Best Paintball Elbow Pads Review – Carbon Airsoft Arm Guards

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The paintball elbow pads are perfect for beginners as well as for pro-players. They are an addition to your professional look and protect your arms. Are you already searching for elbow pads and cannot decide which one you should buy? Finding perfect paintball arm guards could be tricky and exhausting. That’s why we have done the work for you; our research team has selected some top-notch best paintball elbow pads for your protection.

Paintball is a wild game, and if you are playing in woods or forests, you better need extra care to protect your body from uncertain injuries and rashes. There are countless elbow pads available in the market, and investing money in fake or useless elbow pads is a nightmare. After considering all of your worries, we have to dig up the features and specifications of 3 top-notch airsoft arm guards. So let’s dive in and start reading to get new paintball elbow pads.

Table of Content:

  1. DYE Paintball Performance Elbow Pads
  2. HK Army Crash Arm Pads
  3. Empire Paintball Grind Elbow Pad THT

Top Carbon Paintball Elbow Pads Review

If you have decided to buy the best paintball elbow pads, you should know about each fact about elbow pads. Suppose you are not aware of points, then there will be a high chance you will have fake elbow pads. Newbies and beginners usually ask; which brand is best for arm guards? Why is arm protection vital in a paintball match? What material is used in paintball knee and elbow pads?

To know the answer to your queries you should read this guide very carefully. We have mentioned all the specs and features in this paintball elbow pads review. You can benefit from this information to select the arm pads according to your requirements.

3 Best Youth Paintball Elbow Pads

1) DYE Performance Elbow Pads Airsoft Arm Guards

DYE Paintball Performance Elbow Pads
  • Soft & smoother
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Vented inner arms to make it breathable
  • Flexible body for superior fit
  • Elastic design to eliminate unwanted pad movement
Colors SchemeBlack
Weight12.56 Ounces
Dimensions19.09 x 5.51 x 2.36 Inch
SizeS, M, L, XL, XXL

DYE Performance elbow pads are lightweight airplane bodies and integrated cup-shaped EVA airsoft arm guards. These foam pads are pre-shaped to conform to the natural bends of the joints, which provide ultimate comfort and flexibility. In addition, each of these pads com with high-impact gels, and the adjustable straps allow you the perfect grip of pads around your elbow and arm.

These will save your arms from scratches and scuffs and provide you with the protection you need. The integrated slider gloves also offer you complete palm protection. It is the gloves also prevent the elbow pads from sliding and offer you the perfect fit.

Its modern, lightweight design and vented inner air material let your skin breathe and not affect your gameplay.


The construction of paintball arm guards is based on the years of recommendations of best players and extensive product research. The design of the pads provides you comfort, durability, and flexibility; you can dive, jump and crawl without hurting yourself.

These pads are tested several times during manufacturing. That is why it gives you the perfect blend of comfort, breathability, movability, and protection.

Adjustable Stripes:

DYE adjustable stripes airsoft arm guards offer you the complete fit of your elbow pads. The elastic provides you with the straps, which you can use to tighten the elbow pads, which keep it in place during all you match. These adjustable stripes are made to assure your protection and avoid sliding up and down from your elbow.

The slides during your important match can distract you, and eventually, you can lose because of unstable elbow pads. This pair of pads will guarantee the protection of your arm and elbows in every situation.

Integrated Slider Gloves:

This paintball arm protection pair of pads safeguards your arms and elbows and proves an essential shield to your palms of the hand. In addition, the integrated slider gloves on each hand keep your hands projected on every unfortunate event during the paintball game. With these pads, your hands are protected from scratches, turf-burn, and grave, as well as your arms and elbow.

The back of the slider gloves provides neoprene compression to reinforcing the protection of the back of your hand. It gives you the confidence to play the paintball to your full capability, crawl, slide, and dive without any hesitation.

High-Impact Custom Gel:

Each paintball pad comes with a high-impact custom gel insert that absorbs the force created by the intense slides, dives, and ground hits. It offers you comfort and protection from the brutal hits of paintball and direct interaction with pointy objects. The pre-shaped foam conforms to the natural bends of the human body, especially the elbow joint and provides ultimate flexibility and comfort.

