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The trend of recreation or entertainment has been moved along to healthy sports like paintball, and when it turns to woods, it got the boom among its players. If you are also a lover of paintball shoots in green and grassy woods, you require a gadget that turns on the game. Yes, I am talking about good woodsball paintball guns for your next paintball tournament.  

Winning in the paintball woods is a tug of war and if you want to make this battle in your favor, then grab the best woodsball paintball guns. Playing with woodball guns and gears is a sturdy thing due to their weight and functionality. To tackle this worry, I have reviewed the five top woodsball paintball guns in this article, along with buying guide for the desired gameplay.

Table of Content:

  1. Tippmann Stormer Elite 0.68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker
  2. Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Marker
  3. Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker
  4. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Black Marker Gun, 17 x 13.2 x 3.3 inches
  5. Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Marker

5 Top Woodsball Paintball Guns

Turning the game in your favor is not a child play. But it can be done by having the best woodsball paintball guns in your hand while playing the paintball battles. There are countless brands in the market for woodsball paintball guns but picking the right one is tricky. 

To break the chain of this confusion for choosing the top-rated woodsball paintball gun, I have observed thorough details of the five most demanding and top-reviewed woodsball paintball guns of 2021. So let’s scroll down to explore them one by one.

Best Woodsball Paintball Gun 2021

1) Tippmann Stormer Elite 0.68 Caliber Dual Fed Woodsball Paintball Marker

Tippmann Stormer Elite 0.68 Caliber Dual Fed Woodsball Paintball Marker
  • Semi-Automatic
  • High quality and durable construction
  • Offers .68 Caliber paintball gun marker
  • Lightweight
  • Four customized Pica tinny rails
  • Contains two paintball magazine and loader
  • 20 rounds capacity
  • Tactical front shroud
  • Front and rear flip-up sights
  • Six positions collapsible stock
  • Adjustable from 250-325 FPS
  • A-5 proven barrel thread
  • Bottom mounted ASA
  • Single trigger and offset feed port
  • Tactical accessories
Air Gun Power TypeCO2
FPS adjustable250-325 FPS
Barrel12 inches

If you are looking for the best woodsball paintball marker, then give it a try to Tippmann Stormer Elite. It has a combo of excellent features that lacks in other markers. This wood ball marker comes with a 0.68 caliber marker and an in-line bolt system for reliability and maximum performance. 

Its Tactical front shroud and front/rear flipping quality make it a user-friendly option. This is a military-like tool designed with six positions collapsible stock for durability. Moreover, you can have mag-fed and loader options for various needs of paintball games in the woods. 


This is a semi-automatic woodsball gear that is designed for the user’s comfort. It has the 0.68 caliber marker to beat all kinds of gameplay needs. Tippmann developed three models in their Stormer series for variety. 

Being a semi-automatic paintball wood ball gun gives you support for playing all paintball games without accuracy flaws. Moreover, the Stormer Series are available in 3 models to serve maximum customization to the users. 

Tactical Support:

It has been designed uniquely and innovatively to look like a tactical or military gun. The product has an in-line bolt system for a high-impact and durable body. There is a tactical front shroud with front/rear flipping support. You can set the sight and enjoy its six positions collapsible stock for military functionality.

Moreover, you can switch to different looks because it provides loader and mag-fed configurations for switching. It also supports Tactical accessories for compatible working. So, enjoy the look that seems suitable for your woodsball games.


This is a lightweight but durable product that lasts for your paintball woodsball tournaments. It is mainly reviewed as the most rugged woodsball gun designed by the Tippmann brand. 

There are four Picatinny rails to deliver the customization without being hectic.

The Picatinny rails provide accuracy while shooting the paintballs in thick and grassy woods. It means you can target your opponents without any problem in the wood field; running is quite tricky when you have a heavy gun. But, this paintball gun is ultimately a lightweight product to add more run to your performance.

Bigger Magazine:

No need of refilling or reloading your magazine again and again. Win your paintball woodsball battles with a single magazine. However, it comes with two magazines that provide 20 rounds of shooting without delaying your excitement level. 

There is also a dummy magazine for the practicing needs of beginners. It has the loader and magazine conversion facility to fulfill both needs with a single tool.

Why Should Choose?

This is a second product from Tippmann that we have added to our review. It is the best woodsball paintball gun of 2021 with dual feed and 250-325 Feet per second adjustable. You can hit the target without worrying about accuracy. 

