5 Best Electronic Paintball Gun Review | E-Trigger Grip Marker

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There is a huge variety and styles of paintball guns in the market. An electronic paintball gun adds more comfort and desired maneuverability into usage. Most of the brands have been serving with the best electronic paintball guns to serve the needs of massive users. However, things become more challenging when you have a wide range of options while selecting the top electronic paintball markers.

To tackle your queries and fulfill your prerequisites, we have catered this review to good beginner electronic paintball guns along with their breathtaking features and specs. You can take a read of complete details before investing your bucks in a firearm. A buying guide designed to leverage you with the fundamental facts while buying the best electronic paintball gun under 200. So, no more delay, begin the review and garb your paintball gameplay partner.

Table of Content:

  1. Tippmann Stryker XR1 Paintball Marker – Black
  2. Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker
  3. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Paintball Gun
  4. Dye Rize CZR Paintball Marker
  5. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

Top Electronic Paintball Markers

Picking up the right option that puts forth playing tactics and fulfills your winning spirit is a little bit time-consuming thing. So we have made it a sneak peek for you by giving you the five best electronic paintball guns with their dominating features. Here they are:

5 Best Electric Paintball Gun Review 2021

1)Tippmann Stryker XR1 Cheap Electronic Paintball Guns

Tippmann Stryker XR1 Paintball Marker
  • Electro-pneumatic marker
  • Spool Valve design
  • Requires low pressure for firing
  • Offers four firing modes (Semi, Burst, Ramping, Full Auto)
  • Anti-Chop Break Beam
  • Eye System support
  • Maximum adjustment with telescoping shoulder stock
Dimensions20 x 14.4 x 3.4 Inch
Rails4 Picatinny rails
BarrelPorted with Shroud
Firing Mode4 firing modes
Batteries 9V – 1 Battery Required

Stryker XR1 is completely Electro-Pneumatic design, making this gun a noiseless and smoother shooting spool-valve Tippmann gun. Tippmann produces cheap electronic paintball guns with abundant features. This electronic paintball marker has four different firing modes; semi-auto, roaming, burst and full-auto gun mode.

It is a tournament-level woodsball paintball gun that is very easy to maintain; it offers you easy access to a firing engine. Therefore, it helps you to keep your gun in good shape. All of the Stryker is auto-cocker threaded; that’s why they accommodate many barrels available in the market.

However, the best thing about this marker is its customized design. You can add multiple gadgets from scope to flashlights to Picatinny rails, and lasers are easy to install. In addition, the Tippmann Stryker is reengineered to improve the performance for 2021.

Full Electro-Pneumatic Marker:

It is a good beginner electronic paintball gun that is fully electro-pneumatic. It uses compressed air like a machine gun, but the firing actuation comes from the solenoid in the electro-pneumatic gun. A solenoid is an electro-pneumatic actuator.

The firing mechanism in Stryker XR1 depends on the solenoid, allowing the HPA or CO2 to push the trigger. As a result, the electro-pneumatic gun is faster after the trigger is pushed, which generates an electric pulse to open the chamber valve; it can fire up to 20 rounds per second.

The electric circuit board is behind its fast speed because no man can pull the trigger faster than an electronic mechanism.

Multiple Firing Modes:

Tippmann Stryker is a cheap electronic paintball gun than other electronic paintball guns of its caliber. However, its four different firing modes give the gun a special place in the electronic paintball market. The four firing modes are semi-auto, roaming, burst and full-auto gun mode.

These electronic paintball markers are tournament legal as they need an Allen key to change their setting. Unfortunately, these guns are completely secure but fire at a high-speed rate; that’s why some entry-level tournaments have banned them.

Customizable Design:

Tippmann always goes a step ahead to provide their user with a perfect upgradable paintball gun. This paintball gun’s customizable design accepts all the aftermarket accessories. In addition, top electronic paintball markers’ auto-cocker design allows you to upgrade its barrel with almost all the barrels available in the market.

The adjustable telescoping shoulder stock offers you to adjust it according to your ease, and you can make changes afterwards within a few seconds. Moreover, it contains top Picatinny rails for additional accessories, such as scopes, lasers, flashlights and other small essential gadgets.

In addition, Stryker’s barrel comes with an in-built shroud, which gives it a more tactical look.