The teenage players admire and enjoy this game. Paintball custom pads are manufactured and available in every size. The placement of slider gloves also prevents the elbow pads from sliding up your arm and gives you unrestricted movement on the battlefield.

Why Choose This?

This pair of best paintball elbow pads provide you protection from brutal hits of ground and high-velocity paintballs. The comfortable and flexible construction allows you to move freely. The integrated slider gloves protect your hands, and neoprene compression saves your backhands.

To find the best fit, please see the paintball elbow pads size chart in the photos. For in-between sizes, order one size up for perfect fit. The high-impact custom gel absorbs the brutal force generated by hits and dives.

2) HK Army Crash Paintball Arm Protection

HK Army Crash Arm Pads
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Contour, Dual-layered
  • High impact padding
  • Neoprene arm support
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • Built-in protective glove
SpecificationsTested Values
ManufacturerHK Army
Colors SchemeBlack
Weight15.52 Ounces
Dimensions13.1 x 5.4 x 2.9 inch
SizeS, M, L, XL

The HK Paintball arm protection system is designed for high-impact performance. Professional paintball players highly appreciate absolute comfort and flexibility in these pads. Its shape and dual-layered pads absorb the shock from dives, slides and protect you from falling on the ground.

This pair of pads is developed by high-class, durable, and lightweight materials, which makes it robust and comfortable at the same time. The crash pads offer you fluid mobility and breathability, which is best for all weathers. It is a 4-way stretch; the inner lining intensifies the coverage and acts as a cooling agent for hot summer days.

Improved Comfort and Durability:

Its high-class materials and reengineered pads design provide you with the ultimate improved comfort and durability. The inside foam padding is highly designed to bear the floor hits, reduce the elbow joint’s impact, and keep you comfortable in the whole game. If you feel relaxed on the battlefield, then you can play with complete focus.

The durability of these pads is state-of-the-art; you can slide, crawl and dive without breaking it down. It is guaranteed that these pads can take the brutal hits without tearing them apart and provide you with the comfort they promised.

Contour and Dual-Layer:

The perfect shape and dual-layer pad system can absorb the worst hits and shocks and reduces the elbow joint impact. The contour of the paintball arm guard is highly appreciated; it is made to fit elbow joints perfectly. The structure is very much compatible with a human arm.

Sliding is a widespread problem of the paintball knee and elbow pads. Dual-layer pads system offers you absolute protection while the contour of this pair of pads prevents it from sliding up or down.

High-Impact Padding: 

This pad promises you high impact padding, which gives you comfort and protects your elbow and arm from high-impact hits ground hits. It also prevents the impact of high-velocity paintballs and provides you comfortable paintball game. The paddings also protect you from scratches and injuries you can face while crawling.

The neoprene arm support gives you extra leverage against brutal hits of pointy rocks or objects. For example, while playing a paintball game, you don’t realize the surface and areas you are walking through until it’s too late and you got injured. This neoprene arm support protects you there and proves that it’s an important feature you should have in your best paintball elbow pads or arm pads.

Lightweight and Flexible:

It is a flexible, 4-way stretchable, lightweight pair of pads that allows you to move freely on the battlefield. This is not bulky or affects your gaming style on the ground. You can run, walk, crawl, slide, dive, jump and dodge the paintballs wearing them comfortably.

The paintball elbow pads have cheap rates and 4-way flexibility and make them one of the most popular arm guards among paintball players. Besides that, the built-in protective glove protects the palms of your hands from scratches and rocks. It is also beneficial in keeping your elbow pads in place all the time.

Why Choose This?

What is not there to choose? The lightweight and 4-way stretchable body make things in your favour. It has high impact padding to protect you from the effects of high-velocity paintball shots and falling on the floor. The built-in glove protects your hands from scratches.

The highly durable and comfortable design keeps you safe and tension-free. A dual-layer padding system is the ultimate protective gear.

