Best Paintball Gun Under 200 – Cheap Automatic Milsim for Beginners

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Grabbing a paintball gun for under 200 dollars with all the significant features is not that easy as someone thinks. You have to review every gun and learn every part, like hopper, trigger, grips, barrels, etc. It is a time-consuming and exhausting process you would have to go through to find the best paintball gun under 200. If you are a newbie, you must choose the best cheap paintball gun because you must not spend a fortune initially. For your ease, our team has spent hours on research and managed to discuss some top-notch best budget paintball guns.

When you search for the best paintball guns under 200, you may find an infinite number of guns at your disposal. You must keep in mind the significant features you are looking for in your markers, such as hopper, trigger, bolt, and valve. The quality, lightweight, and durability of your gun add the cherry on the cake. In this guide, we have discussed the five best paintball guns under 200, which will help you make your purchase.

Table of Content:

  1. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Marker Gun
  2. Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Fed Paintball Marker
  3. Spyder Victor Paintball Marker
  4. Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun
  5. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun

Best Budget Paintball Gun for Beginners

If you are a beginner and buying your first paintball gun, you should stick with the best cheap paintball guns for under 200 dollars. And you must be familiar with the full features of the paintball marker to make a better decision. People usually inquire; how much do paintball guns cost? Which are the cheap options? And do 200-dollar paintball markers have all the features a beginner and intermediate needs?

To answer the following choirs, you must read the features of our five top-notch markers. These markers are the best budget paintball gun, including all the features expensive paintball guns can have.

5 Top Paintball Guns Under 200

1) Tippmann Cronus Tactical Milsim Paintball Gun

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Milsim Paintball Gun
  • Inline bolt system
  • Easily modifiable
  • Four Picatinny rails
  • Fixed front and rear sights
  • Semi-Automatic
  • High impact composite body
  • Vertical Grip
  • Efficient ported barrel
  • Mock silencer
  • Milsim Body
  • Soft over-moulded rubber grips
Barrel9.5-inch Length
ThreadTippmann Classic, Tippmann A5
Bore size.692 calibre
Weight4.83 Pound
ColorsOlive Green, Black – Tan, Black
MaterialAluminum and metal
Range150 feet

If you are looking for the best paintball gun, we recommend the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Gun. It is the best Milsim paintball gun, and its barrel’s design is suppressor-like with the sight at the end of the muzzle. The best paintball gun under 200, its hopper offers you high-speed loading, which allows you high-speed firing.

The ergonomic grip controls the gun and wide trigger frame make Tippmann the best paintball gun for Beginners. The front handle of Cronus Tactical improves control and precision. Adjustable stocks allow you to customize the fit of the marker and high-impact composite body to ensure the gun’s durability.

If you are a beginner or intermediate player, it is the best paintball gun of all time. The Cronus is capable of quick and accurate shots similar to a sniper. The 3.7 lbs. lightweight, along with a 9.5-inch barrel, this is a cheap Tippmann paintball gun you will ever see.

Milsim Body:

Whenever you play paintball, you want to experience the real life of the soldiers fighting wars for you. So what is better than having the best automatic paintball gun for a better experience on your gameplay? Tippmann Cronus is close to the real-life rifle, and its lightweight helps you handle the gun with ease.

The toughness of your gun can take a lot of hits without the stress of damage. Furthermore, people claim its durability that it can last for almost a decade and works appropriately. And it’s usually called one of the best paintball guns of all time.

Higher Accuracy for Longer Range:

Many paintball guns can shoot targets for more extended range, but they usually compromise on accuracy. But the best automatic paintball gun is capable of shooting up to 150 feet with accuracy. The rating for the first 75 feet is high, while the following 75-feet range is rated little more than average.

Tippmann Cronus is customizable, so you can upgrade its barrel to get more accurate results. In addition, due to its inline bolt system, you will never experience any paintball chopping, even if you play for several hours.

