3 Best Barrel for Tippmann A5 Review – Custom Kit Upgrades

Last updated on February 6th, 2023 at 12:43 pm

Tippmann A5 is a durable gun, and due to its wide range of upgrades, people love to have it. So, these days everyone is upgrading the barrels and hopper of their Tippmann A5. However, a real journey begins if you feel the need because finding the best barrel to upgrade your marker is tricky. There is an infinite number of barrels available in the market, and investing your money in the wrong one is a nightmare. So, we are here to help; we have selected three top-notch barrels for you in this guide. 

As mentioned above, there is an infinite number of barrels, but you need the best to enhance Tippmann A5 for better gaming. You require ideal length, higher accuracy, maximum range, and lighter weight. On top of these features, you need durability, stability, and robust construction. Considering all your needs, we have to dig up the elements and specs of three top-rated/best barrel for Tippmann A5. Note: You specifically do not need a Tippmann A5 barrel kit; the barrels can do just fine.

Table of Content:

  1. Trinity Tippmann A5 16” Woodsball Barrel Upgrades
  2. Tippmann Sniper Barrel
  3. J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic Barrel – Tippmann A-5

Barrel for Best Tippmann A5 Upgrade

Before making a purchase, you should know every detail about your gun and its compatibility. Besides, a fair deal needs all the facts checked about the barrels before investing a single penny. Many people think and ask, does barrel length increases the accuracy of custom Tippman A 5? Are flatline barrels more beneficial? Do different barrels have different shooting rage? In some cases, people buy the wrong or unworthy barrel and later regret their decision. 

To avoid that, make a wise decision and read all the specs and features we have gathered for you in this review. Then, you can use these facts to grab the best barrel for Tippmann A5 upgrade.

1) Trinity Tippmann A5 16” Woodsball Barrel Upgrades

Trinity Tippmann A5 16” Woodsball Barrel Upgrades
  • Micro polish honing
  • Accepts both Regular paintballs and Strike Rounds
  • Aggressive look
  • Aluminum Construction
  • VORTEX Style porting
  • Noiseless performance
  • Glass smooth Finish Inside
CompatibilityTippman A5 and Tippman Cronus
Weight125-gram approximate
PortingVortex Style porting

Trinity is a name of trust in the paintball industry because they are making and supplying since 2004. Since then, it is a reputed company for making the best barrel for Tippmann A5.

The barrel provides super accuracy, lightweight aluminum construction, and durability for your Tippmann A5. It runs smoothly for both regular paintballs and first strike rounds which is incredible and rare. Its superior performance, with aggressive tactical design, adds a cherry on the cake.

Its micro-honing ensures the most accurate shot on the target. It also contains VORTEX style porting to improve performance and gives a player a noiseless fire. To know about these features in detail, have a look at an explanation of these features.

Higher Accuracy:

Most of the Tippmann A5 owners prefer this barrel because of its higher accuracy rate. Trinity has introduced gun-drilled barrels, which combine with conventional rifles to enhance ball rotation for unmatched accuracy. Tippmann A5 and this barrel is a perfect combination on the battlefield and provides you with a hell of gameplay.

Besides, its Micro-polish honing guarantees a more accurate performance to hit your target with one ball. These features will provide you with an authentic and thrilling experience in your game.

VORTEX Style Porting: 

In a layman’s language, porting helps in two things, it makes the gun quieter and improves accuracy. But in this case, the barrel is designed with vortex style porting, which helps remove used air from the barrel. Eliminating the access air from the tip of the barrel helps in reducing the loud sound.

Vortex style porting also helps in increasing the Tippmann A5’s accuracy. The porting eliminates the extra air from the ball, which reduces the turbulence when the ball leaves the barrel. Ultimately, less turbulence provides more accuracy.

Upgrading your Tippmann A5 with this barrel will provide you with better accuracy with noiseless functioning. Considering this feature, we can say that this is the suitable Tippmann A5 tactical. 


It is the best Tippmann a 5 flatline barrel due to its lighter weight and easy management. This efficient and tactical designed barrel weighs only 125-gram which is almost unbelievable. The lighter weight helps you in managing your gun in an intense battleground. 

The critical thing to note here, lightweight does not compromise on its durability and stability. In a paintball game, you can run, crawl and jump with ease, which will improve your gaming experience.

Black Anodized Finish:

The barrel’s black anodize finish is such a remarkable feature for your gaming experience. It helps in resisting scratches and makes cleaning easy. The combination of aluminum and black anodized finish resists your barrel’s friction and provides you with an even faster target approach.

