Best Paintball Harness – Pod Holder & Belt Extender for Vest

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Brace up to win the paintball battles by lacing yourself with the best paintball harness. It is like a belt that renders storage capacity for paintballs. That is why it is known as paintball pack, ball hauler, and pod pack. You can keep extra paintballs within a dye tactical harness for desired usage ease and instant availability. They keep you always ready to win like a real hero in the vigour paintball tournaments.

Choosing the paintball harness for big guys is not more manageable. You must look for the desired size, material quality, pod packs, size adjustments, and other valuable features. To exterminate your worries, we have picked up the three best paintball harnesses of 2021 to bring convenience for carrying paintballs, freedom to fight, and confidence to win the gameplay, along with a complete buying guide. So leverage this review and begin the read.

Table of Content:

  1. Dye Precision Assault Pack Paintball Harness
  2. Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness Pods
  3. Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness

3 Best Paintball Pod Harness

Get the best paintball harness pod within this review and make things in your favour. To enjoy tension-free and confident gameplay, you must have a durable and easy-to-use paintball pod holder that minimizes the paintball holding worries. You can take a look at the dye tactical harnesses with their dominating features. There you go:

Best Paintball Harness for Big Guys

1) Dye Precision Assault Pack Paintball Harness Belt Extender

Dye Precision Assault Pack Paintball Harness
  • Firmer grip for intense movements
  • Memory elastic & rubber traction
  • Velcro 55 MPH strips
  • Ensures freedom for mobility
  • Open movement support with Assault Pack
  • Waist size adjustment
  • Four adjustable sizes for the desired fitting
  • Easier customization
  • Ejector pod loops
  • Quicker access to pods
  • Worldwide trusted and reliable
Size adjustment40 inches waist
Velcro strips55MPH
Pods capacity4+5

This is one of the top-rated paintball harness belt extenders that did not compromise your fitting needs. Yes, you got my point; if you need desired fitting and comfortable paintball pod holding, then DYE Precision Assault has all the features to fulfill your needs. It has memory elastic and rubber traction to keep the harness in place without any unwanted slippery movement.

There is 55 MPH rated Velcro, and the assault pack offers 40 inches waist size for tight-fitting and comfortable wearing. You can enjoy instant, reliable, and efficient pod keeping and access with this harness. It is one of the trusted harnesses for more than ten years in World Championship.

Memory Elastic & Rubber Traction:

Make things according to your desire by having the adjustable fitting with this paintball pod holder. It has memory elastic to customize fitting as per your body size. This product has a combo of elastic and rubber to meager all the wearing discomforts for the paintball players.

You can move on all kind of terrains without holding your paintball pods in hands. It has rubber traction that makes movement smoother, and you can move freely without any hesitation.

Velcro Strips:

You can have next-level comfort for wearing this best paintball harness because it is designed with 55 MPH-rated Velcro stripes. These strips make the harness tight and fit for hassle-free running. Do not compromise on mobility and avail of the perks of its assault pack to fit it as per your body needs.

Its adjustable harness support ensures 40 inches waist size fitting to keep you more focused on your gameplay. However, the manufacturer prefers the user’s needs and makes it a customized option that makes wearing hectic free tasks. 

Four-Way Adjustable Straps:

Different brands have been manufacturing paintball pods and belts in the market. But DYE has made something perfect for its users and designed the four-way adjustable straps for fitting.

It does not matter that you are a pro or a beginner; you can easily carry it and adjust the size as per your body size. No more worries about a snug or lose fitting because these strips ensure firmer grip for a confident move in the paintball game.

Ejector Pod Loops:

It has ejector pod loops for taking out your paintball pods. You can keep up to 4-5 pods in this paintball pod holder. This product is engineered to add speed and perfection to your gameplay and makes it more user-friendly for real-time winning. Enjoy precise, efficient, faster and desired reach to paintball pod with its ergonomic design.

You can shoot your opponents without wasting time in holding back your pod holder. This belt makes things in your control and lets you perform like a beast. It owns the World Championships for ten years around the globe due to its quality and feasibility support.

Why Choose This?

Dye Precision Assault Harness is the best paintball harness that offers maximum customization for fitting. It has Velcro strips, rubber traction, and memory elastic that keeps fitting size in your hands. You can adjust it up to 40 inches waist to get tight and feasible wearing. 55MPH Velcro level up size fitting and reduce wearing issues within a second.