Ported Barrel and Easy Maintenance:

The ported aluminum barrel in this electronic marker is very effective. This gun reduces the sound and turbulence effects, giving you an accurate, more extended shot. In addition, the aluminum-made barrel can take a rough use without getting damaged.

Stryker XR1 does not come with a hopper; you can add an electronic paintball hopper compatible with this gun for better feeding. Moreover, you can have better and easy access to the firing engine for maintenance. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, so there will not be much problem cleaning it once in a while.

Anti-Chop Paintball System:

It was a very unpleasant event in a paintball game when you got face-to-face with your opponent, and your paintball got burst ion your gun. This gun comes with an anti-chop break beam eye system which reduces the break of paintball inside the weapon.

Moreover, a durable stainless steel bottom hose adds to the style of paintball gun and gives it more strength. It minimizes the missing of paintballs and gives you maximum firing shots.

Why to Choose?

There are various reasons to choose this cheap, customized and multiple firing mode guns. It is a tournament-level electronic paintball marker that gives you the fastest speed of 20 rounds per second. The anti-chop paintball system reduces the miss shots. The ported shrouded barrel offers you a noiseless target shot with tactical looks.

2)Tippmann A5 Electronic Paintball Marker

  • Cyclone feed system
  • Maximum firing speed 15 balls per second
  • Function without batteries
  • Equip with field stripped
  • 60 seconds assembling without tools
  • Former & more extended front grip
  • Convenient removal of push pins
SpecificationsTested Values
Compressed AirCO2
Barrel8.5 Inch
Range150-feet Effective
WarrantyLimited two-year manufacturer

Tippmann A5 is one of the top electronic paintball markers available in the market. This marker design delivers the fastest speed, and its aluminum body can withstand many hits without damage. Its in-line bolt system controls the gas leakage, and an 8.5-inch high-performance barrel offers you a long and accurate shot. In addition, it is easily upgradable from three positions for being an e grip paintball gun.

This perfect paintball marker is easy to assemble and disassemble, so no worries about cleaning it. A5 is a customizable marker; you can upgrade it with several aftermarket accessories. In addition, its five different firing modes provide you with the best shooting abilities.

Five Firing Modes:

This e grip paintball gun offers you five firing modes which is a unique feature. In addition, the best electronic paintball gun allows you to switch firing modes with a selector switch on the fly of the marker. An electronic gun with a selector switch makes it a high-performance paintball marker.

The semi-automatic mode fires one shot for each trigger pull on the other, and auto-responsive fires one shot for each trigger pull and release. Thus, you can activate the full auto mode if you pull the trigger three times in a row. Likewise, 3 shot ramping is activated by pulling the trigger at least five times per second.

The fifth mode of firing is turbo mode; you can activate it if you fire each shot in less than ¼ of a second.

Cyclone Feed System:

This electronic paintball marker comes with a cyclone feed system that is air-powered by the electronic paintball hopper. The cyclone feed system connects the feeder to the air system. That enhances the gun’s activity; the faster you shoot, the faster it feeds.

This cyclone feed system allows you to up to 15 paintballs in one second if you can pull the trigger 15 times per second. The gun provides faster shooting than any other gun of this range. The cyclone feed system does not use batteries but uses an air mechanism.

The top electronic paintball marker uses the air efficiently and provides you faster shooting with even more consistency.

Ported Barrel:

It is a good beginner electronic paintball gun due to its ported barrel. The 8.5-inch high-profile ported barrel helps you to manage the marker without any problem. The ports around the barrel expel extra air and give you a sturdy, noiseless and accurate shot.

The extra air in the barrel causes turbulence, and this gun doesn’t have to face turbulence. That’s why it is the best electronic gun for beginners. Besides the ports, its lighter receiver design reduces the marker’s weight and offers easy handling.

The ergonomic design of this best budget electronic paintball gun makes you fall in love with the bit of master piece.


Tippmann A5 electronic paintball gun is highly customized; you can make the changes according to your need. But if you are a beginner or intermediate level player, this will do the work quite well. However, we recommend that you use the in-built parts for quite some time before upgrading this little masterpiece.

You can strip and reassemble this gun in almost 60 seconds; this is the time you need to upgrade your gun. You can upgrade the barrel, Hooper, E grip, trigger system and much more of top electronic paintball markers. You can also add lasers, scopes and other small gears to the gun to make it more tactical.