Tactical Marker:

Cronus Tactical, the name of the gun, mentions it as a tactical marker. It is the best Milsim gun for paintball games with tactical abilities. Its semi-automatic shooting gives you high-speed shooting while fixed front and rear sights help make an accurate shot.

An efficient ported barrel helps in low turbulence, while a mock silencer keeps you untraced by opponents. The vertical soft over molded rubber grips give you better handling and avoids gun slip due to sweaty hands. It is the best paintball marker under 200, with a lot better features than an expensive marker.


This is the most adaptable best marker under 200. You can upgrade its back with a more relaxing one. Upgrading its barrel will provide you longer and accurate shots.

The upgraded hopper can store more paintballs and it will enhance the loading speed of your gun. You can add multiple accessories, such as grips, scopes, laser light etcetera to make it a more tactical and real life gun.

Why choose?

If you have seen its shape and design, you will acknowledge that this is the best Milsim paintball gun. Its tactical features, higher accuracy, and durability give it the top position in the best paintball guns for beginners and intermediates. In addition, its vertical grip helps in taking more accurate shots.

It is the best paintball gun for under 200 dollars and gives you a longer range with higher accuracy. Ported barrel helps in lower turbulence, and a mock silencer avoids noise.

2) Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Meg Fed Paintball Gun

Tippmann Stormer Elite Dual Meg Fed Paintball Gun
  • Dual Feed Modular design – Hopper and Mag Fed, different looks
  • Internal Gas line
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails
  • Bottom mounted ASA
  • Single Trigger
  • Offset Feed-port
  • Six positions collapsible
  • Tactical front shroud
  • High-performance In-built bolt design
  • Front and Rear Flip-Up Sights
SpecificationsTested Values
Barrel9.75-inch Length
ThreadTippmann A5, & Tippmann Classic
Bore size0.68
Porting Offset feed-port
MaterialMetal, aluminum
Adjustable Fire Shots250 to 320 fps

Tippmann Stormer Elite is a versatile and affordable paintball gun in today’s market. This model of Tippmann is more superior and the best Mag Fed Paintball Gun than the other models. The High impact, composite construction, and extremely lightweight making it the best paintball gun under 200 dollars.

Picatinny rails, Tactical front shroud, and front and rear flip-up sights make it’s unique and closer to an actual military weapon. Its magazine contains 20 rounds which is very much better in this price range. The inline bolt design, offset feed-port, and internal gas line adds to this marker’s performance.

The 9.75-inch barrel provides you longer and accurate shots via the best budget paintball gun. In addition, the sturdy, elegant, and highly durable features bring out the most realistic-looking gun.

Dual Fed Marker:

This semi-automatic gun has dual-fed options; you can load your hopper or go med fed. Its magazine can fire until 20 rounds without the need for a refill; that’s why it is the best electronic paintball gun. On the other hand, you can use a hopper when you need more firepower for a longer run.

Magazine of the gun gives the best automatic paintball gun look to your gun, enhancing your gaming experience in gameplay. The dual-fed design offers a unique look, and it is easy to switch between mag-fed and hopper when necessary.

Six Position Collapsible:

Stormer Elite is the best paintball gun for beginners available in the market, and its unique features make it popular among paintball players. Its lightweight helps in easy handling with a high-impact composite body; the front shroud makes your gun the best automatic paintball gun. In addition, a six-position collapsible stock gives the weapon a fantastic look.

With the collapsible tech, you can store it safely after using the gun without the stress of damaging it. It is a paintball gun for beginners as well as for tournament-level players.

Composite High-Impact Body:

The composite High-Impact body of the Tippmann Stormer has been built with a strict method. It is the best and cheap paintball gun with the toughness and military gun’s reasonable load. You can play in harsh conditions while holding numerous hits and scrapes on your gun.

Composite material gives you a balance between weight and durability. This cheap Tippmann paintball gun is made to last longer and is small enough to carry easily for longer distances. In addition, the Tippmann paintball gun allows you enough customization options that it can adapt to multiple changes according to your requirements.


