Best Paintball Pants Camo Padded To Wear Lightweight For Summer

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

It doesn’t matter; you are a professional player or a beginner; you want the best paintball pants to feel the game when playing on the paintball fields. Having a lightweight pair of pants always increases the excitement, especially the paintball pants camo. These pants can withstand rough use such as diving, crawling and sliding without tearing apart from you. They have special pockets for your small gear and protect your legs.

It is tough to find the best lightweight paintball pants in this market, where everyone claims that their product is the best. You need robust, lightweight and highly versatile pants for your paintball game. Our team of researchers has spent a lot of time finding the five top-notch pants to make your paintball experience more exciting. You better start reading this guide to make your purchase worthy of your money.

Table of Content:

  1. IDOGEAR Tactical Pants Rip-stop Combat Pants
  2. GI Sportz Empire F7 Contact Zero Pants
  3. HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants
  4. CARWORNIC Men’s Combat Pants Military Camo
  5. IDOGEAR G3 Combat Tactical Pants

Best Padded Paintball Pants to Wear

There are numerous different types of pants which you can choose from in the market. But in this article, you will find the lightweight, cheap, durable and best-padded paintball pants. Furthermore, these pants are made specifically in competition and tournament style.

We will review different styles of pants in detail, which might help you select a paintball pant that suits your gaming style. So, without wasting another minute, dive in and know the specs and features of the top five paintball pants.

5 Best Lightweight Paintball Pants

1) IDOGEAR Tactical Paintball Pants for Big Guys

IDOGEAR Tactical Pants
  • Removable hidden knee pads
  • Low-profile waist adjustment system
  • 3D stereoscopic cutting design
  • Tactical multifunctional pockets with YKK Zipper
  • Quick-dry water-resistant
  • 4-way stretch-woven accents rip-stop clothing
  • Teflon coating
  • Military level elastic
  • Rip-stop Fabric
ConstructionPolycotton: 50/50
MaterialTeflon Coating
Pockets12 Multifunctional
Weight1.98 pounds
Color Availabilitydifferent colors

Are you looking for the best paintball pants for big guys? Then, you are at the right place; IDOGEAR presents its quick-dry, versatile and water-resistant cargo pants. The mixture of cotton and polyester makes it soft and robust. The knee paddings and protects you from injury.

Teflon coating, YKK Zipper, four-way stretch-woven accents, rip-stop clothing and military level elastic make it comfortable and durable. It is unique and knew design offers you up to 12 different multifunctional pockets on hips, knee and ankle to carry your additional gears. The streamlined design protects you from injury and ensures your freedom of movement.

These combat pants are adjustable from your waist size by hook and loop battle. It has a camo style that protects your anonymity in destination gaming like forest field matches.

Combat Design:

It is a new combat design best lightweight paintball pants which have removable hidden combat knee pads. The streamlined design gives you the ultimate protection, while its enhanced flexibility ensures your freedom of movement. It allows you to jump, run, dive and crawl without worrying about shredding it apart from your body.

It’s up to 12 multifunctional pockets on waist, knee and ankle positions which are enough to carry all your essential gears. The unique tactical pocket design looks flat from the front but expands from below to offer you secure storage. The rear-zip pockets and sizeable front thigh pockets add the cheery on the cake.

The YKK Zipper is smooth and reliable on your battlefield. The multifunctional pocket and padding design give it a tactical look.

Water Resistant:

It is the best paintball pants for summer due to its breathable fabric. The combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester provides you with the best breathable and water-resistant features. In addition, the Teflon coating on Rip-stop fabric offers you the ultimate protection from tearing apart during your important paintball match.

The water-resistant features allow you to play without the stress of getting wet. In addition, the breathability and water-resisting feature enable you to play in all seasons with this pair of pants.

Waist & Knee Adjustment:

You can adjust your waist size with the help of the in-built loop and hook panel of your paintball pants. These pants offer you to adjust the length at ankle positions and knee positions; you can tight or make it loose according to your ease. It could help increase and decrease roominess around your knees.

It is the best cheap paintball pants available in the market. The waist and knee adjust to allow you to make your pants lose or tight according to your comfort.