Why to Choose?

Tippmann A5 is the most affordable best budget electronic paintball gun available in the market. It offers you five different firing modes and a cyclone feeding system that increases the firing speed and consistency. In addition, the ported barrel assures less turbulence and a precise target shot.

Being an e trigger paintball gun, its adaptability to new market accessories makes it one of the most suitable guns for beginners and intermediates and professionals.

3)Tippmann Cronus Tactical Electronic Paintball Gun Under 200

Tippmann cronus tactical paintball marker gun
  • Render high performance
  • Milsim body for durability
  • In-line bolt system
  • High-impact composite body design
  • Soft over-moulded rubber grips
  • Four Picatinny rails
  • Offers fixed front and rear sights
  • Modification support with accessories assortment
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Colors SchemeBlack and Tan
DesignIn-line bolt
Gas LineInternal
BodyHigh Impact Composite
Rails4 Picatinny rails
Dimensions17 x 13.2 x 3.6 inch
CompatibleWith 98 Stocks

Tippmann Cronus offers you tactical advantages in your paintball battlefield while being the best electronic paintball gun under 200. Yes, it is the most affordable electronic paintball gun available in the market. Cronus tactical is an upgraded version of Cronus basic, which is the most selling model of the Tippmann brand.

The durable material used in Cronus tactical makes it robust. The front handle of this electronic gun improves the control and accuracy of the target. An ergonomic design offers you easy handling and keeps your grip on the gun.

You can upgrade its triggers to electronic paintball triggers to make it faster and increase its consistency. The adjustable stock allows you to customize it, and a high-impact composite body ensures durability. Military-style tactical body looks and 4 Picatinny rails will enable you to make multiple upgrades and additional gears.

Tactical Paintball Gun:

This electronic tactical paintball gun will help you on the battlefield like no other paintball gun. Its military-grade look leaves an impression on the opponent team while it’s front and rear sight offer you the sight of your target. The accurate and precise shooting of this electronic paintball gun is unmatched.

The high-impact composite body guarantees the durability of your gun. It can take a lot of hits without getting damage. Its soft over-moulded grips provide you with a firm grip on your best electronic paintball gun. Its three primary modes, adjustable stock, mock silencer, and carry handle, give it a more military and tactical look.

Semi-automatic operation:

It’s a semi-automatic electronic gun that is very effective in the shooting. It gives you high-speed shooting, which will kill the opponent in no time. But you can go automatic with a slight change of trigger set for more speed.

You can upgrade to an electronic trigger set and get a higher shooting rate. With the easy installation of the trigger, you can easily switch between firing modes from semi-automatic to fully automatic as well as 3-round.

 With this e trigger paintball gun, you’re shooting capacity increases like none another paintball gun. It is one of the cheap electronic paintball guns in the market, so it will not cost much in making it an automatic gun. You can use the marker with a semi-automatic operation until you don’t feel the need to upgrade it.

Dual Power System:

Tippmann Cronus comes with a dual power system; it is compatible with CO2 and HPA equally. This feature provides you with the flexibility to choose between your power sources. You can select either depends upon your location and weather. But, of course, the HPA will be a better source of power for your electronic paintball gun.

The feasibility of chaining the power source makes it a good beginner electronic paintball gun. Besides the dual power system, its inline bolt system prevents gas leakage on the battlefield. So you can play for several hours without the tension of running out of gas.

The dual power system and inline bolt system both are best for beginners and intermediate-level players. You can buy this tremendous featured best electronic paintball gun for under 200$.

Ergonomic Design:

The ergonomic design of Tippmann Cronus will help you in controlling it without any problem. Its front handle will help you reduce the turbulence and give you a precise and accurate shot from a distance. In addition, you will feel comfortable while holding the over-molded grips of the gun.

It is the one of the cheap electronic paintball guns with the additional mock silencer, which will reduce its fire noise. The military-grade weapon has Milsim looks and a robust body. It guarantees durability even if you drop the gun several times on the ground.

Why to Choose?

The best budget electronic paintball gun’s ergonomic design provides you comfort while holding or using it. The dual power system supports both CO2 and High-pressure Air while the inline bolt avoids gas leakage. In addition, the tactical design provides you lightweight and durable.