The high-class metal used in the construction of this best mag fed paintball gun. And the aluminum-made barrel long barrel helps in long and accurate shots of your paintballs. The internal gas line controls the leakage of the CO2/HPA.

No worries, A5 barrel threads are built-in Stormer elite for user comfort. Single trigger and offset feed-port helps in controlling the noise of the fire. The front and rear flip-up sights and .68 Caliber provide you consistency in your shot.

Why Choose?

Tippmann Stormer elite is a useful paintball gun for beginners which provides 20rounds in magazines and more with hopper. Take a few minutes to change the magazine to the hopper. The construction guarantees the durability and accuracy of the marker.

The composite high-impact body provides you with longer and accurate shots. This military-grade gun has a six-position collapsible technique which you can use in making the gun lighter according to your ease. This customizable gun offers you make many upgrades. Overall it is the top paintball gun under 200.

3) Spyder Victor Best Budget Paintball Gun Marker

Spyder Victor Best Budget Paintball Gun Marker
  • Aluminum Extruded Body
  • High Impact Polymer Trigger Frame
  • Anodized Gloss Finish
  • Pull Pin Top Cocking Delrin Bolt
  • Standard CA Thread Vertical Adapter
  • Striker Plug Deign
  • Micro Ported Barrel
  • Rubber Grip panel and Two Finger Trigger
  • Velocity Adjuster
  • Steel Braided Hose Line
  • CO2 and Compressed adaptable
  • Inline Bottom-line ASA
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Barrel9.5-inch Length
ThreadTippmann Classic, Tippmann A5
Bore size.692 Caliber
Weight2 Pound
Round Capacity1500 individual Rounds
MaterialAluminum, Polymer and stainless steel

If you are new to paintball games, you should not invest in expensive paintball guns. First, you should buy the best budget paintball gun like spyder victor, accessible in handling. The spyder victor is a compact semi-automatic marker that, despite its small size, gives you a powerful performance.

It is an affordable best paintball gun under 200 and providing a real option for people looking for a budget-friendly gun. The aluminum build body makes it a lightweight and durable gun. The matte exterior makes it an attractive choice, while an anodized finish makes it durable.

The corrosion-resistant aluminum helps in longer shots while polymer construction and durable powder-coated receiver offer you the long reliability.  The gun was designed for both High-pressure air and CO2.

With its 20-ounce tank of semi-automatic guns, you can expect to fire 1500 rounds without any problem.

Extremely Handy:

Spyder Victor is the best paintball gun for beginners and intermediate players due to its being incredibly lightweight. The lightweight design is ideal for players who do not want to carry a heavy gun in longer games. In addition, it weighs only two pounds which makes it the lightest option in the market.

The two-finger grip makes it easy to carry and balance the gun, making it the best cheap paintball gun. The compact and durable design makes it an excellent choice for new or less experienced players. Young fighters will also find it very easy to handle. Despite its sleeker build gun, this marker suffers minimal recoil.

Firing Performance:

This paintball gun is popular because of its impressive shooting performance and the best budget paintball gun. Its corrosion-resistant aluminum barrel helps in long-range shots. The marker of a similar price range gives you 800 to 1000 rounds with a full tank.

This spyder victor gun provides you up to 1500 rounds firing performance with a full CO2 tank. The non-slip finish rubber grip gives you the confidence to hold your gun in wet conditions or with sweaty hands. You can also make few velocity adjustments while holding the gun according to your requirements.


A low-budget paintball gun tends to have short operational life. However, spyder victor will be your companion for several years if you take care of it.

Its durable powder-coated receiver and polymer construction offer you long-lasting reliability. Its maintenance is easy, and you need to clean the gun after every game and oil the marker regularly.

Customizable Design:

Its modular design makes it easy for customizing and upgrading. If you upgrade some components of this little fellow, you can have increased consistency and more significant accuracy. You can even increase its operational life by taking care of it properly.

Its aluminum-built body can take many hits without damaging it, which guarantees its durability. Its hopper upgrade will give you even more speedy pinball shots. You can have up to 20 paintballs per second fire rate if you upgrade its loader.