Dual Paintball Compatibility:

You must upgrade your Tippmann A5 with this barrel due to its infrequent feature of dual paintball compatibility. It provides better performance with both regular paintballs and first-strike rounds. If you upgrade your Tippmann A5 barrel, they can benefit from two types of paintball which will be astonishing.

Tactical Design:

Most of you must be familiar with this term, but those not aware must learn about it. The barrel’s tactical design helps for offensive and defensive use at short range with immediate consequences. In simple words, this barrel can shoot in an accurate and precise manner.

Moreover, the barrel’s design looks superb and provides Tippmann a5 barrel shroud that leaves an impression on opponents. The tactical design and enhanced performance make it the best barrel for Tippman A5.

Why Choose?

You may have seen multiple barrels with unique features, but this barrel stands out in that race. Its vortex style porting provides ultimate accuracy and reduces the notice.

On the other, hand its lightweight and tactical design can surprise you with its performance in gameplay. You want to do spectacularly well in a battleground; you need to upgrade your gun immediately.

2) Tippmann A5 Tactical Sniper Barrel Kit

Tippmann A5 Tactical Sniper Barrel Kit
  • Sniper tactic
  • Two-barrel length available
  • Long-distance shooting
  • Superior and durable performance
  • A 90-days warranty of barrel
  • Compatible with Tippmann A5 98 series/X7/X7 Phenom paintball
  • Cutting edge Tech
  • Micro hones Backing
SpecificationsTested Values
Length14-inch and 16-inch
Construction  Aluminium and anodized black surface
CompatibilityTippmann A5, 98 custom, pro, X7/X7 Phenom markers
Warranty90 days

If you ever feel the need to have the best barrel for Tippmann A5, you don’t have to go anywhere. Tippmann family itself presents tippman a5 sniper kit. This brand doesn’t give anything less than you need, and now it’s giving you the Tippmann a5 hopper upgrade.

The manufacturer of the Tippmann sniper barrel is one of the largest companies which makes the best Tippmann A5 Hopper upgrade and relevant gears. It promises you higher accuracy and a more extended shooting range to its consumers.

This sniper barrel comes in two different sizes, 14-inch to 16-inch. It is up to you which length you prefer for your gaming needs. But if you are planning to use Tippmann A5 as a sniper gun, then you should pick the longer barrel.

Tippmann a5 barrel back support is available with this product. It is famous for its accuracy and more extended shooting range. Its one-piece aluminum barrel is durable and easy to use, along with a large, multi-holed muzzle for reducing noise and superior accuracy.

Some people prefer to have a Tippmann A5 14-inch barrel, which is reasonable because of the barrel’s similar working technique.

Greater Shooting Distance:

It would help if you had a long-range barrel to target your opponent from a distance. And Tippmann sniper barrel provides you with this long-range shooting with its 16-inch barrel. However, you need to upgrade your barrel to a sniper Tippmann A5 14-inch barrel to enjoy the features.  

Tippmann designed this barrel for shooting at distant targets with ultimate accuracy. However, when the time comes, the shooting range of this barrel will amaze you. These features make the Tippmann a 5 flatline barrel. 

Ultimate Accuracy:

People tend to believe that long-range barrels have accuracy issues. However, the Tippmann A5 sniper barrel proves that greater shooting distance can also have ultimate accuracy. If you choose this barrel, you will enjoy the long-range shots with precision, and you would be slaying your opponent with paintballs.

You can enjoy micro-honed and polished barrels from inside and out for precise and accurate target shooting. These features will enhance your Tippmann A5 barrel and increase its superior performance.

Sniper Tactics:

Most people like to be a sniper and use sniper tactics in a paintball game. The sniper techniques are most helpful to target your opponent from a distance. To fulfill this need, you must have the best barrel for Tippmann A5 or a Tippman A5 sniper kit.

We suggest you sniper Tippmann A5 14-inch barrel because it’s affordable and fulfills your need accurately. This barrel guarantees superior accuracy and long-range shot; this combination makes your gun barrel a beast hungry for targets. 

It is the barrel for users if they like to shoot from a distance with quieter noise. Furthermore, you can make it look more deadly by a bit of addition of the Tippmann A5 barrel shroud. A shroud on the barrel looks more professional and aggressive.  

Quieter Noise:

A sniper’s first basic needs are long-range, accuracy, and noiseless. A sniper needs to hide; that’s why a noiseless or noise-resistant barrel is beneficial. It provides you with unique ports around the barrel to make the shot as quiet as possible.

This barrel provides you everything you need a quitter shot, accuracy, and long-range. It is the tippmann a5 barrel kit because it helps you with an element of surprise in your aggressive matches.


