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Last updated on February 25th, 2023 at 08:18 am

Spyder MR100 is a product of the famous brand Kingman. The company started the production of paintball markers and accessories in 1992 and since then its reliable in providing products.

The high-quality Spyder semi-automatic paintball guns are the most durable and proud of the brand. If you want to learn more about the best paintball gun and its upgrades, you must have a look at Spyder MR100 Review.

It is a fantastic weapon for beginners as well as proficient players, which makes it better than most of the paintball markers available in the market. In addition, its Military look gives a glance of Authentic AR-15, which makes it more popular and a better choice for simulated military games.

The awesome Picatinny rails for MR100 Pro upgrades will leave you stunned, and you can make it a customized weapon. This is a powerful and accurate paintball gun that gives you minimal recoil, and it is easy to maintain.

After considering the remarkable features and upgrades of the marker, the Spyder MR100 paintball gun price is remarkably affordable. This will be a great pick if you look for the best paintball gun for under 200 dollars.

With this ultimate weapon, you can shoot your opponents from a distance of 300-feet with accuracy and consistency. In addition, a one-piece velocity adjuster gives the gun a unique and extraordinary place among professional-level paintball markers.

The gun comes with a more than enough tank for a game. Hence, beginners should consider this masterpiece. The O-ring and the bolt are durable while it has an impressive grip which would be great for the novice.

Spyder MR100 PRO Specifications

ModelSpyder MR100
Power TypeCO2 and HPA
Frame MaterialMetal, Aluminum
Barrel MaterialAluminum
Shooting Speed250psi to 300psi
Effective Range300-feet
Bore0.68 caliber
Firing ModeSemi-Automatic
Mounting AccessoriesPicatinny Rails
Barrel ThreadAuto-cocker
Barrel Length12”
Balls per second6 to 8 balls per second

You will find the best qualities of a paintball gun in this Spyder MR100 Pro review. The semi-automatic firing mode is adorable and shoots perfectly straight at the target. With the bold military appearance, you can go pro each time you fire at the target.

Design of Marker:

Our experts tested the marker for Spyder MR100 review, and the design of this marker would be an excellent option to consider. Unlike other paintball markers, it features a military-grade design which gives you a unique look.

You can use it as a sniper, and still, you can handle it quite easily. This military-style marker gives you a timeless design because buying a new marker could be expensive, and this marker is a lot more economical.

The ergonomic design of this marker gives you a long front grip which keeps it from the hose and makes it more user-friendly. When you consider the performance and style of the gun, there is no doubt left that it will give you the maximum output.

Helmet Design

As we have mentioned above, it is a perfect pick for beginners and intermediate-level players. Moreover, if you are a professional player, you don’t have to worry about its look. With this Milsim marker, it doesn’t look like you just started playing paintball.

Paintball Spyder MR100 gives you a serious look, and it is compact enough. That’s why you can add accessories to your marker in the future. In addition, this state-of-the-art paintball gun comes with multiple Picatinny rails, which allows you to customize it and make it your deadly weapon.

It’s an excellent paintball gun with several upgrade options. You can carry around the marker for hours on the battlefield because it’s not bulky at all.

EKO Valve Mechanism:

The EKO valve system would be the best part of the Spyder MR100 Pro review because it is considered the remarkable feature of the gun. This is a unique feature, and it was not introduced in the low-budget paintball guns until now.

It gives the power to the paintballers to shoot up to 1500 paintballs with the same consistency. This feature alone makes Spyder MR100 pro paintball gun, and the beginners would love that about the marker.

Many players are familiar with this mechanism. We will explain it to those unaware of this feature. The EKO valve mechanism competently uses the gas in a 20 Oz. That lets you shoot more than other paintball guns.

This way, it provides you with the 1500 paintballs at almost the same pressure, enhancing your gaming. In addition, the marker throws the ball at a consistent speed and the same velocity.

It is an efficient mechanism that also decreases the paintball chopping problem inside the barrel. If you want to level up your game at the very beginning, you must own this paintball marker.

The paintball Spyder MR100 gun shoots flawlessly right at the target with robust and consistent shooting capability.

Two Finger Trigger:

This unique and powerful feature provides you with enhanced control over each shot. The detailed Spyder MR100 review enlists this exceptional quality of this paintball gun, making it comfortable to use.

Sadly, most entry-level paintball guns are single-trigger guns, which can be tough to operate, especially if the trigger is not made smoothly. Spyder MR100 Pro offers you a two-finger trigger, which improves the comfort and efficiency when pricing for the shot.

The manufacture has increased the trigger space in this model. It gives you enough room to put two fingers in there quickly.

While playing your favorite paintball game, you need the best paintball gloves to protect your hands from the bruises of high-velocity paintballs. It is a perfect safety gear if you want an ideal gaming experience.

Firing Ability:

Although the pull trigger of this paintball gun is longer than most paintball markers available, you can still pull it with one finger. You can shoot 6 to 8 balls per second, and it solely depends upon your trigger ripping speed.

Because of your EKO valve system, you can efficiently use the air in your 20-ounce paintball tank. The Spyder MR100 paintball gun is remarkable, it allows you to shoot up to 1500 balls, and after that, it requires a refill.  

Firing Ability

This great paintball gun provides you with a more extended range of shooting which will benefit you in sniper shooting. There is a minimal kick after you fire the shot, so the rapid-fire will not wear you out.

It is highly recommended to wear the best paintball chest protector to protect opponents firing on the battlefield.

Durability & Endurance:

Spyder MR100 review ensures the durability of the aluminum-made paintball marker. There is still no claim registered about this paintball gun; that’s why it is considered one of the top-rated guns on the market.