Why Choose?

It is the best budget paintball gun with many features, including a non-slip rubber grip and is exceptionally lightweight to make it quickly operational. Spyder victors are excellent paintball guns for beginners and intermediate players due to their solid and reliable bodies. The 40-feet accuracy is best for practicing the targets of a shorter range. Its 1500 round capacity with a full tank is in this range of paintball guns.

4) Valken Blackhawk Best Cheap Paintball Gun

Valken Blackhawk Best Cheap Paintball Gun
  • Stainless steel Bottom-Line hose
  • Corrosion Resistant aluminum and polymer construction
  • Durable powder-coated receiver
  • Replaceable barrel thread adapter
  • Modular design for upgrading
  • Designed for both High-Pressure Air and CO2
  • Removable Feed-Neck adapter
  • MIL-STD-1913 Accessory rail
  • High-flow aluminum air source adapter
Barrel8-inch removable
ThreadTippmann Classic, Tippmann A5
Bore size0.68 Caliber
Weight7 Pound
Fire Range150-feet plus
MaterialAluminum, Polymer, and stainless steel
PowerCO2 and HPA
VelocityUp to 300 fps

Valken Blackhawk is the best paintball gun under 200, an available option for you in the market. In addition, it’s a customizable gun so that you can make several upgrades to it.

Its corrosion-resistant aluminum and Polymer construction provides you high speed and straight shot. The outer body consists of a said barrel that protects the gun from rust. This best cheap paintball gun contains a replaceable barrel thread adapter that gives you multiple options for upgrading barrels.

Valken Blackhawk, designed for high-pressure Air and CO2 high-flow aluminum air source adapter, provides high-speed shots. Its 150-feet plus shit range is also an upside of this marker.

High Speed:

Valken Blackhawk is a high-speed paintball gun which is a cheap paintball gun. The corrosion-resistant aluminum and unique polymer construction reduce the friction between ball and barrel.

As a result, the speed increases and covers the longer range with a straight and accurate shot. It is an unexpected feature from a gun of this range. In addition, a durable powder-coated receiver increases the reliability of the marker.

Aluminum and Polymer Construction:

Its full Solid Metal Body of aluminum and stainless steel bottom-line hose provides beauty and toughness to the paintball gun. The polymer construction is the best paintball gun for beginners and intermediates. The solid metal covers the whole gun and protects against rust.

Stainless steel improves the look and adds to the gun’s durability; we can say that stainless steel has its charms. The aluminum and Polymer construction are good enough that they cannot break easily.

Sources of Power:

The design of this gun is compatible with both CO2 and High-Pressure Air (HPA). CO2 in hoppers is an old design of paintball gun that works efficiently in the summer season. However, while in the winter season, CO2 faces freezing problems.

That’s why HPA took place and overcome the incompetency of CO2. High-pressure air is best in all seasons. This dual compatibility was previously available inexpensive paintball guns.

Modular Design:

The marker’s modular design allows it to make several changes and unique upgrades. Especially the barrel, hopper, and trigger upgrades are most common for this gun. You can use up to 3-feet long barrel for this gun, and it will not negatively affect its performance.

It is easy to aim for an accurate shot from a longer barrel, and it does not compromise on consistency. These upgrades will enhance the accuracy and consistency of your gun.

Why Choose?

This is the best cheap paintball gun with several features of expensive guns. The high flow aluminum adapter, durable stainless steel, solid metal body, and CO2/HPA adaptability make it the best paintball marker under 200. The high speed and straight shot add cheery to the cake. It is highly customizable with the help of the MIL-STD-1913 accessory rail.