This gun is highly customizable; you can add lasers, scopes and rears on the 4 Picatinny rails.

4) DYE Rize CZR Marker – Good Beginner Electronic Paintball Gun

Tippmann cronus tactical paintball marker gun
  • True Core two-piece barrel
  • Maximum precision
  • Hyper3 regulator
  • Ultra-lite-on/off Airport
  • Lever locks adjustable clamping feed neck
  • Desired firepower
  • Internal Anti-Chop eyes
  • 4th generation Eye Pipe for self-cleaning
  • Colour-coded O-Rings
  • Rize & Rize MaXXed
  • Nylon made feed neck
  • RAMP solenoid boast
  • 1-year warranty
Caliber Marker0.68
TriggerMultiple Modes
Barrel Length14-Inch
SolenoidDye Ramp
True Bore2-Piece Barrel

Dye Rize CZR electronic paintball marker is a high-performance gun which is used professionally in tournaments. It is considered a good beginner electronic paintball gun that is available at an exceptionally budget-friendly rate. In addition, it features an anti-chop break beam eye device, which is paired to an integral LED circuit board. This function bypasses its competitors in the market of paintballs guns.

This best budget electronic paintball gun has four different firing modes, with an adjustable firing speed. It helps in adjusting the model according to your paintball gaming style. This marker is appropriate for paintball tournaments.

The improved Fusion bolt kit runs at lower PSI which results in slicker and noiseless functioning. In addition, the proven Hyper 3 reg, lever lock adjustment and newly designed ramp solenoid make it a perfect choice from beginner to pro-level players.

Improved Fusion Bolt:

The fusion bolt of Rize CZR is most impressive for this model of DYE. Electric paintball gun review from Amazon and customer ratings show that the fusion bolt of this marker works in a very smooth way. Electronic paintball pushes every paintball consistently, which reduces the chances of missed balls. Moreover, it also provides consistent velocity.

This improvised feature decreases the air inside the gun with each shot. With less air, the recoil is hardly noticeable. Moreover, this technology comes with a spool value system; the complete system provides an easy marker mechanism.

Tournament Firing Modes:

Rize CZR has four different firing modes; that’s why it best electronic paintball gun 2021. Not all electronic paintball markers equipped for tournaments. These four firing modes will help you in choosing your best strategy during tournaments or your destination games.

These firing modes can easily change during the match with a switch on the LED circuit board. Furthermore, the firing mode also has the feature of adjustable firing rate, which can hence your chosen firing mode. Thus, this gun gives you enough flexibility to experiment with this gun and invent your way of firing.

If there is no problem with the budget, then it is a good beginner electronic paintball gun.

True Bore Two-Piece Barrel:

DYE never leaves its user in stress or tension that why this gun comes with the two-piece barrel. It is much easier to install and detach whenever you want, clean your marker, or change the barrel. This true bore barrel is a full-length 14-inch barrel that provides longer and noise-less shots.

Unlike other stock barrels, it is a very durable barrel and offers you a precise shot. It is durable, accurate, long and accurate enough that you do not need to replace it.

Besides the barrel, its aluminum-made trigger allows you to fire paintballs quickly. The inbuilt trigger of this gun is very soft; if it’s not according to your preferences, you can change it according to your requirement. You can add an electronic paintball hopper for better feeding speeds.

Break Beam Eye System:

If you are stressed due to paintball break right before you shoot it out, then you are not alone. DYE manufacturers were also worried about it; that’s why they have made sure that their anti-chop break beam eye system reduces the number of chopped paintballs. It is a big step in the paintball game world, if you even use a low-quality paintball.

There are meagre chances that your ball will blow in your gun. This anti-chop break beam eye system makes it a good beginner electronic paintball gun.

Why to Choose?

Due to improved fusion, bolt recoil is hardly noticeable, and the anti-chop paintball system helps in reducing the paintball blow in your gun. A true two-piece bore is long enough to take an accurate shot from a long distance. The tournament firing mode is one of the perfect features of this gun,

You can adjust the firing according to your requirement. It is a cheap tournament-level paintball gun that is highly functional and has wonderful features in it.