3) Empire Paintball Grind Elbow Pad THT Arm Guards

Empire Paintball Grind Elbow Pad THT
  • Thumb loops and adjustable wrist and bicep strap
  • Thermal moulded and padded back of the hand
  • Plenty of Ventilation
  • Dual foam padding
  • Adjustable, compression custom fit
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Colors SchemeBlack
Weight9.92 Ounces
Dimensions13.58 x 4.29 x 3.19 Inch

Empire is the name of trust in the world of paintball arm guards and other protective gears.  The thumbhole loops, bicep straps on the elbow, and adjustable wrist give you a genuinely custom-fit arm pad.

Thermal molded and bided backs of the hand offers your hand an extra layer of protection. The unique ventilation for sweltering conditions keeps you cool. Memory foam padding and EVA foam padding offer you the ultimate defense against pointy objects and rocks as well.

The adjustable compression custom fit to lock the elbow pads with empire THT Chest protector to avoid slips. Even if you don’t own the chest, it will work perfectly fine on its own.

 Thermal Molded and Padded:

Empire takes a step ahead to keep you completely safe in your favorite paintball games. This thermal molded and padded pair of paintball arm guards protect you from all kinds of severe impacts of high-velocity paintballs and falling effects. Your elbow, arms, and hands of hands will be excellent in this molded and padded arm guard.

The manufacturer specifically mentioned that they had used high-quality thermal mold and pads in the elbow and back of the hands. This will add an extra layer of protection from different kinds of impacts and slides or dives.


Most of the paintball arm protection pads use ventilation, but this pair of pads took this to the next level. Along with the durability and comfort, it offers you plenty of ventilation to keep you cool in hot summer conditions. This feature of these best paintball elbow pads is better than any other pad available in the market.

This is the most desired pair of paintball elbow pads; the cheap rates of this arm guard will leave you wondering. However, the durability and comfort of these versatile paintball pads have no match in this price range.

Adjustable loops and Straps:

It is the most desirable and adjustable elbow pad available in the market. The thumb hole in the padded gloves prevents it from sliding upside, while elastic wrists also stay in place all the time. And bicep straps of this arm guard offer you a proper custom fit.

The issue of sliding up and down of elbow pads was very irritating and sometimes cost players their games. That’s why the manufacturer has kept the matter in mind while designing this perfect adjustable paintball arm guard.

Dual Foam Padding:

The empire introduced this unique feature; two different padding foams are used in the same elbow guard. Memory foam padding with EVA foam padding works together for the ultimate defense and reducing the impacts of hitting the ground and paintball shots. In addition, the dual foam padding provides you utmost security and durability for a long time.

Anyone can imagine that it could become hot inside the arm guard with these dual padding, but no. As mentioned above, this paintball arm protection has an extensive ventilation system which increases the breathability of padding.

Why Choose This?

These are the most admirable paintball pads with highly minimal rates. This thermal molded and padded option protects hands, arms, and elbows with high flexibility. Adjustable loops and thumb hole makes it the perfect fit. In the end, dual foam padding gives you the ultimate protection, so no worries and go crazy on the field.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Paintball Elbow Pads

When you are playing paintball, there are high chances of high-velocity contact, abstraction, and injuries. While you jump or fall, that’s where best paintball elbow pads serve as protective gears against injuries.

The construction of arm guards and paintball leg pads varies from brand to brand; some brands focus on comfort while others focus on size and flexibility.

Rest may have the right combination of both comfort and flexibility. Players usually look for an excellent fit and the one that could protect them from more significant impacts. These protective gears are generally used for protection in destination games as well as backyards.

Paintball itself is not a dangerous game, but when you try to doge, run or dive, there are plenty of chances that you will fall. In that case, your elbow will have the first contact with the floor or rocks. That’s where you need paintball arm protection.

Unfortunately, we know finding the best paintball gears, especially elbow pads in not that easy. We have mentioned below the most critical factors to look for in elbow/arm pads while purchasing your paintball arm pads.


We know how much your paintball game can be demanding when it takes place out of your comfort zone, home. It would be great if you spend on the finest padding material which can maintain its integrity.