Additionally, there is single trigger support and bottom-mounted ASA for selecting the appropriate air force option. The product has Picatinny rails to make it lightweight and equip with A-5 barrel thread for the desired compatibility.

2)Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Woods Ball Marker

Tippmann TMC MAGFED Paintball Woods Ball Marker
  • The latest design by Tippmann
  • Contains MagFed paintball marker
  • Authentic Milsim tactical style
  • Two options for feed
  • Provides 20 rounds
  • It comes with two driven magazine
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Adjustable support from 250-325 FPS
  • One year warranty
SpecificationsTested Values
FPS adjustable250-325 fps
Barrel12 inches
Magazine2 spring driven magazines

Tippmann is a brand known for its quality products. The latest MagFed design with all the features to make you the absolute beast of woodsball games. It comes with authentic Milsim tactical paintball woodsball markers. You can use dual-feed support like MagFed and traditional loader for next-level performance. 

This is the best paintball woodsball gun which makes tactical games more fun. It is a reliable, durable, and efficiently designed paintball gun for woodsball games. There are two 20 round spring-driven magazines for on-the-go shooting. The product has a complete pneumatic marker, in-line bolt system, dual feed support, and easy pull the trigger for the desired convenience.

Accurate Shooting:

It has maximum strength to shoot the paintballs at the desired distance without missing the target. There are no accuracy issues because it has a 12 inches barrel to get the desired performance level.

The product is designed with built-in Picatinny rails. These rails provide versatility in mounting and gives relief to your eyes. This is a standardized system for moving the accessories and scope quickly. 

Tactical Marker:

This is one of the latest innovations from the Tippmann brand, which has been serving p users with their excellent paintball guns. It has the latest MagFed incredibly authentic Milsim design. Moreover, it contains tactical paintball markers that ramp up your performance in the woodsball fields. 

It has the tactical support to make you the best player of tactical games. There are excellent options and features to utilize other accessories for next-level performance.

Dual Feed:

Most of the players need dual-feed to enjoy maximum shooting support. It has the MagFed or traditional loader support for both of the usage. Two spring-driven magazines can be used for 20 rounds.

In other words, you can shoot without stopping for a minute and did not leave your enemy. This woodsball gear is backed with a hopper or magazine feed for desired usage ease. 

Maximum Performance:

Enjoy the optimum performance with its complete pneumatic marker. They help to deliver an in-line bolt system for maximum shooting support. It has a highly authentic Milsim construction that renders durability and makes it look elegant at the same time. This semi-automatic woodsball gear with 250-325 Feet per Second is adjustable to get the desired shooting power regardless of distance. 

Its construction is durable as it has a stainless steel gas line with an aluminum receiver. Both of these things ensure durability to make paintball woodsball games more interesting. There is a feature of front and rear adjustable sights for setting it according to your target.

Convenient to Use:

Not to worry about using it because this has an easy-to-pull trigger. It means you can pull the trigger effortlessly. There is molded rubber grip for handling it firmly during your paintball battles in the woods. 

This best woodsball paintball marker comes with bottom mounted ASA. The ASA stands for Air Source Adapter, which clarifies the air source adaptation. It is the threaded port to screw the compressed air tank, and this feature is supported at the bottom for better working.

Why To Choose?

This is one of the top woodsball paintball guns with versatility, quality, and durability as the dominating features. It is pretty easy to carry with its rubber grip. You can have dual feed support and authentic Milsim tactical paintball woodsball markers for desired shooting capacity. 

The product offers two spring-driven magazines that last for 20 rounds. It provides 250-325 feet per second adjustment to shoot your target. Its complete pneumatic marker and in-line bolt system are supported with bottom-mounted ASA support for usage ease.

3)Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker Cheap Woodsball Gun

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker Cheap Woodsball Gun
  • High-impact composite body
  • Gives vertical grip
  • Excellent durability
  • Yield high performance
  • Contain .68 Caliber Milsim style paintball markers
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Air Gun Power TypeCO2 or HPA tank
FPS adjustable250-325 FPS

Making a wise choice is a big game in the pile of outstanding products. Here is the cheap woodsball gun from Tippmann that gives excellent shooting in paintball woodsball games. It is more reasonable in price but remarkable in functioning. 