This lightweight and durable marker allows beginners to improve their endurance.  The gun can take lots of hits on the battlefield without breaking down. Even in the hands of a tough player, the gun’s quality will affect it, and it can give you a longer run.

When you consider yourself a superior player, you can make MR100 upgrades rather than buying a whole new paintball gun. In addition, the high-quality aluminum side Picatinny rails allow you to add Spyder MR100 Pro accessories to make it more tactical.

Not only that, you get an anodized finish trigger, which makes the gun corrosion-free and gives you a smoother shooting experience. Its Detent steel braided hose makes the marker robust and gives it more durability.

Moreover, it will provide you with the most accurate and consistent shots every time you pull the trigger. The weapon’s highly comfortable and durable design will give you better control, and you would not need any further modification to precisely shoot at the target.

There are no electronic components in this marker; that’s why you don’t have to worry about the rainy paintball game with this durable material. It can withstand the roughest game and harshest weather, and it will not affect your game in both situations.

Upgrades and Attachments:

Even you use the gun regularly, and it will serve you for several years without any malfunctioning. You just have to care about your safety on the battleground; that’s why you need the best paintball knee pads.

They will decrease the impact on your joints, and you will play a smoother game. Suppose you are looking for a paintball marker that can give you multiple upgrade options, then this marker would be the worthiest choice.

Tank Upgrades

In the Spyder MR100 review, we would like to mention that it is one of the most popular paintball markers due to its customization options. In addition, you can find multiple Spyder MR100 upgrades on the market, and they are easy to maintain.

First of all, for the Spyder MR100 accessories, a Picatinny rail offers you to add multiple gadgets to the marker to make it more deadly and tactical. You can easily add scopes, sights, tactical flashlights to the gun.

Moreover, you can make heavy upgrades to enhance the performance of your marker. To make the gun deadly, you can upgrade the stock barrel with a longer barrel, increasing the shooting range of the marker.

A good gravity loader can enhance the ball loading and provide you with even smoother shooting on the field. You can make even more upgrades to this state-of-the-art weapon.

Price Value in Budget:

The Spyder MR100 cost is quite reasonable considering the efficient features the marker is offering you. Most of Spyder MR100 reviews it is mentioned as the most affordable and budget-friendly paintball gun.

If you are a beginner or just buying a new paintball gun, you do not need to invest large capital on a paintball gun. You may not like the game much, and you quit the game after investing a large amount.

Keep in mind that go for the gun package only when you decide to buy your first gun. Then, it would cost you less, and you would have time to determine whether you like the game or not.

Spyder MR100 Pro paintball gun price is affordable, and you can use it for several years without any issue. Moreover, you do not have to change the marker when you become an intermediate player from a beginner.

That’s because this gun is even suitable for intermediates and seasoned players. There are very rare chances of any kind of damage, but if somehow it happens, you can get Spyder MR100 parts easily from the market.

This will make the marker as good as new, and you can use it for a longer time. Typically, the price of paintball guns varies, but still, you can get them at a very reasonable price. If you are a beginner, you should pick this gun due to its affordability and unique features.

Clean and Maintainable

Paintball players are usually not a fan of high maintenance, and you should avoid investing in those paintball markers. This paintball gun is not one of them, and it is worthy of mentioning in the Spyder MR100 review.

It does not need high maintenance; the single bolt system of the gun makes it easy to maintain. Whenever you feel the need to clean your gun, your simple screw opens the gun in half. There is no need to figure out how to open and close the marker in every cleaning.

All you need is a few minutes to clean everything in the gun. You should use a little oil to keep it smooth and efficient. When it comes to maintenance, old paintball markers were a nightmare.

Players had to remove every screw piece by piece and then adjust it back after cleaning. Spyder MR Paintball gun is user-friendly enough that even a beginner would understand how to clean the marker. However, to increase the life of the gun, you must keep it clean and maintain it on a regular basis.

Additional Features of Spyder MR100 PRO

Accuracy and consistency are the essential traits of a paintball marker, and one is nothing without the other. With Spyder MR100 pro, you can have both, thanks to the efficient use of compressed air.

As a result, this gun precisely hits the targets as many times as you shot. This is because of the consistent velocity; the chances of landing the ball at your target are higher with this gun.

Besides that, are you aware of the fact that Spyder MR100 has a velocity adjuster? It looks like a simple screw at the side of the gun that adjusts the air that pushes the ball out.

This is great for beginners; they can adjust the velocity of the balls until they are satisfied with the speed of the ball. In addition, it allows you to decide how fast and powerfully the paintballs should shoot at opponents. The velocity of Spyder MR100 pro is from 250 psi to 300 psi.


  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Durable aluminum manufacturing
  • Highly precise
  • The lightweight but powerful gun
  • Shots opponents from 300-feet with ultimate accuracy
  • Requires few minutes of maintenance
  • EKO valve Mechanism
  • Shots without chopping paintballs
  • Picatinny Rails for customization
  • Upgradeable
  • Highly power polymer neck feed
  • Military-style
  • Operates on both compressed air or CO2


  • Accessories are not durable
  • Drawbacks a little after every shot


The Spyder MR100 review concludes that it is a perfect paintball marker for beginners and professional players. This durable paintball gun can last longer than any other paintball gun on the market.

And you can upgrade the gun whenever you feel the need. In this way, you don’t have to buy a new marker when you upgrade your level from beginner to intermediate or professional.

The EKO valve system provides you with consistency at a minimal price. Moreover, Spyder MR100 pro is the perfect pick for price-sensitive people. Finally, as a Kingman paintball marker, the durability of the gun is proud of the brand.

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