5) Tippmann Cronus Paintball Guns for Beginners

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Guns for Beginners
  • Inline Bolt design
  • High impact composite body
  • Internal gas line for leakage control
  • Multiple Picatinny rails
  • High performance ported barrel
  • Front and rear fixed sight
  • Vertical grip
SpecificationsTested Values
Barrel9.5-inch Length
ThreadTippmann Classic, Tippmann A5
Bore size.692 Caliber
Weight6 Pound
ColorsOlive Green, Black – Tan, Black
MaterialAluminum and metal
RangeShoot to 150 feet accurately
Power sourceCO2

Tippmann Cronus’s paintball marker is very similar to Tippmann Cronus’s tactical in various ways. It is an incredibly durable and the best paintball gun for beginners. This is a lightweight option with a vertical grip for easy handling. In addition, the Cronus features an inline bolt system to minimize gas leakage in a high-impact composite body.

It is the best paintball gun under 200 with soft over molded rubber grips, making handling it in wet weather easy. It is a customizable able gun with the help of multiple Picatinny rails. You can make a bundle of changes increase the accuracy and consistency of this paintball marker.

Its performance is so much better for the gun of this range. This gun does not cost you much, and consumers claim it is the best and cheapest Tippmann paintball gun they could ever have.

Ergonomic Design:

The Tippmann Cronus is a cheap Tippmann paintball gun with an ergonomic design. It will be extremely comfortable when you hold this gun in your hands and while operating the marker. These ergonomic paintball guns for beginners are handy. Unlike other bulky and heavy paintball guns, their lighter weight helps carry them for a long time.

Moreover, you can adjust the stock and grip size of the marker according to your ease. The user-friendly design of the gun can withstand rugged use without damaging it. Tippmann Cronus is the best Milsim paintball gun and is considered the top paintball gun under 200.

It gives you the feel of a real-life soldier in the price range of a cheap Tippmann paintball gun. This model of Tippmann gun resembles an MP3 rifle which makes your gaming experience more exciting.

Superior Shooting Quality:

Tippmann Cronus has the best shooting quality; its accuracy and consistency are highly rated on amazon. It can target at 150 feet with ultimate precision, which is best than any other gun in this range.

In addition, the high-performance ported barrel helps maintain consistency and keep the noise as low as possible. You can increase the accuracy and consistency by upgrading its barrel and hopper.

 Fixed Sights and Grips:

Front and rear fixed sights help taking target aim, so you never miss your shot in gameplay. The vertical grips allow you to handle the turbulence during your fire at your target.

This grip never lets you lose your control on the best paintball guns of all time. These features make it a top paintball gun under 200 and a cheap Tippmann paintball gun.

Highly Modifiable Marker:

Tippmann Cronus marker is the most highly adaptable best paintball marker under 200. You can upgrade its barrel in multiple ways, and you can also make it a snipper. Finally, you can add the latest hoppers grips and whatnot.

With the help of four Picatinny rails, you can add scopes, laser lights, and more accessories as you like.

Why Choose This?

The Tippmann Cronus has an ergonomic design, which makes it a user-friendly marker. The lightweight and superior shoot quality and consistency are making Cronus the best paintball gun of all time. In addition, the resemblance to the MP3 rifle gives it a real-life look which increases your excitement.

The Extremely customizable features can make this gun new again after the use of several months or years. In addition, this semi-atomic gun gives competition to the best automatic paintball guns.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Paintball Marker under 200

If you search to grab the best paintball gun under 200 dollars, be ready to face massive pressure. The market is full of cheap paintball markers, and you will face many hardships finding the best budget pinball gun. If you are a beginner or intermediate, you should be aware of every kith and kin of the paintball gun before purchasing.

You have to keep small things in mind to buy the best paintball guns. Without the necessary information, there is a high chance you will regret your purchasing decision. So, here we are presenting a guide to buying the best budget paintball gun for beginners and intermediates.

First of all, most people ask how much do paintball guns cost? The best paintball guns start from at least 100 dollars can go as far as their quality and your budget.

Types of Paintball Guns

  • Pump
  • Mechanical
  • Electric


The earliest paintballs markers featured a “stock class pump” design; they required manual priming of the gun before firing the ball. These markers work similarly to a bolt-action rifle. You need to pump stock after each fire to charge the bolt.

The repeated action slowdowns the rate of fire. New pump-action markers are “open class,” pro players like them because they love challenging their gameplay.

