Is Paintball Dangerous? A Complete Paintball Safety Guide

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Have you ever seen someone playing paintball and got hit by the paintballs. What popped into your head was, is paintball dangerous, or is it hurt when paintball hits.

Most people ask about the dangers of paintball and how can you overcome these dangers. Of course, paintball is a violent game, but most injuries occur while falling or running into obstacles.

But those injuries can also happen in games like football and rugby, and you can get hurt while playing them. In addition, most analysts believe that paintball is safer than other sports if the players follow paintball rules.

However, paintball injuries statistics show that only 4.5 per 10,000 people are hurt by paintball every year. So it is not that bad, like rugby or other violent games. Nevertheless, these injuries can also be reduced if the players follow the paintball rules.

In this article, let’s find out how dangerous is paintball and what we can do to reduce the injuries.

Some Dangers of Paintball

What are the dangers of paintball? It is the most commonly asked question on the internet. Paintball itself is not that dangerous, but you can get hurt if you are not following the paintball safety rules.

You may get surprised after reading that a 2003 study of National Injury Information Clearing House stated that the paintball is safer than almost every other support such as bowling, running, football, Etc.

Some Dangers of Paintball

Most of the players who play paintball on a regular basis will tell you the common paintball injuries are not caused by being shot but by running around the field. For example, they can run into the wall, slam their elbow or knee on the tree, or twist their ankle.

Like other sports, paintball has the potential of serious injury, which can be caused by negligence and not following paintball safety rules. The most common injury on the paintball field could cause if the player is not wearing full safety gear.

Suppose, if someone is not wearing a safety mask and goggles, the paintball can hurt their eye. Otherwise, there is little chance of someone getting hurt on the field.

Is Paintball Painful

Beginners usually ask, is paintball painful. Yes, it could be painful if you are not wearing your protective gear or go to the field with bare skin. Paintballs are made of organic plastic and hit with a high impact.

If you are not wearing essential safety gear or layered clothing, you can get hurt. Paintball stings terrible and can leave bruises which would hurt at first. But players get used to them after a few games.

Can a paintball break a bone, what do you think about that? Some paintballs travel faster than 300 fps and can leave large bruises or welts and, in some cases, break a finger. This answers your question of is paintball gun dangerous or not.

However, if you stick to the paintball rules, you cannot get any severe injury.  One of the most important rules to avoid pain is to remove your mask and goggles in the field.

Most of the paintball cases were reported about injuries that were caused due to players were not wearing masks or goggles properly. You can ask someone if paintball hurt dangerous, who is a regular player of paintball.

Why is Paintball Dangerous for Children

Parents of kids under 18 inquire why is paintball dangerous for children. That has a simple answer. Children don’t follow the paintball rules, and there are more chances of getting hurt on the battlefield.

If they wear paintball protective gears correctly, it is not much dangerous for children either. However, don’t unhook your helmet is the first and most important rule to avoid any injury on the paintball field.

Why is Paintball Dangerous for Children

In addition, kids usually get hurt in paintball fields because they run without thinking and slam into trees or walls. It can hurt their arms, or sometimes they twist their ankles which is worse than paintball gun damage.

Furthermore, paintball is a dangerous game for children as other sports such as football and bowling. So, if the kids are appropriately dressed and wearing protective gear, there are low chances that paintballs could hurt them.

Paintball VS Airsoft

What is more dangerous airsoft or paintball? Since airsoft and paintball were introduced years ago, there has been a debate going over, is paintball dangerous or airsoft.

Both of these games are similar at some points, and they have some differences too. Thanks to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project in the US, we got some great airsoft and paintball injuries statistics.

These statistics will settle down the feud and prove that one game is safer than the other. Some people believe paintball is more dangerous than airsoft because of its size.

Usually, paintball is .50 or .68 caliber as compared to airsoft bullets which are smaller in size. A report states that between 2006 and 2008, there were a total of 2,800 paintball injuries reported. At the same time, 64,100 airsoft injuries surfaced and were reported in the hospitals.

Hence, the health reports prove that paintball is way much safer than airsoft. Various factors make paintball way safer than airsoft, including their protective gears.

Paintball fields have very strict safety guidelines that you cannot break or disqualify from the game. Moreover, the paintball protective gears are expensive and have higher quality than the airsoft gears.

Now, probably you get the answer to your long-awaited question is paintball a dangerous game or airsoft.

Paintball Protective Gears to Avoid Injuries

If you are still not clear about is paintball dangerous or not. Then this would help you. Paintball is exceptionally dangerous if you do not follow the rules or go on the field without protective gear.

Paintball Protective Gears to Avoid Injuries

The essential protective gears are a paintball mask, goggles, paintball protective chest, gloves and knee and elbow pads. If you are wearing them, there is very little chance of your getting hurt.

In this article, we will suggest three major paintball protective gears that will help you protect yourself against high-velocity paintballs. Moreover, Knee and elbow pads will definitely give you protection against accidental injuries.

Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles/Mask

Virtue paintball Goggles/Mask would protect your eyes and face against high impact paintballs. It provides you with a larger view of the field and protects your face and eyes simultaneously.

Empire Paintball THT Chest Protector

This paintball chest protector will protect your chest as well as your back from paintballs. The chest protector is essential because the main target of your opponents will be your chest or your back.

HK Army Crash Knee Pads

The knee pads are also crucial because you will be running from opponents on the paintball field. And there are high chances that you can trip and fall. So, in that case, knee pads will protect your knees from an unfortunate event. If you accidentally twist your ankle, then you would get hurt and forget the question does paintball really hurt. To avoid that, you should wear good quality shoes that don’t slip while in the field. Paintball damage is not as bad as getting yourself hurt by minor negligence.

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