Tippmann A5 Review – Custom Upgradeable Paintball Gun

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If you are looking for a high end paintball gun, then you should read the Tippmann A5 review which is the best paintball marker, you should go for. It is one of the top-notch paintball guns available in the market today and might be the perfect option to fulfill your needs. You can consider the best paintball gun under 500$, if you are trying to level up from the beginner to the intermediate level.

Tipmann A5 Paintball Gun review shows that it is a perfect choice for those who want to invest in a marker for a long time. It offers you special Tippmann A5 upgrades and modes which makes it the best paintball marker available in the market for intermediate to professionals.

It is an upgraded version of Tippmann 98 which was a trust worthy paintball marker for a long time. Now it is time to put your trust on its successor which is more durable and offers amazing customization options to make Tippmann A5 custom gun. It comes with a Tippmann’s patented cyclone feed system which is an astonishing hopper that does not rely on batteries.

It can shoot 15 balls per second which is astonishing for an intermediate level player. And when you combine it with the tippmann A5 E trigger system this goes full auto rapid firing with minimum broken balls. It contains state-of-the-art durability in it which can withstand the roughest use possible.

If you are interested in Milsim gameplay, then you would love its realistic weight combined with the body kit. There lighter, faster and more advanced marker available in the market, but none of them is durable, reliable and have customization options like Tippmann A5 sniper barrel. Once you have tippmann A5 Paint ball gun you do need to upgrade it for years and when you feel the need you can upgrade easily.

Moreover, there are many replaceable parts in this marker, so in case of any damage you can easily replace them then replacing entire paintball gun.

Features of Tippmann A5

Tippmann a5 User-Friendly Design

Specifications of Tippmann A5

Dimension13 x 13 x 4.2
Power TypeHPA and CO2
Weight4 Pound
Frame MaterialStainless Steel, solid metal, Plastic
Barrel Material6601 T6 Aluminum
Shooting Speed250 fps to 325 fps
Effective Range150ft
Firing ModeFive Different Firing modes
Mounting AccessoriesRemovable sling mounts
Barrel Length8.5-Inch
Balls per second15 bps

The top-notch and versatile paintball marker with 5 different firing mode including Tippmann A5 full auto, semi-automatic and 3 burst fire. Almost every part of the marker is customizable of this amazing paintball gun which makes it Tippmann A5 Custom gun for you. It covers a long target range with ultimate accuracy a paintball can offer.

High-Quality Built

Tippmann a5 Cyclone Feed System

Tippmann brand is highly reputable for introducing reliable paintball products in the market. Once again Tippmann is maintaining its legacy and introduced Tippmann A5 a high quality paintball gun which can last for many years without any problem. It can withstand the harshest games and would not damage if you drop it from height.

This paintball gun would perform perfectly fine even you after the toughest use on the battlefield. It constructed from solid metal frame and high quality plastic which provides you a robust and long life paintball gun. According to the manufacturers the durability was the key point while making this master piece for paintball game.

The 4-pound weight of this marker neither feels lighter nor bulky, it just perfectly balanced which makes it perfect for the field. This perfectly balanced gun is easy to carry in the battlefield for a long time without exhausting yourself. Moreover, the texture on the gun feels like a real gun which makes the game more thrilling while providing you a firm grip on the weapon.

Cyclone Feed System

Tippmann A5 is one of the top paintball marker model available in the market so far and always stand out among the competitors. Its next level cyclone feed system is one of the primary example of its superiority which makes it a next generation paintball gun. The cutting edge fee mechanism of this marker can connect the air system to the feeder sprocket.

In this way it can provide significant amount of power to release numerous amount of paintballs as soon as possible. Its cyclone feeder feeds the balls faster than you pull the trigger. This is a high end paintball marker which keeps up with you in a paintball match.

There will be not any issue of getting stuck at any point with this paintball gun. Tippmann A5 model was designed to win the market by its superior performance on the gameplay. Moreover, Cyclone feed system uses air for its mechanism.

It uses the air efficiently that makes it able to shoot paintballs with high consistency which you would not found anywhere else. More importantly, cyclone feed system reduces the paintball chopping caused by inconsistent air supply.

Dismantle and Assemble

This is one of the most interesting feature of Tippmann A5 Tactical which allows you to dismantle and assemble the marker with in few seconds. If you are a professional player, you would know the challenges a player has to face to dismantle and reassemble a gun for maintenance.

With A5 model you can do the minimal maintenance even on battlefield within few seconds and make it work again. The manufacturers put a lot of thought and creativity in this feature. It will make the gun convenient for the user to assemble and disassemble the in one minute. Most interestingly, you do not need additional tools to do the job, you can even do it in the heat of the battlefield.