Four-way Stretchable Rip-stop Fabric:

The 4-way stretchable woven fabric allows you to move with more flexibility and ease. Its rip-stop clothing and Teflon coating make it robust and comfortable at the same time. In addition, the military level elastic used in the waist of the pants increases the durability and toughness.

These paintball pants are available on Amazon in regular European sizes. They are about one size smaller than US size. Please see the paintball pants size chart in detail.

Why to Choose?

This is the best paintball pants camo trouser available in the market so far. With its budget-friendly price and lightweight, it is far more superior to its competitors. In addition, 4-way stretchable, breathable waterproof, and the rip-stop fabric is perfect for your paintball needs.

The cotton/polyester and Teflon coating combination makes it the most flexible and durable and best cheap paintball pants. In addition, the 12 multifunctional pockets and YKK zipper for gadget protection provide you more security.

2) GI Sportz Empire F7 Contact Zero Best Paintball Pants Camo

GI Sportz Empire F7 Contact Zero Paintball Pants
  • Power stretch mesh panels,
  • Extraordinarily soft and ultra-breathable
  • 4-way stretch
  • Pockets with waterproof zipper
  • Microfiber cloth attach by a bungee
  • Elastic leg Cuffs
  • Belt loops
  • Secure double-snap waist system
  • Dual rear swab pockets
  • Rugged hip and knee panels
  • Heavy-duty nylon back panels
SpecificationsTested Values
MaterialSonic welded seam
Weight12.5 ounces

GI Sportz is a popular brand that is making paintball gear in the market. They have introduced the best paintball pants camo with amazing features, including less weight, more venting, durability and protection. In addition, the laser venting at the rear of the pants for air movement and makes the pants breathable.

Sonic welded seam tape increases strength and durability without increasing weight. This pair of pants come with adjustable ankles, and the waist allows you a custom fit.

Hand pockets with the protection of waterproof zippers will keep your gears safe. The elastic leg cuffs allow you to adjust trousers according to your leg. These are the best lightweight paintball pants with the 12.5-ounce weight, to be exact.

Power Stretch Mesh Panels:

Power stretch mesh panels are incredibly soft and ultra-breathable. There are laser-cut vent holes for extra breathability, which is also very durable, with a 4-way stretch groin panel for the complete range of motion and flexibility.

You can jump, crawl, dive, run and kneel without any problem. The powerful heavy-duty nylon back panels guarantee the robust manufacturing of the best paintball pants for summer and all other seasons. Micro-fibre cloth attaches to a bungee so you cannot lose it.

This pent provides you ultimate protection from getting hurt or ripping it apart while going to extreme length to win the game. Besides it, laser-cut vents offer breathability to your legs, hip and crotch.

Secure Double-snap Waist:

Its adjustable waist creates the perfect and comfortable fit. The pair of pants consist of a secure double-snap waist system; so, no worries about getting under pressure. There are belt loops on the waist so that you can add a belt for absolute safety.

The elastic leg cuffs allow you to adjust the length of the pants according to your height. This pant is an all-rounder in terms of safety, flexibility, durability and comfort.

Rugged Hip and Knee Panels:

The hip and knee panels provide you with superior flexibility according to your need. You can easily bend, kneel and dive without the stress of shredding it apart from your body.

Its ultra-durability is matchless in this range of best jogger paintball. These are the best lightweight paintball pants with a 12.5-ounce weight, to be exact.

Waterproof Swab Pockets:

Its swab pockets on both sides are perfect for lefties and righties alike. You can carry your extra gear with security. Its waterproof zippers protect everything in your pocket, so no worries about getting your stuff wet.

The Sonic welded seam tape increases the durability and strength without increasing weight. Moreover, this trouser is designed to keep you cool, secure and unimpeded in the heat and humidity of the season.

To buy the perfect size of your pants, you must see the paintball pants size chart on the Amazon page.

Why to Choose?

This is one of the most comfortable, durable and best pants to wear for a paintball game. It becomes more flexible with a waterproof swab pocket and rugged hip and knee panels at these places. The adjustable waist fits properly, while elastic cuffs allow you to adjust the length according to your height.