One prominent factor of this product that might win your heart is its ten years Wolds Championship sustenance around the globe. In addition, the product ensures instant pod removal and keeping 4-5 pods without missing your shot in the paintball battles.

2) Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Pods and Belt

Maddog 4+1 Vertical Paintball Harness
  • Carry up to four standard paintball pods
  • Vertical pod removal
  • Gripped rubber pull tabs
  • Two Velcro secure tank straps
  • Customized fitting with elastic Inner and outer belts
  • Best fit for youth – XL
  • Keep 150 round BONES paintball pods
  • No-Look Reloads
  • Thumb tab support for fast reloads
  • Made with Polypropylene
  • Spring-loaded flip top
  • Quick disconnect remote coil
  • Useful for CO2 tanks, 4500 psi, and 3000 psi HPA Systems
SpecificationsTested Values
Size adjustmentYouth to XL
Velcro strips55MPH
CompatibleCO2 tanks, 3000 psi, & 4500 psi HPA systems
Pods capacity4+1
Tank Capacity88/4500ci Tank

Maddog introduces this paintball pod harness to beat the needs of vertical harness users. This is the best paintball harness which ensures not only versatility but also a combination of unique tools. It offers four 150 round BONES paintball pods for keeping yourself always ready for the battles. In addition, there is a standard quick disconnect remote coil airline for instant removal.

You can keep 4+1 pods and a standard 88/4500ci tank in this pod holder harness. In addition, it has a remote line pouch for carrying heavy things such as CO2 tanks, 3000psi and 4500 psi HPA Systems. The coiled hose allows maximum expansion to enjoy the required fitting for a smoother movement.

Tactical Accessories:

Most of the paintball players loved to perform tactical skills in the paintball games. This harness helps you to be a professional tactical player by keeping all the relevant accessories in it. In addition, there is support to carry more paintballs and a tank to make you always ready for the battles.

You can keep four 150 round paintball pods to win all your games and target your opponents without worrying about the paintball’s quantity. This cheap paintball vest makes you feel comfortable and more focused on your game than worrying about paintball management.

Velcro Closure:

It comes with heavy-duty and durable Velcro closure to keep the paintball pods secure. Thus, you can save more paintballs within this 4+1 vertical paintball harness. In addition, this product offers 600 rounds and an 88ci paintball tank-keeping capacity.

In other words, you can target your enemies without stopping for a while and be the man of the game. There are rubber pull tabs for a faster and smoother opening. You can easily open up the pouches with its remote coil support.

Dual Tank Secure Straps:

Everyone has a different physique that requires appropriate size. This is the best paintball harness for big guys because it is designed with a fantastic adjustment structure. There are dual tank secure straps and inner and outer elastic belts to fit it according to your needs.

You can wear it and set the size with its snug custom fitting support. Moreover, these paintball pods and belt harnesses fit everyone, even for youth to XL size.

Quick Disconnect Remote Coil:

Enjoy unrestricted movement and maximum mobility with its quick-disconnect remote coil feature. It has a heavy-duty remote coil that connects to your marker and tank to create connectivity without any trouble. That is how it reduces the burden of the tank on your paintball gun and makes shooting a super easy task.

There is a coil hose for desired stretching and movement freedom. Moreover, it is compatible with CO2 tanks, 3000 psi, and 4500 psi HPA systems for next-level shooting capacity.

Why to Choose?

Are you looking for a cheap paintball vest with next-level features, then Maddog 4+1 Tactical harness is best for you. It offers 550+ rounds and four spring-loaded flip top pods to keep your paintball pods and tanks functioning without any delay. No need to waste time with its thumb-up reloading support. There are Velcro straps to fit it as per your size.

Moreover, it can be fit to youth to XL sizes due to its custom fitting construction. This harness is durable and reliable because it is made with polypropylene to beat paintball games’ harsh and challenging environments. You can use it with separate Maddog accessories or have the accessories-based pack for the desired performance.

3) Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness  with Suspenders

Bunkerkings V5 Supreme Strapless Paintball Harness
  • Render enhanced comfort
  • Convenient pod retention
  • Less bouncing
  • Size adjustment for keeping pods
  • Friction padding
  • Elastic attachment system for the desired fit
  • Strapless V5 elastic technology
  • Stylish and handy design
  • Compatible with PF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Size adjustment270 degree Elasticity
Straps100% straps free
CompatiblePF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods
Pods capacity4
ColorV5 4+7 – Strapless WKS Black

This is a strapless paintball harness for big guys with fantastic fitting and usage features. You can enjoy a more excellent shooting experience with its comfortable design, carrying convenience, and maximum pod retention. Run like a pro in the fields of paintball woods. No more bouncing issues with this best paintball harness.  

Enjoy easy reinserts and take out of your paintball pods without wasting much due to its ergonomic design. It is pretty easy to wear and carry with its belt and back support. There is friction padding an advanced elastic attachment system for required fitting and protection. This is compatible with PF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods for perfect shooting support.

Less Bouncing:

You are using it for paintball games, paintball woodsball games, or paintball tournaments; this paintball pod harness has no bouncing issues. You can run smoothly on all kinds of terrains and enjoy the complete focus on your target.

Reduce your worries about carrying paintball pods with this product because it gives firmer holding capacity to paintball pods and reduces the risk of falling. Enjoy maximum pod retention with its less bouncy construction.

Easy to Use:

Anyone who wears this paintball pod holder can experience ease and comfort. You can easily insert and pull the pods without any hectic and time wastage. Moreover, its stylish design renders maximum comfort and feasibility for carrying paintball pods.

It has a belt and back facility that gives no issues in wearing, and you can easily use this paintball harness for big guys without any hectic.

Elastic Technology:

You can avail of perfect fitting size with its advanced elastic technology. The manufacturer designed it beneficially that you can set it according to your body needs. Moreover, it comes with friction padding that makes it easy to carry paintball pods without hurting your body.

This product is best for enjoying adjustable size with less effort. It has a flexible system that is easy to customize and keeps you happy with its comfortable wearing support.

Stylish Design:

When it comes to its design, this paintball harness belt extender comes with a stylish structure. That is why most of the professional paintball players loved this product.

Additionally, its strapless pack backed with V5 elastic technology makes paintball pods carrying more fun.  You can accommodate all sizes of pod sizes despite storage issues. This product works with PF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods for the desired compatibility.

Why to Choose?

It is the final product in our review to best paintball pod harness. The product has the comfortable and stylish design to store 4+1 pods without any carrying worries. You can easily adjust its size as per your body needs and make it fit to go for all kinds of paintball games.

Furthermore, this best paintball harness of 2021 is designed with V5 elastic technology that maximizes the usage feasibility. Enjoy less bouncing and tighter wearing grip with its ergonomic design. You can use it with PF135 and PF165 Virtue Pods and makes things more compatible for your paintball games.

Best Paintball Harness for Big Guys 2021 Guide

If you have already bought your paintball markers and protective gear, you need to pay attention to having the best paintball harness. A paintball harness is also known as a paintball pod holder. It is a convenient way to carry paintball pods and air tanks during your game.

The harness should be easy to adjust and should be comfortable enough that you can wear them for hours. Since you will be wearing it for a long time, you should buy a harness with inside padding for extra comfort.

It does not matter you are wearing a paintball leg harness, a small minimal pod holder or a tactical vest; your harness should offer you easy access to your paintballs and air tank.

Easy access will allow you to reload quickly. If you are looking to invest in the best paintball pod harness, you should do an in-depth search. You will be amazed after realizing how many different kinds of harnesses are available in the market. To make the best investment, you should consider some essential factors.

Before discussing these factors in detail, you should know that two types of harnesses are available in the market.

Types of Harness:

  1. Basic Harness
  2. Tactical Vest

Basic Harness

If you are an occasional player, then you should prefer the minimal or basic harness. These are the essential pod packs that offer you the storage of up to four paintball pod holders.

In addition, the most basic harness should provide you with the storage of a compressed air tank. These basic harnesses are perfect for those paintball players who love to move around a lot.

Tactical Vest

If your pocket allows you to spend more money on a harness, then you should consider a tactical vest. A tactical vest holds maximum storage for the paintball holder’s chest pockets or pouches.

These pockets or pouches allow you to carry essential gears with safety. These tactical vests give you vertical storage for compressed air tanks. Dye tactical harness is the preferred option for pro players.


The harnesses available in the market are different based on their performance. For example, some of them are vertical, some are horizontal and rest strapless holsters.