5) Empire Axe 2.0 Best E Trigger Paintball Gun

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun
  • Reliable functioning
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine
  • Break-beam anti-chop laser eyes
  • Shockwave board
  • Four firing modes such as Semi, Ramp, Burst, Full Auto
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Low pressure working
  • ASA regulator with On/O lever
  • Micro-texture for non-slip protection
  • OLED Redline board
  • Tool-less engine maintenance
  • Driver XX two-piece barrel
SpecificationsTested Values
Firing Modes4 upgraded modes
Barrel12 Stock
Feed-neckThreaded Clamping
Firing Speed290 FPS
RegulatorOn/Off ASA
Trigger SensorMicro Switch

Empire axe 2.0 is always the best electronic paintball gun option for you. Weighs only 2 pound and 13 ounces without hopper, is a lightweight and sleek. It is a reliable electro-pneumatic paintball marker that comes with multiple firing modes.

The fine-finished gun is well precise in target shots, and it’s exact as well. Moreover, the anti-chop tech ensures that the paintball balls do not chop within the gun. In addition, the soft bolt helps in the fragile shoot while electronic eyes help in prevent chopping.

The two-piece barrel is perfect for long accurate shots, while a wrap-around grip with micro textures gives you a firm hold of the gun.

Unique Firing Modes:

Most electronic guns have one or two firing modes, but Empire offers you the unique multiple firing modes. That makes it a top electronic paintball marker. You can choose between PSP Ramping, Millennium Ramping, Semi-Automatic and the NXL.

These four multiple firing modes are essential for tournament-level matches; you can also use them in your woods game and yards. This Empire is well enclosed, which protects it from the effects of the weather, which is known to affect other electronic guns.

The electronic paintball hopper will also hence it’s shooting capacity with ultimate speed-loading.

Ergonomic Design:

This marker is a new generation paintball gun with an ergonomic design to hold your hand comfortably. The unique design and extended grip allow you to fire comfortably from different positions all day. In addition, its push-button removal system offers you to clean and maintain the gun quickly.

It has an internal gas line, that’s why you don’t have to worry about crossing wires when witching hands. In addition, this electronic paintball gun 2021 regulates with an on/off switch which makes tank removal very stress-free.

Durability and Consistency:

Empire Axe guarantees the high standard robust body parts; you do not need to worry about damaging the integrity of your paintball marker. In addition, the aluminum gun has been manufactured to take a lot of lots of hits without damaging itself—no rust as well as minimum scratches and scuffs, which keeps your gun new and maintained.

The components of this best electronic paintball gun for intensive play; you can rely on them. They consist of metal or high-grade plastic, which assures the durability and lightweight of the marker. This paintball gun 2021 will help you in moving and targeting your opponent quickly.

Performance Capability:

Empire Gun has a standard operating pressure of about 200 PSI. While using it, you will find out that the operating pressure of this gun is a little less. The working pressure of the gun should never fell under 190 PSI. If the PSI falls below 190, you should contact the manufacturer or consultant to repair your model.

You can increase the loading and firing rate with an electronic paintball hopper. The maximum firing capacity of this gun is 290 FPS. So don’t worry about the gun’s consistency. It’s great.

You can easily maintain or repair this paintball gun with a maintenance kit included in the box, along with the marker. So you don’t have to stress about buying a separate tool kit for cleaning and maintaining your gun. In addition, the anti-chop break beam laser-eye system will minimize the chopping inside the marker.

Why to Choose?

It is one of the most reliable electronic paintball guns in the market. If you are not worried about budget, this is a perfect tournament-level paintball gun. Higher accuracy and the consistent shot will help you in winning paintball matches.

It is easy to hold with its ergonomic design, and the internal gas line saves your time and energy. In addition, the micro-textured grip provides you firm hold of the gun.

Buyer’s Guide for Top Electronic Paintball Markers

Are you thinking about upgrading your paintball gun to an advanced model advance model? If yes, then you should seriously consider spending money on the best electronic paintball gun. In the past, when electronic paintball guns were costly, only a few wealthier players could own them.

However, today, the most prominent manufacturers of standard paintball guns are now making electronic paintball guns that affect the broader market. Moreover, now electronic paintball guns are available at reasonable prices. But still, selecting a gun from infinite options is very tricky.

No worries anymore; dive in and read this guide for the best electronic paintball markers to select a perfect gun for your game.