Mechanical Paintball Guns:

These markers are popular among paintball players due to their reliability and durability. There are no electric components in these paintball guns; it’s easy to maintain. Also, the rate of machine guns is way low than electronic guns.

Electronic Paintball Guns:

The most modern markers are known as electronic paintball guns. This marker operates with a rechargeable battery pack or a 9-volt battery. They provide high fire rates with 30 rounds per second. These paintball guns work best with electronic hoppers, so we suggest you use them.

Essential Features of Paintball Guns


The barrels of your guns make a difference in the accuracy and consistency of your shots. It would help if you chose barrels which you can handle easily. After that, you must select the paintballs that are right for your barrels. The reason for the inaccuracy is the wrong size paintballs.

You must choose both of these things very carefully before going to a paintball match.

Consider your Gameplay:

Consider the best budget paintball guns if you play few times in a year. If you do not play paintball regularly, you don’t have to invest in expensive equipment. However, if you are looking to play regularly, the best paintball marker for under 200 dollars is available on the market.


You must choose a marker with a lightweight design to carry properly during your gameplay. We recommend your weight must be between 4 to the 5-pound maximum. The heavy markers can affect your game because they are bulky and difficult to carry in longer games.


If you spend a fortune on your paintball gun, the gun should come with a warranty against defects. Many companies like Tippmann offers a 90-days warranty on their various paintball products.


Most people prefer paintball guns because of their real-life, tactical look. However, it would be best to make sure that these guns are comfortable while carrying them in a paintball match.

Types of Gases Used in Paintball Gun

There are mainly two types of gases used in a paintball gun.

  • CO2
  • HPA


In the late 90s and early 2000s, the primary source of propulsion of paintball guns was CO2 gas. This gas provides compelling shots in the summer season, but the weapon may face challenges in the winter season. In addition, the lack of reliability affects the players’ game, so later, HPA gas was introduced to overcome the issues.

However, many players and manufacturers still prefer CO2 due to its availability and low price.


When CO2 failed to resolve the cold weather problems, paintball gun manufacturers introduced high-pressure air (HPA). Compressed air is a consistent gas that does not change the accuracy or velocity of the shots in different temperatures. This gas provides the most consistent performance in paintball guns.

Upgrades in Paintball Guns

After few months of using a paintball gun, players usually want to upgrade their markers. In addition, players like to upgrade their guns with the latest mods available in the market. Therefore, you must choose a gun that allows you to make several upgrades.

Some standard upgrades for markers are as follows:

  • Barrel
  • Muzzle
  • Front Handle Grips
  • Optics and scopes
  • Slings
  • Trigger
  • Expansion chamber
  • Electro Hoppers

Benefits of Automatic Paintball Gun Under 200

Finding the best paintball guns under 200 is tricky, and if you do, there will many benefits. We have listed the five best paintball markers under 200 in this article.

Today, famous manufacturers are introducing various paintball guns due to the competitive market. There are many benefits of these best paintball guns, which are:

  • These guns would be accurate.
  • Noiseless performance / Mock silencer
  • These guns are Ergonomic
  • Best for beginners and intermediate players
  • Improved consistency
  • Lightweight for long run matches
  • Tough material for durability
  • Advance Porting to reduce sound and turbulence
  • Higher speed because of smooth interior finish
  • Efficient trigger frame
  • Dual Fed: Mag fed and Hopper
  • Two power sources: CO2 and High-Pressure Gas


We have described the five top-notch best paintball guns under 200 with their specs and features. The reviews of this product are based on Amazon ratings and customer reviews. It will help you in making your purchase of the best cheap paintball gun.

In conclusion, we are suggesting Tippmann Cronus Tactical Milsim Paintball Marker Gun. This is a lightweight gun and has vertical grips, which will help you in easy handling. It is easily modifiable; you can upgrade as you need. Its high composite body and Milsim look to make it durable and accurate. This is the best marker under 200 in the market so far. Rest is up to you because you know your needs better than anyone else.

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