Some harnesses feel like you are not wearing anything, and the rest drags you down or gets bumpy during your game. Performance of your Harness on attaching or detaching should be easy, faster and even as much as you like during your game.

Your harness should be simple, easy to access, lightweight, elegant and most importantly, a cheap paintball vest.


Storage is an essential factor when you intend to buy a paintball harness. Therefore, it would be best to use a harness that allows you to store up to 4 standard paintball pods. It will help you in carrying almost eight hundred rounds all the time.

The advanced harness or vests can give you even more storage capacity. For example, some advanced harnesses can hold up to ten paintball pods, and each pod can carry almost 140 paintballs. Which means you can carry almost 1400 paintball in your harness which is more than enough for a paintball match.

Paintball Harness or vest has space for an air tank; you can hold the air tank vertically or horizontally according to the vest’s design.


The weight of the harness is probably one of the essential factors you should consider while buying a harness. For example, weight plays a crucial role in a paintball game; you have to run, dive and sometimes crawl while carrying a harness on your waist or chest.

Therefore, it will be very comfortable if you prefer a lightweight harness. If you are a pro player and know how to handle the weight, you can buy a heavy paintball harness.


It would help if you considered buying a sleek and straightforward design harness that gives you comfortable access to paintballs. However, having a complicated design can make the job difficult such as paintball harness woodland camo. It has a complete covering design that sometimes makes movement inconvenient.

Moreover, it will consume more energy and time than a simple harness. Therefore, many harness manufacturers have taken a step ahead and introduced some innovations in harness’ design. For example, some products have an oriented auto-paintball pods ejection system, which will save your time and energy on a battlefield.

If you are a beginner, you should go for the most straightforward and sleek design of harnesses. It will have done the job most easily.


The length of the harness is also very crucial in paintball matches. It would be great if you have a paintball harness belt extender so you can easily adjust the height of your harness. You would not like a short harness or even too long; the long harness will also affect your game.

If you get an adjustable harness, that would be great; a wider waist is always the best paintball harness for big guys—the length of the harness matters for the secure fit and comfortable game.


Some belts of a harness can leave marks on your body if they are not comfortable enough. But, again, it depends on the quality of the harness. The other belts are made with vented air for breathability and an additional layer to not feel uncomfortable during your game.

There is some paintball harness with suspenders made of a royal pillow and adjustable belts, which are breathable, lightweight and comfortable at the same time. Remember, when you feel comfortable, you can give 100% of your skills to the game.


The best style of harness varies from person to person. Some players prefer tactical vest and other just basic harnesses. However, basic harness or strapless holsters are preferred by many advanced players as well as beginners.

It would help if you chose the style which you feel comfortable. Comfort is the basic need of this wild game.


It would help if you had a heavy-duty harness or vest last longer, then you should choose one made of quality materials and high-level finishing standards. Manufacturers recommend heavy-duty polyester is often the preferred choice of material.

This fabric is both resistant to tear and rips, while its waterproof capabilities secure your gadgets. It would be best to look for a harness with double-stitched seams to guarantee you a long-lasting life.


The last but not the least important factor of buying a harness is checking its authenticity. If you are going to invest your money, you must know that your harness is original or fake. That’s why you should buy the harness from a trustworthy store or reputable online brands to get the highest quality harness.

Benefits of Paintball Harness

There are numerous benefits of having the best paintball pods harness. Most importantly, it looks fantastic and professional when someone is wearing a harness.

  • The benefits of paintball harness are as follows:
  •  You can carry as many paintball pods as you want
  •  You can save essential gear in the pouch or pockets
  •  It helps you in carrying a compressed air tank
  • Give you a professional look


Dye Precision Assault Pack Paintball Harness Belt Extender is a highly customized option that makes wearing and size fitting more feasible. It offers 40 inches waist size adjustment, memory elastic, and rubber traction to keep the harness tight for restriction-free movements. As a result, you can freely move in every kind of terrain without worrying about harness pod holder slipping issues.
Moreover, its 55 MPH rated Velcro stripes allow you to enjoy the comfort and desired size support without any tension. This is a reliable, efficient, and convenient to use paintball harness. Its ten-year World Championship makes it a worthy choice for a partner to reduce the paintball carrying heft.
In short, it is the best paintball harness that gives desired size fitting, durability, usage convenience, and quicker access to pods for a definite win.

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