Firing Modes

Firing Modes

This gun is not missing any chance to prove itself worthy of your time and investment. It comes with five different but highly efficient firing modes which can easily switched using the external selector at the side of the marker. The switch selector is a small improvement to this gun but it comes in handy and provides you a safer game.

It avoids misfiring paint when you do not intend to fire, it protects your own team members. Moreover, eternal witch selector is considered to be an additional protection to save your paintballs during chops or any other malfunctioning of gun.

With Tippmann A5 E grip firing modes you get five different modes of firing which includes the full auto firing. Beside, you also get Semi-automatic fire, 3-round burst, Turbo fire and auto response fire which comes in handy on the battlefield. Tippmann A5 paintball gun review proves that it is the best upgraded version of widely trusted Tippmann 98 marker.

Shooting with Tippmann A5

As we mentioned above the top rated paintball guns have basic semi-automatic actions which can shoot up to 15 paintballs per second. Semi-auto function primarily depends on the player’s capacity of pulling the trigger, the fast he can pull the trigger the more fires will be shot. Tippmann A5 response trigger review mentions that to enhance the shooting capability of this model you can simply add E grip.

Shooting with Tippmann A5

Quite a few paintball players use E-triggers to get fully auto firing mode or other to enjoy the gun to its full lengths. This model comes with a standard 8.5” stock barrel which provides you the ability to shoot up to 150ft with accuracy and consistency. Short barrels are easy to handle and when they are giving you the ideal shooting range you would not want to change it soon.

Tippmann A5 is considered one of the best electronic paintball guns available in the market today. That’s why it is very popular among novice and intermediate level players. Tippmann A5 .68 wide bore size comes in handy in paintball battleground. Most of the paintballs are compatible to .68 caliber bore which reduces the chopping and jamming of paintballs.

Tippmann A5 as Sniper

Tippmann A5 sniper review shows that if you want to use the gun for snipping purpose than it would be great choice. You can preferably add Tippmann a5 body kits to increase the shooting range. It enhances the Tippmann A5 accuracy of shooting the distant target and provides you reliability and consistency.

Tippmann A5 as Sniper

Tippmann A5 review includes details about this gun. This is a powerful gun which can take the long range shots effectively. In right hands with a proper long range barrel it would destroy the opponents on the battlefield. In addition, the full auto sniper gun would be worst nightmare for any paintball rival, you can terminate them within seconds from a consistent distance.

You can also buy an Apex 14” extended barrel which offers significant increase in Tippmann A5 range and durability of the shots. At the end, the shooting capability depends on the player’s ability to press the trigger which plays the significant role on battlefield.

You can win the important paintball matches for your team and protect them from rivals in dangerous situation with marker’s sniping abilities. Tippmann A5 low pressure kit review shows that it helps in lowering down the operating pressure around 350 psi. It makes the gun more efficient, quieter, and lower the turbulence.

We all know that a quieter paintball gun can be much more efficient. No one can locate your position and you can eliminate more rivals.

Mods and Upgrades

Tippmann A5 review is incomplete without mentioning its customization capabilities and Tippmann A5 Mods in detail. As mentioned in the introduction it has more upgrade options than any other paintball marker available in the market. It allows you to make tons of mods and upgrades with a wide range of aftermarket accessories.

You can make customize the marker very easily because the marker is easy to detach and assemble again. It allows you to add a Tippmann A5 Q loader for more efficient and speed paintball loading in important paintball tournaments.

Tippmann made sure that you can use them for a long time even when you upgrade yourself from beginner to intermediate. You can make changes when you go pro with the game and the gun. Lastly, you can have the Tippmann A5 accuracy upgrades by adding customized barrels and sling mounts.

Styling of Tippmann A5

Styling of Tippmann A5

The standard A5 look is astonishing but still, professional players love to upgrade Tippmann A5 body kits. They want to make their own custom weapon to look more attractive among the coolest paintball guns. Some players choose the body kit according to the game style such as woodsball, military simulation, and speedball paintball game.

There are numerous body kits available for the A5 model that allows you to change the appearance of your gun. You can choose any appearance of the most significant real-world guns, such as the ideal AK-47, MP-5 SD, or assault rifle M4A1 which are amazing in our world. To make minor changes you can add M16 Shroud to increase the mounting spaced on your A5 paintball gun.

M16 shroud provides your marker the sleek and most aggressive look. Other than that, a metal M4 shroud is rugged and built for long lasting. This shroud contains multiple Pica tinny rails which will help you to mount any flashlight, sights, red dot laser, rail mounts and scopes.

Military Simulation

There are different types of paintball games that are played in different simulation situations. Most often players join the game in role-playing of different characters. Likewise, the military simulation games are the most famous paintball game type ever played.