The sniper barrel consists of one piece, which is relatively easy to clean. You have to separate it from the gun and clean it as you prefer. 

In addition, the barrel is USA-made and gave you a 90-days warranty on your missing or defective pieces.

Why Choose?

It is a perfect sniper barrel and is considered the best barrel for Tippmann A5. Besides consideration, it provides long-range shooting, superior accuracy, and sniper techniques at the same time. Moreover, its quitter shooting feature hits most of the users.

No doubt it is a flawless barrel for snipers. And its 90-days warranty on defective or missing pieces makes it more consumer-friendly.

3) J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel Review

J&J Paintball 14" Ceramic Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel Review
  • Crafted with the latest technology
  • Manufactured from high-grade 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Self-Cleaning method
  • CNC machined to the highest quality standard
  • More Silent shot
  • Ceramic and Teflon impregnation for least friction
  • Multiple length sizes
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Construction  6061 T6 Aluminum, Teflon and ceramic
CompatibilityTippmann A5, 98 custom, pro.
Length14-inch and 16-inch
Bore size.688

Last but not least, 14-inch J&J Ceramic Barrel best barrel for Tippmann A5 because of its durability and accuracy. This barrel is available in 12-inch to 20-inch length with similar abilities and almost the same price range. It is a smooth barrel made of aluminum and CNC machined. With additional Teflon, the barrel is considered highly durable for rough use. 

It is quiet, which helps you stay hidden in your battlefield, and the barrel has a smooth finish with minimum weight. The Teflon and ceramic coating minimize the friction and are ideal to use with CO2 in all weathers. When you got this tippmann a 5 flatline barrel, you don’t need to explore the reviews because it is a reliable barrel with higher accuracy and a low price.

Extremely Durable:

J&J has presented one of the most economical and durable barrels. This barrel is supposed to be a rigid barrel for roughest gameplay. The aluminum-made barrel can take up a fight without ruining itself. 

The Teflon and aluminum make the barrel overpowered. Its durability put it in tippmann a5 flatline barrel reviews. It means you can drop it a few times in your match or elsewhere without worrying about its damage.


By combining different materials such as aluminum, Teflon, and ceramics, the barrel is uniquely structured. The outer structure is made of 6061 T6 Aluminum and machined with CNC for higher quality. It has the tippmann a5 hopper upgrade for better user support.

Teflon injected aluminum into its pores during its construction, resulting in a soft and most strong barrel one can only imagine. It has a tippmann a5 barrel shroud for next-level comfort and better shooting capacity. 


J&J has done this once again; it presents you, a cheap and accurate barrel. This barrel is having more accuracy than many expensive barrels. The use of Teflon and ceramic reduce friction and gives higher accuracy.

One more reason for higher accuracy is the ports on the barrel. The ports expel the extra air out from the barrel, and the gun avoids the turbulence made by the air pressure. The minimized turbulence maximizes the target accuracy. 

Long Range:

It is the latest technology barrel available, a lot better than the Tippmann A5 barrel back. The impregnation of ceramic and Teflon reduces the friction. The reduced friction between barrel and ball results in higher speed and more extended range.

With these many qualities, you can say that this is the affordable and best barrel for your Tippmann A5.


Due to threaded tech, this high technology barrel is compatible with all Tippmann A5 and similar threaded guns. Threaded barrels fit more accurately, and their benefits in various ways.

Self-cleaning Method:

This barrel has countless features, but self-cleaning is the one everyone prefers. For example, if you break paintball during a game, you can shoot again, and its self-cleaning method will clean the barrel itself. You do not need any external element to clean your barrel.

Why Choose?

It uses new technology and a blend of aluminum, Teflon, and ceramic for making Tippmann a5 14 inch barrel unbreakable during gameplay. Including higher accuracy and long shot, and minimum price, this is easily the best barrel for Tippmann A5.

Buyer’s Guide for Custom Tippman A 5 Barrel Upgrade

When it comes to upgrading Tippmann A5 barrels, the options are limitless. When you search for barrels online, you see every company claiming that their product is the best barrel for Tippmann A5, and you start getting nervous or panic. With the different types of upgrade barrel kits available in the market, you will be confused more than ever.

Now, this is the time to forget about the hectic roller-coaster of barrels. We have taken the liberty to guide you about the barrels for your Tippmann A5. Just so you know every kith and kin, and choose your own.

  • Length of barrel
  • Adoptability
  • Efficiency
  • Interior Finish
  • Ports
  • Bore Size
  • Material
  • Thread

Length of Barrel

The performance of your Tippmann A5 barrel back will mostly depend on the barrel length you choose. To upgrade your barrel, you must know the ideal size so you can select the perfect barrel for your gun. Various pro-paintball players and manufacturers recommend that a perfect length for barrels is 12 to 16 inches.