Electronic Paintball Guns:

9-volt batteries power the electronic paintball guns. Unlike standard paintball guns, electronic guns use an electronic coil to fire. In addition, mechanical guns use bulky triggers; on the other hand, electronic paintball guns include a trigger that activates the micro-switch.

Paintball electronic trigger works as a button and offers you an incredible fire rate. In addition, the circuit board’s electronic paintball guns give you complete control over commands sent to the coil. The majority of these guns provide you wide range of modes, including semi and full-automatic firing.

Ramping and Burst trigger modes are more common in these guns.

Types of Electronic Paintball Markers:

There are three main types of best electronic paintball markers available in the market. Each of them has its distinctive advantages; those types are as follows:

  • Spool Valve Electronic Paintball Guns
  • Electronic Sear Trippers
  • Pneumatic poppet Valve Guns

Spool Valve Electronic Paintball Guns:

The spool valve electronic paintball guns are prevalent among paintball players. These little beasts offer you a variety of advantages. First, they produce tiny coil, which you will hardly notice.

These guns require minimum maintenance; therefore, they are good beginner electronic paintball guns. But they consume little more gas than other electronic paintball markers; that’s why you need to carry an additional tank in a game.

Electronic Sear Trippers:

Electronic sear trippers are very similar to mechanical guns. The main difference between them is they use an electric coil for a sear catch. They offer you a wide range of firing modes as well as an excellent firing rate.

 Electronic sear trippers are the best budget electronic paintball guns and are user-friendly as well. It gives you the electronic paintball gun benefits and experience, but their design is closer to mechanical guns. As a result, the sear tripper is worthy of your investment.

Pneumatic Poppet Valve Guns

Pneumatic, electronic paintball guns are very consistent and deliver a remarkable firing rate. In addition, these markers use gas very efficiently; you can fire a vast number of shots per gas tank. Therefore, if you need consistency and efficiency, these guns are the best available option in the market.

Factors to Look for Paintball Electronic Trigger:

There are several factors you should consider while investing a considerable amount of money in electronic paintball guns. These factors are as follows:

  • Length of Stock Barrel
  • Ammo Feeder
  • Durability
  • Lightweight
  • Cost

Length of a Barrel:

The long length of the stock barrel improves the control and consistency of your shot. If you as, we recommend you to purchase a paintball gun with at least an 8.5-inch stock barrel. But certainly, now there are electronic paintball guns available that have 12-inch and 14-inch stock barrels.

Hopper or Ammo Feeder:

These guns are usually e trigger paintball guns; the part that feeds the paintballs into the gun is a gravity-based hopper or electronic paintball hopper. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

You will mostly get a compatible hopper with your gun, but if you want a customized hopper, you can quickly get an alternative from the market. The quality of the hopper directly affects the fire rate.


If you plan to carry your paintball gun for several hours, you will need a lightweight paintball gun to be comfortable in your game. The bulky and heavyweight markers will affect your playing efficiency. Also, you cannot move quickly with a heavy object, so maybe you got hit because of your heavy gun.


When you are in the game, you have to run, crawl, dive and jump; all these activities can put your gun in danger of getting damaged. That is why you should look for a paintball gun that is robust and durable build, which can take knocks and hits without putting your gun’s integrity at risk.


The electronic paintball guns are pretty high in price. But if you are on a tight budget, you can get the best electronic paintball gun for under 200$. On the other hand, you can expect to pay more than 500$ for advanced guns at the other end of the spectrum. 

But if you get lucky, you can get the best budget electronic paintball gun with the latest features at a very minimal rate.

Benefits of Electronic Paintball Guns 2021

There are multiple benefits of the best electronic paintball gun; we mention them in bullets for the reader’s convenience. These benefits include:

  • Incredible speed of Fire
  • Increased fire rate
  • Lightweight of easy movability in-game
  • Consistent
  • Accurate and precise target shots
  • Noiseless fire to maintain anonymity
  • Minimum Blowback
  • Light trigger pull
  • Increased shots per gas tank


If you ask for our recommendation, then we will suggest Tippmann Stryker XR1 Cheap Electronic Paintball Guns. An electro-pneumatic design that is quieter and smoother is a cheap price paintball gun with multiple firing modes.
It is a tournament-level electronic gun at a budget-friendly price. This is an auto-cocker gun that accepts multiple barrels. Rest is up to you because you know your needs better than anyone else.

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