The players dress like soldiers and use military grade paintball weapons. In these matches only military style paintball guns are allowed, that’s where Tippmann A5 helps you and keeps you in the game. Tippmann A5 body kits allow you to change the appearance of your gun to real-world weapons such as everyone’s favorite AK-47.

This customizable paintball gun comes in handy in various paintball games. In Woodsball there is no such restriction but still, many players prefer to use military-type paintball guns. Tippmann A5 with minor changes could become the deadly tactical military weapon, you just need to add a tactical shroud and add some accessories.

Repairing Parts

There may be more advanced paintball markers available on the market but none of them have the reliability, durability, and upgrades options like Tippmann A5. You can use the marker without any upgrade for several years with ease. There are numerous replaceable Tippmann A5 reviews that help you to know more about its upgrades.

The following parts can also be replaced from the market in case of any damage. Tippmann A5 E grip trigger assembly is an example of easy replacement of parts in this paintball marker. You can change the damaged part instead of changing the whole marker. You can use the same paintball marker for several years with small changes and big upgrades whenever and wherever you want.

User-Friendly Design

Tippmann A5 review shows that it is the perfect paintball marker for beginners and intermediate-level players. You can easily handle and balance the gun due to its lightweight, you can carry around the weapon in the field for a long game. The texture on the external body of the Tippmann A5 provides you a firm grasp on the marker.

The solid aluminum body can withstand the roughest use by the player and still works amazingly fine. Wide internal bore minimizes the paintball chopping and provides you the most accurate and consistent paintball shots. The most incredible low-profile hopper loads the balls at 15 bps which is astonishing and exciting at the same time.

Easy assembly and disassembly make it easy to maintain, upgrade, repair, and clean the paintball marker. Tippmann A5 is powered by compressed air, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide which gives you a choice to choose your favorite one. HPA and nitrogen would be a better choice than CO2 if you want consistent shots in gameplay.

The shock-absorbing ends reduce the recoil while front-cocking knob allows you a fully enclosed receiver. The shock absorbers minimize the turbulence and provide you the greatest Tippmann A5 accuracy.

Reasonably Priced

If you are looking for the best paintball gun under 500$ then you are at the right place. Tippmann A5 costs you a lot less than 500$ but provides you more features than expensive paintball guns in the market. The cyclone feed system, five different and efficient firing modes including full-auto firing.

The amazing customizable features with styling the paintballs with shrouds and body kits. The amazing Tippmann A5 is worth a lot more than its price tag. It was designed to provide the best paintballing experience on a minimum budget. So, get your new paintball gun before it goes out in stores.

Easy to Clean

While Tippmann A5 review we realize that this gun is very easy to clean. You can easily dismantle the gun and clean it thoroughly for its long life. Its durable parts do not get damaged when you dismantle or reassemble the gun after cleaning it.

There is no need for extra tools for dismantling and reassembling this state-of-the-art paintball gun. You can easily store the paintball marker after cleaning it and wait for the next match.


With standard paintball guns, you get the warranty of one year or less, but Tippmann has won the game and hearts here. It offers you 2-year warranty which is great because some paintball marker shows their defects after a year. You can replace or repair your paintball gun from Tippmann manufacturers without any cost.

This extended warranty makes the Tippmann trustworthy more than ever before. It also guarantees the durability and reliability Tippmann A5 model on the battlefield. Many manufactures do not provide this type of extended warranty but Tippmann trusts its marker’s durability and high-tech engineering.


Tippmann A5 2021 is the perfect option for beginners and intermediate-level paintball players. In Tippmann A5 review it’s mentioned that the A5 model is user-friendly, durable, high performance, upgradeable and targets more accurately. If you do not have a budget issue, then you will find an extensive amount of paintball markers online as well as in stores.

But if you want to invest a considerable amount of money in a marker that lasts longer and provides you the amazing features then Tippmann A5 could be your best bid. It provides you multiple firing modes with external switches for making sure the safety of your team members. If you want the performance of an expensive paintball gun with a handful of money Tippmann is the best option for you.

Don’t forget the 2-years warranty of Tippmann A5 which provides you the assurance of a long-lasting paintball gun. Before making a purchase you can see the Tippmann A5 parts diagram to be sure about its high performance and easy functioning. Have unlimited paintballing and fun with this paintball marker.

  • Excellent shooting range of 150 feet
  • Multiple Firing modes
  • Accurate shots
  • Modifiable firing rate
  • Cyclone Feed Mechanism
  • External Selector Switch
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Aluminum Body
  • Wide Internal Bore
  • Low profile hopper
  • Compatible with, HPA, Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide
  • Easy assembly and disassembly without additional tools
  • Easy to clean
  • Little bit heavier
  • Not compatible with paintballs from other companies

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