If you found the barrel, you will knock down your opponents in a battleground like never before. But the only condition here is, you must know how to handle the size of the barrel you have to choose for your Tippmann a5 14 inch barrel gun. 

Many people believe that the larger barrels, such as 20-inch or 22-inch barrels, will make them pro players. Barrel size does not always affect the outputs of your gameplay. The larger size of the barrels usually minimizes the shooting capabilities of a paintball player. Some players start missing even simple targets after acquiring the large barrels because they flop in managing them.

Long barrels can be accurate, but they usually take more time to come out from the barrel. Moreover, you typically face dragging issues with longer barrels which affects your gameplay.

14-inch barrels along with 12 to 16-inches barrels are best for your next paintball battels. However, people who want to be more involved usually prefer short lengths to carry guns easily. It helps them in crawling, running, and hiding without having much weight. 


It considers adaptability while searching for a perfect barrel for your Tippmann A5. Purchasing a new barrel for Tippmann A5 enhances functions to your advantage in-game. 

As mentioned above, barrels come in multiple sizes, making finding a custom-fit barrel convenient. It would help to focus on both consistency and accuracy while buying a barrel.


Many factors affect the accuracy and the competence of your Tippmann A5. There are many barrels available which specifically designed to increase efficiency. Tippmann Sniper barrel is an example of higher efficiency and accuracy for Tippmann A5 guns.

It will be in your interest to buy a barrel that improves the performance, as a Sniper barrel. Paintballing is fun when you have a perfect gun like Tippmann A5 and efficient gears to enhance its existing abilities. 

Interior Finish

While purchasing the barrels for A5, the interior finish needs your maximum attention. Your focus should be on finding a smooth and polished interior finish in the barrel. It helps you in avoiding drag and additional things in this category for better performance.

If you are willing to buy the tippmann a5 barrel shroud, you must focus on the barrel’s interior finish. The barrel with minimal finish can lead you towards drag and also cause spins. Thus, minimize the accuracy and drive to break the ball inside the barrel.

Ports of Barrel

You must pay attention to various features. These features include porting of the barrel. The port refers to the holes in the barrel, which helps in expelling the additional air from the barrel. If the ports of the barrel are close to the Tippmann A5, it results in quieter shooting and smooth shooting.

However, extreme closeness to the paintball gun can slow the speed of your paintball. It also helps in minimizing the turbulence caused by the extra pressure of air in the barrel. You must consider this feature while grabbing the best barrel for Tippmann a5.

Bore Size

Accurate bore size is a feature you must know while making your purchase. If the barrel’s bore size is compatible with your Tippmann A5 tactical gun, then it would be beneficial. It will help you increase your gun’s speed and accuracy.

Determining the barrel is accurate for your gun; you need to put a paintball vertically into your barrel. Suppose the ball is slightly stuck in the barrel and comes out when you burst light air from your mouth in it. Otherwise, you are wasting your money. 


It is essential to know about the materials of the barrel—usually, the barrel consists of specific materials such as Teflon, ceramic which are very useful. But, aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon fib are very effective in making the best barrel.

Before making the purchase, you must ensure the barrel material is smooth and the barrel shell should be thin. The material of the barrel dramatically affects the performance.


The thread of the barrel is essential, similar to the other critical things to note. Thread is the section that is directly attached to your gun. If threads of a barrel perfectly match your Tippmann A5, then it’s perfect.

Benefits of Best Sniper Barrel For Tippmann A5

There would be so many perfect outcomes if you found the best barrel for Tippmann A5. The companies like Tippmann, Trinity, and others are trying to introduce innovations in their gears for better accuracy and sturdiness. These innovations in barrels provide significant benefits, explained below.

There are vast benefits of barrel upgrade, which are:

  • Accuracy enhancement is one of the most considerable benefits of barrel upgrade
  • Quiet performance enhances your sniper needs 
  • Comfortable in managing 
  • Barrel upgrade gives you excitement and keeps you focused.
  • It provides you with improved consistency and precision
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Solid material guarantees durability
  • Advance porting system avoid turbulence
  • The smooth interior finish provides higher speed


We highly recommend you Tippmann Sniper Barrel for your custom Tippmann A5. It comes in two different sizes, and it is lightweight and easy to handle to help you in the battleground. The long-range and quitter shooting enhance your performance on the battlefield.

This barrel is durable and easy to maintain. Furthermore, It is 100% made in the USA, which guarantees its quality and durability. But Tippmann provides you with a 90-days warranty on this barrel.

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