The less constricting trouser keeps you cool and comfortable, and Sonic welded seam tape increases the durability and strength without increasing weight.

3) HK Army Hardline Carbon Paintball Pants

HK Army Hardline Paintball Pants
  • Built-in Crotch padding
  • Aero-mesh crotch ventilation
  • Adjustable elastic waistband
  • Adjustable ankle straps
  • Built-in knee padding
  • Six integrated pockets
  • Zipper leg ventilation
  • Stretch ballistic Kevlar knees
SpecificationsFeatured Values
BrandHK Army
Dimension11.9 X 6.2 X 5.2 Inch
Pockets6 Integrated pockets
SizeM to XL
Color AvailabilityMultiple

The HK army renders the best paintball pants 2021 that you can wear for paintball tournaments. It is designed explicitly for long-time tournament players. These pants can withstand brutal tournament seasons worth of slides, dives and crawls without shredded them apart.

 The paddings in the hip, crotch and knees help you keep playing in a long rough match. Size adjusters in waist and ankle cuffs let you fit in your pants according to your requirements. And stretch material in the knees prevents the trouser from tugged down.

It would not be wrong to say that this pair of pants is a perfect combo of style, comfort and durability. In addition, it is also the best-padded paintball pants.

Tournament Design:

HK army specially designed paintball pants for tournament players. If you intend to buy it, this would be an excellent choice. The durability of this pair of pants is remarkable; it can withstand the most brutal actions in a tournament.

You can wear it in your regular matches and enjoy the world-class comfort and flexibility. It can easily bear the most brutal use, like crawling, running, diving and kneeling during your game. Besides being rugged and robust, these pants have high breathability.

The manufacture uses unique dye paintball pants, so the colour of your pants doesn’t fade away after washing.

Body Saving Padding:

The most popular feature of this pair of pants is its paddings. A very few brands offer multiple paddings in their best cheap paintball pants. In addition, it features body-saving padding in the hips, which will help you fall in the playground backward.

Knee padding will protect your legs while playing a rough match. If you slip or fall on the pointy rocks, these paddings will help you save your knees. And at last, the crouch padding will protect your crouch from the opponents, so you do not face any unpleasant incident during your game.

These paddings allow you to keep playing longer with more bounce potential, making it the best-padded paintball pants.

Size Adjuster:

The HK army paintball pants offer you the size adjuster feature. You can adjust the size of your waist with the adjustable elastic waist. Moreover, the ankle cuff straps will let you fit the pants according to your frame.

The stretch material used over the knees stops the pants from tugging down. These features make these pants durable and comfortable as well as flexible enough for paintball players.

Zipper Leg Ventilation:

It is a new and unique ventilation system that allows ventilation from your leg zips on the bottom of the pants. This ventilation provides you breathability during hot weather; that’s why it is considered the best paintball pants for summer. Additionally, it controls humidity, makes your legs relaxed and comfortable.

The six integrated pockets help you in carrying your gears and keeps your gadgets safe. In addition, the zipper on the pockets is waterproof, so there is no tension in getting them wet. To buy the perfect fitting, you must see the paintball pants size chart on Amazon’s page.

Why to Choose:

The ultimate padding provides you with the security of your several body parts. Zipper ventilation keeps the body breathable, and six integrated pockets carry your gadgets with a guarantee. This tournament design is the best jogger paintball pants made for you.

The size adjuster keeps the pants fixed to your frame, and the flexible material used in the knees prevents the tug-up while playing the game.

4) CARWORNIC Men’s Combat Padded Paintball Pants

CARWORNIC Men's Combat Pants
  • Adjustable waist with widened belt loops
  • Hook and loop on the waist, ankle crotch and buttocks
  • Strong stretchable cloth
  • Crotch and buttock parts are flexible and breathable
  • Adjustable kneepad height by rope
  • Multiple Cargo Pockets
  • Two zipper pockets
  • High-quality water repellent
  • Abrasion-resistant
Dimension14.61 X 11.18 X 2.83
Pockets10 cargo pockets
Weight1.94 Pounds
Size30 to 38
Color AvailabilityCP and Black
MaterialPoly cotton 65% / 35%

The perfect pants for the paintball game are the one which protects you from injuring yourself. The CARWPRNIC has presented the best padded paintball pants with army style idea. This pair of pants is high-quality water repellent which is perfect for paintball matches.

