How to Choose the Best Places for Paintballing in Miami?

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Paintballing in Miami is one of the many thrilling activities available in the city right now. Miami offers a diversity that attracts people from everywhere. The Town has fascinating places to visit.

Miami is one of those cities which have everything and doesn’t disappoint anyone. From museums to historic sites and nature-loving to foodies, everyone enjoys their fair share of the city.

The Piedmont Park in the city is well known for its various people and many activities, and it has the Aquarium of Georgia, which is the world’s most giant indoor aquarium. In short, this lovely Town has everything you will need to visit.

Most importantly, if you seek destinations for best paintball in Miami Florida, you will get lots of them. It is because Miami has the most excellent paintball fields in the whole state, and you can enjoy premium facilities at reasonable rates.

Miami Paintball fields have flexible hours, and you can enjoy the top-notch playing fields anytime you want. In addition, you can arrange private and office parties in these fields.

For your ease and convenience, in this article, we have added paintball shop Miami. These paintball shops are selected on the rating and reviews of the paintball players, and it allows you to get new accessories at minimum rates.

Some of the most visited places for paintballing in Miami are listed below.

Best Paintball Fields in Miami

If you are based or visiting Florida, you must see the incredible paintball fields in Miami. The extensive facilities offer a variety of scenarios, including woodsball. We bet that paintballing in Miami would be the best paintball experience you will have.

Let’s not waste any other minute and start reading about Best Paintball in Miami FL to have a real time fun.

Family Paintball Center

As the name suggests, this is a family destination that offers you multiple fields and courses. Like all famous paintball fields, it is perfect for players of all ages. It is located at 17th Avenue, for the people who don’t want to travel far.

For the professional paintball players, it offers a variety of paintball fields, including speedball and the most famous military zone. The military zone comprises various tasks and fantastic backdrops for game-play scenarios.

Family Paintball Center

Paintballing in Miami was never too fun before this facility. It accommodates players seven days a week with extended opening hours on weekends. You can come with your paintball accessories and get rounds at a minimal price.

Paintball store in Miami offers completive prices for rental accessories, such as protective gear, markers, and facemasks. The staff on-premises are friendly and co-operative, they deal the beginners and professionals alike.

For the hot summer season, the establishment offers indoor paintball Miami paintball fields. These fields are air-conditioned so that you can enjoy the game without any problem.

Extreme Range Paintball Park

A premier paintball venue in South Florida is waiting for your visit, and this will be the most incredible fun event in your life. Of course, you would love paintballing in Miami at Extreme Range Paintball Park.

Park has been serving paintball players for more than two decades in the center of the city. It is considered the busiest paintball facility because of its locality. The massive park consists of three different fields, one of which is always reserved for airsoft games.

Extreme Range Paintball Park

The paintball fields have a large wooded area with sloping hills, crawling tunnels, and the most exciting sniping tunnels. The venue includes bunkers and as well a spacious building for close-range combats.

The extreme range paintball park occasionally organizes paintball tournaments in Miami, which build different skills in professional paintball players. In addition, the high power lighting at the facility makes night events possible in the arena.

You can book the park for private events, and in addition, affordable equipment rental is also available for players in paintball shops Miami. You are allowed to come with your gadgets and accessories.

Splat Paintball Park

Splat paintball park is considered the best venue for paintballing in Miami. Located in Medley, the facility was designed for professional players, which gives you an idea of the challenges you have to face in this field.

It will pump the adrenaline in your brain, and you will get the most exciting paintball match in your life. The two-acre Florida paintballing offers you a tournament level of turf; the field includes bunkers and several obstacles.

Splat Paintball Park

Though this establishment welcomes individual players, it is also perfect for paintball teams in Miami. In addition, you can book the entire facility for private events, such as group games, parties, and get-to-gathers.

Splat park offers special discounts to the groups, while special paintball party packages are available for private sessions. The rental prices are affordable, and you can get high-grade markers and equipment at a competitive price.

Splat paintball Miami beach park offers you the top-rated paintballing facilities. These are the best in hot weather and ensures maximum playing fun for desired thrill.

Matrix Tactical

Matrix tactical is one of the most extensive facilities for paintballing in Miami. The operational paintball establishment is over two acres of outdoor paintball fields and offers wooded areas, sniper towers, several bases, and trenches.

One of these fields is designed as a replica of a suburban town, providing you the chance to play close-range combat paintball scenarios. In addition, the establishment offers you an entire rental facility at competitive rates.

You can get protective gears, free compressed air, and CO2 gas for refilling. If you want to come with your accessories, you can pay a standard fee and play with your marker and gears.

Moreover, you can get the full range of gears, including paintball marker, hopper, tank, and protective equipment.  You can individually take part in games and come in groups as well.

You can get a discount if you arrange group matches, private parties on the field. To enjoy that, you have to make reservations prior to time to get the best facilities.

The Paintball Party Place

When it comes to paintballing in Miami venues, everyone tries to choose the best. To make it possible for you, we included The Paintball Party Place, one of the finest facilities for paintball in Miami Florida.

The establishment has many outdoor fields to enjoy the game with various packages suitable for all ages, including unique field paintball for kids Miami. If you have your gears and accessories, you can enjoy the game inexpensively.

Moreover, if you don’t have the equipment, you can get them at a low-cost gear rental and admission package.  As mentioned above, there are special packages for children from 5 to 10-year-old kids.

Please keep in mind that no outdoor paintball rounds are allowed in the park for safety reasons. So, if you bring your paintball gun, you have to buy the ammo and refill the tank from the facility.

The park provides the best offers for your enjoyment with the ‘all you can shoot’ package. In this package, you can shoot unlimited rounds provided during a three-hour playing time.

What About Paintball Stores in Miami?

Now let’s talk about the paintball store in Miami. Several stores for Paintballing in Miami offer many unique accessories, protective gears, brand new and second-hand paintball markers.

Splat Attack Paintball Supply 2

This paintball shop Miami was established in 2004, and since the shop owner is serving you with the latest paintball markers, CO2 and HPA refills, Equipment repairs, Tippmann, Dye, Empire, Planet Eclipse, apparel, gear bags, and top-rated paint ball in Miami.

If you buy the second-hand market, and it malfunctions, the shop owner fixes it for you. It open all weekdays from 12 pm to 8 pm while on the weekend you can visit the shop from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Sunday you can shop from 10 am to 2 pm.

The staff is co-operative and enquire everything about your needs and suggest the best products for you.

Paintball Madness

Paintball Madness is one of the best paintball stores in Miami because they offer everything you need for paintballing. It is located at 12839 SW 42nd St Miami, FL 33175. It provides you with protective gear, markers, masks, paintball rounds, etc.

You can shop from Paintball Madness all week, Monday to Friday, from 11 am to 7:30 pm while timing changes on the weekend. For example, Saturday 9 am to 7:30 pm, and 10:30 am to 3 pm on Sunday.

This shop will provide you with the best accessories for paintballing in Miami. The staff is well-trained, and the prices are competitive in Miami.

Famous Paintball Arenas:

Last to Say

There is no doubt that there are limited venues for paintballing in Miami, but the available establishments are remarkable. In addition, the wooded grounds in these establishments fulfill the need for woodsball for paintball players.

If you are based in the city, the paintball place in Miami is not far away from home. You can enjoy the professional level of fields in Florida paintballing establishments. Other than playing fields, the paintball stores are also unique, and the staff is friendly.

The paintball stores and fields in Miami are professional and offer you their services at competitive prices. So you can buy new gadgets and play the whole day in the fields without any stress.

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