While you pick up a pair of arm guards, you must ensure that the elbow pads are robust enough to withstand multiple outdoor games. For starters, you must know you have chosen the right pair, which is made of solid materials that will not rip apart in your ongoing match.

It is essential to understand the technicalities to but the protective and durable elbow/arm pads. The materials in it are designed for this rigorous activity and to withstand challenging situations.

Waterproof fabric is advisable so that you can use it in all seasons. DYE, HK Army, Empire, and Carbon paintball elbow pads reviews show that they are highly durable.


This is an essential factor while you are purchasing airsoft arm guards. Your arms and elbow must feel comfortable while earing these pads because, in a paintball game, your arms would most likely be in motion. The material in these paintball elbow pads must be soft but durable, so your elbows don’t hurt after taking a hit.

The high-quality inside padding can do the job quickly. After that, you must go for a pair of arm pads that are comfortable and easy to fit without disturbing you in the field. There are some complaints from some paintball players that their youth paintball elbow pads sliding up or sliding down in the field, which is unbearable in a game.

So, purchase the arm guards that fit you like your body’s shape, and pads will not slow you down in-game. Comfortable paintball arm guards and carbon paintball elbow pads must be your top priority to invest a fortune.


In a paintball game, it is essential that you buy pads that are thick enough to withstand your fall. The thickness of the pads should also protect your elbow and arms from serious injuries. The thickness of elbow pads plays a vital role in the protection of your arms and elbow.

However, do not buy too heavy paintball leg pads that will slow you down during the game, and maybe you more often fall because of them. So here is the deal, go for pads that have thick padding but are not way too heavy or bulky. Pads must absorb the impact of falling but not cause the falling in the paintball game.


There are different kinds and lengths of paintball elbow pads available in the market. It would be beneficial to choose the elbow pads or arm guards according to your budget and comfort. The entire arm guards as protective gear with elbow pads must be your first choice.

These arm guards will protect your elbow as well as your arm if you fall on rocks or somewhere more dangerous. Some people prefer only elbow guards because of their highly lightweight, that protects only your elbow. But we still suggest you buy a complete arm guard for better protection.


The arm guards should be flexible and not bulky so that you can move around without any problem. This is the most critical factor if you pay attention to it. The most important thing a player needs is the flexibility to move freely and target his opponent without stress.

However, if you are not wearing a flexible arm guard, you will face a hard time on the field. Because your arms do the most of the movement on the paintball field, choose relaxed yet comfortable paintball knee and elbow pads for ultimate flexibility.


Breathability is always the essential factor in every protective gear. You need a breathable pair of arm guards so you can use them in summer without getting hot and eventually exited from inside. In winters, you also need a breathable arm guard so that your temperature remains the same as the outside world.

Otherwise, the combination of sweat and chill is hazardous for the human body. A breathable paintball elbow pad is perfect for all-weather and your body as well.


Budget is always the most critical factor in any accessory around the globe. If you are not a regular player or play occasional paintball games, you should go for budget-friendly paintball elbow pads at a cheap price available in the market.

Sometimes, you can have paintball elbow pads at cheap prices with amazing features. On the other hand, if you are a regular player, you must buy the best paintball elbow pads for more flexibility and durability.

Benefits of Paintball Knee and Elbow Pads

There are a couple of benefits of paintball protective gear elbow pads. These benefits are as follows:

  • Gives you the ultimate protection
  • Saves your elbow from injury
  • It protects your arm from scratches
  • The padded gloves save your hands from getting injured while sliding
  • Makes you look highly professional
  • Good for beginners and intermediates

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DYE Performance Elbow Pads Airsoft Arm Guards provide you much more protection than any other paintball pad. It is a durable pad that contains soft and flexible paddings. In addition, the vented arms are highly breathable for desired wearing comfort. These features make it the best option for paintball pads lovers and ensure maximum durability without any flaws.
It has a soft and smooth texture that makes wearing more fun. There are fingerless gloves and vented inner arms for breathability. You can have desired to fit with its flexible and elastic design.

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