It is the top-rated paintball pants camo which is rip-stop and military tactical. With the adjustable waist and its widened belt loops, you can adjust tight or loose according to your comfort. In addition, the manufacturer has designed a hook and loop on the waist, knee and ankle cuff to fit you perfectly.

Stretchable clothing around your back, waist, crotch, and buttocks increases flexibility and breathability while enjoying your game. The protective knee pads and ten cargo pockets make it the best cheap paintball pants with the promise of durability.

Water Repellent Fabric:

It is a high Camouflage combat pant that is made of cotton and polyester. Powerful enough to fulfill your needs paintball battlefield needs. You can use it as rough as you want in the game, and they will not rip off your body.

Its water repellent coating features keep you dry even in wet and rainy seasons. These paintball pants for big guys are perfect for destination games; this should be your first choice if you are playing in a forest. The lightweight and flexible provides you keep you relaxed in challenging games.

It is also abrasion-resistant and suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Belt Loops and Hooks:

The widened waist belt loops offer you to adjust the waist as your requirement. You can tighten or relax the waist by the hook and loop by the hook and loop at the back of the combat paintball pant. In addition, the perfectly designed clip and loops at your knee and ankle cuff provide you with the perfect fit for your paintball pants.

The other firm, stretchable, rip-stop cloth at your back, crotch, and buttocks gives you more flexibility. The breathability of your best cheap paintball pants is matchless during your wild activities in-game.

The belt closure pants give you the confidence that your pants will not drop down during your wild activities.

Removable Padding:

The padding requirement depends upon the location of your gameplay and your style of playing the game. These paintball pants allow you to insert and remove knee pads as per your requirements. For example, if you play in backyards and are sure that you will be safe without knee pads, you can remove them.

In case of a change of destination, you can always insert them back with any additional effort. Furthermore, you can insert them and remove them without any manipulation or ruining the design of your paintball pants.

The adjustable slots offer you to adjust the knee pads’ height according to your comfort.

Tactical Pockets:

It contains ten tactical cargo pockets, which are large enough to hold your extra gear. In addition, there are two large front slant pockets, two calf side pockets, and four pockets on the thigh. Although these pockets have enough storage to carry your multiple gadgets, hook and loop closure provides ultimate security.

You can run, crawl, kneel and dive without the stress of shredding the pants off or losing your gadgets. The two zipper pockets on the rear can protect your cards and keys or secure the wallet.

These paintball pants are for big guys suitable for multiple outdoor activates, including paintball games. In addition, you can wear it for army combat, shooting, hunting, hiking, etc.

Why to Choose:

The multiple benefits of this pant inspire you to choose it. The strong stretchable water-resistant fabric and removable paddings on the knee, and adjustable waist belt closure. These features make you pant perfect for combat games.

It has tactical pockets to store and saves your extra gear, while the adjustable ankle and knee height give you a proper fit.

5) IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants to Wear for Paintball

IDOGEAR G3 Combat Pants Multicam Trousers
  • 4-way stretch
  • Teflon coating
  • YKK Zipper
  • Velcro and thread
  • Stretchable clothing around the crotch, hip and knee
  • Concealed elbow pads
  • Unique low-profile waist adjustment
  • Ten large pockets of different sizes
  • Zip fly with Velcro closure
  • 2 hip pockets with zipper closure
SpecificationsTested Values
Dimension13.9 x 11.6 x 3.3 inches
Pockets10 large pockets
Weight2.15 Pounds
SizeS, M, L, XL, XXL
Color AvailabilityMulticam, Multicam-Black and Ranger Green
MaterialPoly cotton 50% / 50%

ODOGEAR G3 has come up with the best pants to wear for paintball. The mixture of cotton and polyester with a 4-way stretch-woven accent and durable rip-stop clothing makes these pants perfect for a paintball game. In addition, the Teflon coating makes it more robust and water resilient, while the YKK zipper and military level elastic increase the tactical advancement.