The product is the best woodsball gun because it has a high-impact composite body for a vigor performance in the paintball wood fields. Its vertical grip is an additional benefit smoother and firmer carrying. You can perform like a real armor in the gameplay with its durability and 0.68 Caliber Milsim design markers for next-level accuracy and shooting capacity.

Maximum Accuracy:

Get rid of accuracy issues by choosing the Tippmann Cronus Tactical marker as your woodsball gear. It has faster shooting support along with optimum accuracy. The gun has tactical construction, which means no compromise on its performance in the woods of paintball games.  

You can be the hero of the game with this pro-like tactical woodsball gun. The manufacturer utilized the technology to make it one of the best options for beginners and professionals. 

Durability Guaranteed:

It has the durability for giving outstanding shooting support in the paintball woods. You are a beginner or a professional; you can easily maintain its usage and carry without feeling burden. 

The product is manufactured with high-quality plastic material to ensure a non-breaking facility. Its construction is user-friendly, which provides high-quality working and shooting capacity with lasting durability.

Affordable & Customizable:

The product is a budget-friendly and high-quality woodsball gun. It has customizable features that give you fantastic usage support and fall into your budget line. 

Most of the woodsball paintball guns are pretty expensive. But, this woodsball gear offers more specs and features within the desired cost. It has a durable construction, composite body, and not to meet your vigor paintball battle needs.  

Easy to Use:

No worries about carrying and using this paintball gun. It is a lightweight and easy-to-carry product. This woodsball gun is made with durable plastic, which ensures no weight to your arms and shoulders. 

You can freely and confidently move around the paintball woods games without any hesitation. That is why it is good to go with beginners due to its usage comfort and carrying ease. 

Vertical Grip:

It is one of the features that give a more robust and firmer grip on this woodsball gun. Playing in the paintball woodsball means you have to be fast and spontaneous. 

These things are possible when you have a gun that gives you consistent and firmer handling capacity. Enjoy your battles with its 0.68 Caliber Milsim markers to push paintballs with the desired air force.

Why To Choose?

You can have this Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker as the cheapest woodsball gear. It renders maximum benefits ranging from the desired customization to durability. The high-quality construction makes it a top fit for the vigor paintball battles. Moreover, if you are an amateur and looking for a convenient gun along with 0.68 Caliber Milsim markers, it is the best option for you.

4)Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Woods Ball Gear Gun

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Woods Ball Gear Gun
  • High-impact composite body
  • Vertical grip
  • Easily modified marker
  • Maximum durability with Milsim body
  • In-line bolt system
  • Molded rubber grips for convenient carrying
  • Four Picatinny rails for accessory mount
Weight6 pounds
Barrel14 inches
Air Gun Power TypeCO2

This is one of the most reliable paintball woods ball gears that ramp up your performance in the paintball fields. It also belongs to the same brand Tippmann. That is why you can enjoy ultimate accuracy and durability. No, win your battles like a pro without losing a single shoot.

It is designed with a Milsim body to support durability without any flaw. There is an in-line bolt system along with a high-impact composite body for maximum user convenience. 

Additionally, it has soft over molded rubber grips to make handling more fun. You can easily endure it for a longer time in the paintball woods balls without any strain.

Ultimate Accuracy:

When talking about its accuracy, it has a matchless capacity to ensure no flaws in the shooting. You can target your opponent and enjoy each hit with a definite winning spirit. The best part is its Milsim body that supports durability to the users. 

Its composite body is another factor that makes paintball shooting more thrilling. Being a player of paintball woodsball games, you have to choose the gun which gives desired accuracy for successful shooting.  

Modified Picatinny Rails:

It comes with four Picatinny rails that make modification easier for you. Changing the accessories is a hectic part of paintball guns. And when you are in the woodsball fields, you have to be instant and accurate to target your enemy. 

Using this top woodsball paintball gun, you can change the accessories within a few seconds by utilizing four Picatinny rails.

Durable Option:

The manufacturer designed it with durability support to render the best user experience to paintball players. It has quality markers that ensure powerful shooting capacity. This paintball woodsball gun has high standard markers and a composite body that accentuates durability.

Additionally, it is the best woodsball paintball gun that saves extra cost and gives excellent durability. Being a high-quality product does not mean it is expensive and out of your budget. 

Outclass Marker:

It comes with 0.68 caliber design markers for cutting-edge shooting support. If you are a beginner or a professional, it never disappoints you and gives maximum support for tagging your opponent. 

