddings or foams of your neck armor should be thick and impact-absorbing, so you should have the ultimate protection.

In addition, the paddings should cover the wide neck and throat area for your complete safety. Some manufactures use neoprene in their neck protector for durability and extra protection.

Ergonomic Design:

The design of the neck protector should be ergonomic to provide you comfort and flexibility. In addition, they need to be comfortable and soft from the inside, so you do not feel irritation and itching while standing in the battleground.

Moreover, flexible neck armor is inevitable for the sweeping motion of your neck in gameplay. The neck protector with an ergonomic design will fit you perfectly, which will gently protect your neck and throat from bruises.


Go for lightweight, protective gear so you can be comfortable while wearing it for several hours. For example, a lightweight neck protector will allow you to move your neck easily and comfortably.

On the other hand, bulky neck armor will make your neck’s movement difficult, and your opponents can easily target you. Hence, it would help to go for a lightweight, flexible paintball neck armor for ultimate protection and easy mobility.


If you wear a neck protector for a longer match, you need high vents for better breathability. A breathable neck shield will provide you comfort in harsh summer weather, and it’s even great for winters. In summer, it gives you ventilation, while in winter, it prevents sweating that could be worse when you face cold after the game.

Moreover, if you hurt your neck in winter, that would be more problematic; that is why buy a neck protector better for all seasons.


A neck protector should be reliable and durable enough to withstand the most brutal paintball game and the worst continuous hitting. If you invest a large amount of capital, you need a neck protector that lasts at least a season.

Look for the most durable neck armors, and you will be fine in the paintball battleground. The security and protection of your neck depending on neck armor’s reliability.


If you are not a regular player and play paintball games occasionally, you don’t have to buy an expensive neck protector. You can buy any average neck shield, and it will work just fine for you.

On the other hand, if you are a regular player, you must go for a high-quality paintball neck armor that will cost more. With the high cost, you will get a more reliable and better product with increased protection.

Product Quality:

The quality of the paintball neck cover is the primary and essential factor to consider while shopping for protective gear. You must focus on the quality of the neck armor so you will not regret your decision. It should be a combination of durability, soft and comfortable paddings, flexibility, and breathability.

Brand value:

Every paintball gear brand has a different product value which also applies to neck protectors. Each manufacturer has some sort of unique product that will be different from its competitors.

However, look for the neck protector and brand that provides maximum security and features to enhance your game. Choose the brand and product after considering its features and specifications according to your needs and requirements.

Customer Reviews:

It is the most effective way of analyzing the product online. You can read the reviews of the previous buyer of neck protectors to make up your mind about a product.

These paragraphs give you detailed first-hand information from users about their paintball neck armor. Moreover, ratings on a product can also help in buying decisions when confused between two products.

Benefits of Best Paintball Neck Protector

The beginners usually avoid neck protectors for their initial games and think that it is unnecessary gear. But they realize after few games that how much they need neck protection to avoid high-velocity paintballs and save themselves from on-ground injury.

The best paintball neck protector has multiple benefits, which regular and professional paintball players cannot deny. You must have neck armor to protect your neck from any kind of unfortunate event during your game. To know more about benefits, see the bullets below:

  • It protects your neck from high-velocity paintball shots
  • These neck armors prevent bruises and welts, which paint bullets could cause
  • They reduce the impact of speedy paintball, which target your neck
  • Neck armor makes the game safe and more enjoyable
  • Reduce the sting of the paintball shot
  • Avoids pain and temporary disfigurement of your neck
  • Protects your soft neck tissues, which can be very much affected by high-velocity paintball shots
  • Provides you ventilation in harsh summer and extreme winter conditions

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