Stitching with Velcro and thread makes it more vigorous; the vital stretchable clothing around the knee, hip, and crotch makes these pants comfortable and durable. In addition, a new and unique pants design comes with removable knee pads and concealed elbow pads. These features increase your protection against ground hits and pointy rocks.

Multiple pockets have a large capacity for carrying gadgets, while zip fly with Velcro closure makes the pockets secure.

Knee Pads and Concealed Elbow Pads:

These Best cheap paintball pants come with unique and next-level protective features. Almost all big manufacturers include knee pads in their pants for protection, but concealed elbow pads are new. This brand cares for you and your safety.

The knee pads and concealed elbow pads give you double protection against any misfortune event. But even if you remove the knee pads for some reason, the concealed elbow pads will still protect your legs on the battlefield. However, the extra care does not affect your budget.

Construction Material:

The combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester provides you with solid pants fabric. In addition, 4-ways stretchable-woven pants will offer you the ultimate flexibility in your battlefield. Finally, the dye paintball pants and its water resilient, rip-stop clothing with Teflon coating increase the robustness.

YKK zipper and military level elastic waist give the pants a complete tactical look and a more stretchable waist. In addition, Velcro, thread and stretchable clothing around the hip, knee and crotch make your pants more comfortable and durable.

Belt Closure Waist Adjustment:

The belt closure waist pants provide you extra protection in a daring game like paintball. At the same time, the unique low-profile waist adjustment system gives you the perfect and relaxed fit for your waist. In addition, the kneepad height adjustment system makes it professional and more functional.

The hook and oops at the knee and ankle provide you with the size adjustment as you like.

Elastic cloth and Tactical pockets:

The back, knees, and ankles contain a 4-way elastic military-grade fabric for greater comfort and flexibility. It allows you to play freely during your game; you can comfortably kneel, stretch your legs and bend down.

Ten tactical different size pockets with large carrying capacity are enough to hold your essential gear and cards. 2 hip pockets have zip closure. In contrast, other zips with Velcro closure provide ultimate security.

European regular size is a little smaller than US size. Refer to the paintball pants size chart before placing your order.

Why to Choose:

The most important reason for choosing these pants should be unique features and the best cheap paintball pants price. You can wear Paintball pants for multiple purposes like hunting, shooting, war games, hiking, etc. Moreover, its military-grade elastic and tactical pockets make this the perfect choice for paintball players.

Water repellent and unique design of concealed elbow pads give you a sense of security. In addition, the waist, knee, and ankle adjustment system offer you the perfect fit.

Buyer’s Guide for Padded Best Paintball Pants for Summer

The paintball is a challenging game, and you need proper protection while playing infield. Therefore, you need protective gear, and a pair of the best paintball pants are essential. If you are new to paintball, you can play paintball in jeans, but you must buy comfortable paintball pants if you have decided to play regularly.

These pants are designed for the field and taking a lot of beats. They are flexible and rip-stop, so you can run, crawl, dive or jump without difficulty. In addition, you can play paint easily in the best lightweight paintball pants than regular pants.

You need to keep these factors in mind while purchasing your paintball pants. This guide will help you in making the best decision for your investment.

The ultimate goal of this guide is you could get a comfortable, enhanced proper fit and protective element that saves you in a paintball match. Thus, consider these factors to achieve your ultimate goal of buying the best pants to wear for a paintball game.

Factors to Consider Before Investing Your Money

There are seven most essential factors you should consider before investing your money in paintball pants. These are the following factors:

  • Paddings & Pant Thickness
  • Paintball Battleground
  • Material
  • Breathability
  • Design
  • Style

Pant Thickness & Paddings:

It would help if you had the best-padded paintball pants for enough protection on your legs. Because while playing, you will have to dive, crawl, run and do some other stuff involving your legs. That’s why paddings should be your topmost priority while buying paint pants.

The pants should be thick enough to protect your legs from exposure to thrones, rocks and twigs. There may be some other elements that can scratch and damage your skin. That’s why thick pent is indeed for your paintball matches. We recommend you Carbon paintball pants or IDOGEAR for the perfect thickness.