This woodsball paintball gun provides reliable shooting without any delay in shooting time. The marker helps to improve performance and hitting capacity. In other words, it offers high-speed shooting with the proper usage of CO2. So, get rid of all the marker problems with this marker gun for paintball woodsball games. 

Handy Product:

Having a lightweight and handy paintball woodsball gun means all the mess is clear from your way to win the paintball battle. Tippmann marker gun is light in weight and relatively easy to carry. You can run like a beast and fight back all your enemies without feeling tired.

It is easy to take charge because of its high-quality construction. There is additional support of vertical grip to make handling more fun. Line up your opponents and make turn the tables in your favor.  

Why Choose This?

The best reason to choose this Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker is its reliability and accurate shooting capacity. This is the top-rated woodsball gear gun for paintball games due to its lightweight and 0.68 caliber markers. It has an in-line bolt system and molded rubber grips for firer and strain-free handling. Moreover, it comes with four Picatinny rails for the customization of accessories according to your requirement. So, it is best for those who love versatility and quality in their paintball games.

5) Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Woodsball Gun Marker

Valken M17 Magfed Paintball Woodsball Gun Marker
  • Compatible with FSR and 0.68 Cal Paintball
  • Made with Polymer CQC shroud
  • It contains a 190mm Smoothbore Bull Barrel
  • Semi- Mechanical
  • Full Auto Action
  • Designed with a two-pin field strip
SpecificationsTested Values
Pin Field Strip2
Barrel190mm smoother bull barrel
Caliber0.68 and FSR
Air Gun Power TypeCO2

Valken M17 is one of the best woodsball paintball guns that have semi and auto-functioning. Being a paintball player, you want to win the battles, and this product has come up with all the features that boost your winning confidence. It has a complete mechanical, internally regulated blow forward system that gives accuracy to each shoot.

This is a very convenient to use and reliable option backed with little maintenance needs. Its consistent velocity gives rise to smoother and faster shooting capacity, making you the hero of paintball games. You can avail of its accuracy support to hit the target without missing any shoot. The 190 smoothbore, 0.68 caliber markers, and FSR features make it a professional paintball woodsball gun. 

High Accuracy Level:

Enjoy desired and required level of accuracy with this paintball woodsball marker. It has the MagFed paintball marker that ensures accuracy and shooting power. You can hit your opponents and save you time and paintballs with this feature. 

In other words, there is no need for extra focus and clarity when you are using this product. It provides the accuracy that other products lack in general. 

Versatile Marker:

It is one of the best woodsball paintball guns of 2021 due to its versatile markers. This means you can have faster and accurate shooting support. Moreover, it is compatible with 0.68 paintball rounds and FSR for convenient playing. 

The best part of this product is that you can use it without any hectic. The versatility adds more perks for usage and shooting the opponents in woodsball paintball games.  

Bore Bull Barrel:

When it comes to accuracy and consistent firing, it has a 190mm smoothbore bull barrel. This is a good paintball woodsball gun that ensures no compromise at firing capacity and speed. 

Its longer barrel allows the air pressure to give the best shooting capacity to paintballs. That is why most of the users love its shooting power. 

Semi-Automatic & Full Automatic:

This is a dual-action gun that provides semi-automatic and full-automatic support for working. You can easily switch between these two action options. Both of these have their salient benefits for accuracy and shooting the paintballs. 

Pick up the one action support which suits your needs of output. Semi-automatic action helps blend your and mechanical support, but entire automatic movement makes things easier for you. So, it is up to you which is your favorite activity for shooting your rival. 

Robust construction:

It is one of the durable and robust paintball woodsball guns manufactured with polymer CQC shroud. There is a fantastic finish that protects the gun from damage and maintains its worthy work.

This product has been designed by following military-like qualities to boost durability. That is why you would not regret this gun and enjoy maximum speed and accuracy. 

Why To Choose?

This is a different brand than Tippmann in our list, which means it has the worth to stand along with this high-quality brand. Valken M17 Magfed Paintball gun is the best woodsball gun marker designed with polymer CQC shroud. The versatile markers, 190 bore barrel, FSR, and two-pin field strip are perfect for woodsball paintball battles. If you are a professional and looking for the best partner for your paintball tournaments, then get this gun in your hands and win like a pro.

