How to Make a Paintball Gun at Home? Components Guide

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Paintball guns are available in the market at a low price, but still, some paintball lovers prefer to build their own markers. Looking for information on how to make a paintball gun, then this article is for you.

There can be different interpretations of what “how to make paintball gun at home” means. Let’s try to clear the ambiguity. To some individuals building a perfect paintball gun out of personally selected components.

For others, it means making a gun from everyday daily items. Fortunately, in this article, we will provide you with information on how to make a paintball gun in both ways.

Make a Paintball Gun Out of Household Items

The paintball guns available in the market are pretty complex, while homemade paintball guns are pretty simple to make. So let’s quickly know about how to make a paintball gun out of household items.

However, learning how to make a homemade paintball gun and playing with high-pressure mechanisms has its own risks, so keep that in mind.

Now, it has been established that the paintball gun is connected with a high-pressure gas tank. With this information, we can look into how to make a paintball gun using cheap and available materials.

It doesn’t matter you are asking about how to make a small paintball gun or a large one. You need to follow the steps to get the job done.

To make a plastic paintball gun, you need to use all the plastic components from the barrel to the pressure chamber. However, it is not much difficult, and you will learn it below in the article.

The Barrel

Every gun has the same unique look, which comes from the barrel form where the paintball shoots. You can use an old paintball barrel for building your own paintball gun or go for a cheap improvised option.

For this purpose, you can choose a thick plastic water bottle or PVC piping to be a good candidate. Moreover, the internal diameter of your object is the most crucial factor. Most of the paintballs are 0.68 caliber, which means they are 1.72 cm or 0.68 inches across. So the item you will use for a barrel should be slightly wider but not too wider.

Paintball Gun Barrel

Now the question pop up is, how to make a paintball gun shoot faster. The shot will ultimately be slower and weaker if the barrel is wider than the pressure dispersing around the ball. In this case of narrow barrels, the paintballs can jam into the barrel, and you will waste your effort.

So instead, get an ideal size for a barrel that is not too wide or too narrow. To check a barrel’s width, drop a paintball into it. If the ball rolls out, the barrel is wider. So to get perfection, you should be able to blow the paintball out of the pipe quickly.

Pressure Chamber

The essential component is its pressure chamber if you want to build a paintball gun in the home. You can make one out of plastic or metal, but the only condition is that it should be airtight.

If the pressure chamber is not airtight, the pressure won’t increase. Therefore, accumulating the pressure and controlling the release is the most significant task of making a paintball gun at home with household items.

Let’s look at the simplest way to make a pressure chamber. It is an easy and safe method and does not require any external fuel. To learn how to make a paintball minigun, you need small components but the procedure will be the same.

To make this work, you need a pump similar to the one used for soccer balls. Then, it is up to you, add a nozzle or connect the pump itself. At this moment, you’ll need a valve between the pressure chamber and the barrel.

Otherwise, the pressure would dissipate before reaching the required levels. Too much pumping of air into the chamber can make it explode. Keeping that in mind, you have completed the essential components you need and know you can learn how to make a paintball gun in a few steps.

Assembling the Paintball Gun

The essential question related to how to make a paintball gun more powerful and accurate is the tools you need to proceed. Fortunately, very few tools will do the job efficiently.

You need glue, a strong tape, a knife and a drill machine to do the job. So let’s begin how to make a paintball gun in Minecraft with your own effort.

Assembling the Paintball Gun
  1. At first, make a hole in the cap of the pressure tank for the valve or barrel.
  2. Now, insert the barrel and fasten it with strong tape or glue.
  3. Make another hole where you feel comfortable for the pressure source.

Now your gun is ready to use. First, you have to put the paintball in it and release the valve for the pressure. But this design has its flaws which are mentioned above. More importantly, it’s not safe and not highly recommended.

Significant Components of Paintball Gun

It is important to find out how to make a longbow paintball gun along with another paintball gun. The main factor which affects the making of a gun is its body which is discussed below. Let’s check out the vital components of the paintball guns in this guide. 


The main component you need to make a paintball gun is its body. This central structure of any paintball gun is an essential component because it holds the trigger.

In addition, everything else you need to make the gun operation will connect with the main body. So, when someone asks how to make a bolt action paintball gun? Or how to make a paintball gun automatic or semi-automatic?

The body determines which parts are compatible to connect with it, so be careful when selecting a body. That’s why when you are selecting the body; you need to keep these things in mind.

Since it is the first step of how to make a paintball gun, you need to be conscious. There are too many options available, but all of them fall under a few categories. At first, choose between a mechanical and electronic body.

In addition, you have to choose between semi-automatic or bolt action. While making a choice, you have to consider that you need a body that can modify in the future. That’s because you may have to upgrade your masterpiece’s trigger frames, valves, or bolts after upgrading your gaming level.


Then the first question arises, how to make a paintball gun more accurate? We know there is a barrel in paintball guns that significantly affects your gun’s accuracy and range.

And its material also plays a vital role in the whole scenario. For example, your preferences on the barrel’s weight and finish play a significant role in the functioning and shooting accuracy.

Get suitable threading to make your own paintball guns; this will increase the range and consistency of your gun. The more accurate thing will be getting a barrel kit for a long-term solution.

Gas/Air Tank:

If you are serious about paintballing, you need a good gas or air tank too. For better working, a kit would be much better to make your gun lighter and moveable. In addition, you have to choose between CO2, HPA and nitrogen gas tanks.

Piantball Air Tank

CO2 was a widely used gas in the paintball, but it has accuracy issues, so most professional paintball players upgraded themselves to HPA. That’s because HPA and nitrogen gases have more accuracy than CO2. In order to make a perfect paintball gun, it is highly recommended that you opt for a Compressed Air Tank (HPA).


Hopper is the next most crucial component to create your own paintball gun. This feeds the paintballs to your barrel and is equivalent to a gun’s magazine. Without this, you cannot load the paintballs to fire.

Hoppers have several types, and it affects your loading and firing speed. That’s why pay attention while you are buying the hopper for your homemade paintball gun. If you are looking for a better than average hopper goes for a gravity-fed hopper. But if you want the best, force-feed or agitating hipper would be a perfect pick.


When some ask how to build a paintball gun for more accuracy, it comes to a regulator. This small component of the marker ensures that each paintball hits with the same force and velocity.

Tactical Accessories:

When trying to figure out how to make a paintball gun lethal, you should think about adding tactical accessories, such as lights, laser sights, red dots and more.  Additionally, if you are worried about how to make a paintball gun stand, then also utilize the relevant accessories for better outcomes.

How to Make Your Own Paintball Gun with Proper Components

If you want to know how to make a paintball gun to make an intense paintball, it’s best to go for the proper components. First, it’s much safer than a paintball gun made of scrap, and then it would provide you with better results.

Are you thinking about how to build a Lego paintball gun at home? So, if you need a fully operational gun, you need all the features of a paintball gun. Moreover, to achieve perfection, you can get affordable alternatives than an expensive paintball marker.

But again, making your own paintball gun could be more expensive than buying an operational gun from the market. But the paintball enthusiast does not care about the money when it comes to their dream paintball marker.

Let’s begin to learn how to make a powerful paintball gun with the proper components.

Assembly of Paintball Gun

If the parts of your paintball gun are compatible, you can quickly and easily assemble the components.

You can find the barrel screws at the front of your maker’s body while the hopper screws are placed at the top of the body. At last, the gas tank connects to the socket, mainly at the bottom of the body.

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