Paintball Battleground:

It would be great if you consider your battleground for the paintball game. Your battlefield primarily affects the level of thickness you need for the pants. If you are playing in a yard, then standard thick pants will be acceptable.

However, if you are playing in a forest, you will need a much thicker pair of pants. This is because you need more protection on your hips, knees and other parts of your legs. That is why the best jogger paintball pants have in-built padding in their product.

These in-built paddings prevent injuries when you fall on the ground. Or maybe when you hit yourself on the pointy rocks accidentally, the paddings will protect you. That’s why we highly recommend the best-padded paintball pants.


Paintball pants material should be durable enough that they do not tear easily. The pants should be able to withstand sharp objects and rough use. The garment should be stable, but it should not affect its flexibility.

The garments should be flexible enough and from areas like the crotch and hips. You have to do all sorts of activities like running, crawling, diving, and jumping, so the pants’ flexibility is inevitable. Consequently, the fabric from your crotch or hip does not tear apart.

To win a paintball game, you need comfortable, flexible and the best lightweight paintball pants so you can climb crawl and kneel quickly. The topmost priority of pants is to protect you from injuries. HK, IDOGEAR and pbrack paintball pants and carbon paintball pants use the best materials for paintball pants.


This is the most important factor while choosing the perfect paintball pants for you. Some pants have laser-cut holes in the front and the back so you can have proper ventilation. These are the best paintball pants for summer due to their breathability.

You should check the pant you are choosing is entirely breathable. If you buy thick non-breathable pants, you will have a pretty bad experience on a hot summer day. That’s why it is the most crucial factor you should care about, so you can enjoy the game.


The paintball pants are usually in a loose design. Though, pants should not be too loose that it affects your movement during the game. The garment should be flexible enough, which provides you proper flexibility and freedom of movement. The waist of the pant should properly fit you without causing any discomfort.

An elastic waist should be your first choice; otherwise, belt closure waists are also very productive. The best paintball pants camo design is perfect for flexibility without causing any problem. The main reason for choosing the best design is it fits you properly and delivers freedom of movement and flexibility.

IDOGEAR, HK, and JT paintball pants have the perfect designs for paintball pants.


The style of paintball pants also matters. Paintball pants should blend in with the venue, so it would be difficult for your opponents to spot you. In addition, they must provide you ultimate protection during your game. Perfect pair of paintball pants protect you from any injuries and keeps you spotless in the field.

However, as mentioned above, a paintball game involves kneeling and crawling; this increases the chance of tearing your pants. To prevent the tearing, go for multi-layer paintball pants for big guys to avail of additional protection. Valken paintball pants offer a variety of stylish pants.

Benefits of Best Paintball Pants Camo

There are multiple benefits of having the best paintball pants. First, you can have it for looks means just to look more professional. Second, its numerous pockets carry extra gears of your paintball gun.

It is always great to be ready for anything. We have mentioned the benefits of the paintball pants in bullets.

  • The flexibility of paintball helps you in crawling, diving, kneeling and jumping.
  • Breathability provides you comfort in hot weather.
  • Multiple Pockets in pants help to carry your gears and zipper pockets to secure your wallet or cards.
  • Paddings protect your knees and hips.
  • Durability protects it from tearing apart.
  • Thickness, to protect your legs from thrones and rocks.
  • Aesthetic helps in blending in with your venue.

The list can go on and on, but the main reason to have the best jogger paintball pants is to protect you from injuries.



IDOGEAR Tactical Pants Rip-stop Combat Pants is one of the best paintball pants available in the market. It is a budget-friendly option that serves a superior sense of security and comfort.
There are knee paddings and tactical pockets for desired protection against injuries. This paintball pant has size adjustment for knee and ankle along with waist elastic band.
You can wear these paintball pants for multiple activities, such as hiking, camping, and paintball games. Moreover, its 3D stereoscopic cutting design, YKK Zipper, and different colour options make it perfect for paintball lovers.
You can use it for rough and tough paintball games because of its quick-dry water resistance. In addition, there is Teflon coating and Rip-stop Fabric along with military-level elastic for durability and user comfort.

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