Top Woodsball Paintball Guns Buying Guide 

Spending your money on a woodsball paintball gun is more beneficial when you know the basics details. This gives you the edge to explore the basic facts in a very detailed manner to avoid future problems. 

There are numerous options in the market with their top-notch features tow in your heart. How do you select the best one if you have no idea about its quality, durability, weight, and other specs? 

Are you unfamiliar with the basic things while buying a cheap woodsball guns? We have made this guide for you to make things easier and beneficial. So, scroll down and resolve all the myths about a good paintball woodsball gun. 

Quality & Manufacturer

These two things are interrelated because a brand ensures you quality. A good and renowned brand means there is less risk factor. But, it sometimes diverts, and new rivals win the part by giving outstanding performance support to the paintball players. 

So, it is essential to explore the brand and manufacturing to enjoy quality without having any trouble.


A paintball woods ball markers gun must be durable to beat the vigor needs of paintball games. Everyone wants to play like a pro and win like a hero; this is possible with a stable and reliable playing gun. Choosing a durable and best woodsball paintball gun will avoid glitches in your performance. 

You can turn all games into your favor with a durable paintball gun. Many options give quality and durability for the long run and save your cost at the same time. 

Need-Based Selection

Try to invest your money and time in those tools that are worth it. Making a fair decision will be easier if you are aware of your needs. You must know what the benefit should be and how it fulfills your paintball gameplay needs?  

According to need, buying the best woodsball paintball gun 2021 makes it even more helpful than a random purchase. So, be wise and clear while investing the amount. 

Additional Features

Every paintball woodsball gun of 2021 has its salient features that make them different from each other. The most dominating features are semi-automatic, full-automatic, ASF supported, markers, air gun system, and Picatinny rails add more perks for successful gameplay. 

These are the necessary and most valuable features that you must count while spending your money on a top woodsball paintball gun.

Specs Evaluation

Make sure to evaluate the specs in detail because sometimes people got confused with the specifications and have the wrong paintball woodsball gun. To avoid these issues, try to check the specifications at the last of each product for making a beneficial decision. 

It might help you take a look at the preliminary figures of each product and get the most desirable and quality supported paintball woodsball gear.

Usage Comfort

If you are new to paintball games, it is best to choose a good woodsball paintball gun that is easy to use. A difficult to comprehend paintball gun means there is less chance to perform well. So, make sure that you choose a convenient option and have lesser instructions to win your paintball games.

Easy to Carry

A heavyweight paintball gun makes carrying more troublesome and gives real hectic while playing. By choosing a lightweight paintball woodsball marker, you can run freely here and there to tackle your enemy. A light paintball gun ensures less strain on your shoulder and arms, making you feel less tired than heavyweight guns.


Choosing a woodsball paintball that falls under your budget line is a good thing. But it does not mean you can neglect the basic features. Buying an affordable option does not mean you compromise on the quality and features. So, give it a try to the best woodsball paintball guns that give quality functioning simultaneously.


Most of the manufacturers offer a warranty on the parts, and some offer technical issues. Try to explore these things before you bought the paintball woodsball gun. Warranty-based paintball guns mean there is no worry about usage issues in the future.

Who can use the Woodsball Paintball Guns?

Mainly, the woodsball paintball guns have been used by professional players. Due to the increasing inclination to the paintball games, people have been turning to this game rapidly. The trends have been thoroughly changed, and paintball tournaments, games, and battles are more used. 

So, they are now played by newcomers, beginners, and amateurs as well. However, you can play a paintball game or use a woodsball paintball gun if you are not a felon. 


Get the best woodsball paintball gun to meet all your needs and reduce the worries at paintball battles. Winning your games will be easier and more fun with a good and reliable option. The plethora of products may make you confuse, but the best option always stays at the top and makes things pretty easier.



Tippmann Stormer Elite .68 Caliber Dual Fed Paintball Marker has the support of semi-automatic action for your ease. It comes with high quality and durable construction and 0.68 Caliber paintball gun markers for the desired accuracy. Enjoy its lightweight support for comfortable carrying. 

The four customized Picatinny rails make it compatible with other markers. It has two paintball magazines and a loader that lasts for 20 rounds. There is bottom-mounted ASA support to choose the desired air gun capacity. 

The 250-325 FPS makes shooting faster, accurate, and enjoyable. Enjoy more comfort with its easy-to-pull trigger and A-5 proven barrel thread for compatible usage in the paintball wood fields.

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