How to Refill Paintball Tanks at Home? Refilling Paintball Tanks

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Paintball tanks are responsible for consistent shots on the battlefield. That’s why every paintball player should know how to refill paintball tanks at home. If you have an excellent paintball gas tank, your shots will not fluctuate, and you will get more accurate hits.

The paintball tank is refilled with various gases such as carbon dioxide, high-pressure compressed air, and pure nitrogen. To fill these tanks with relevant gases, you need compatible gas tanks so that gas can work efficiently in your gun.

However, filling paintball tanks at home is somewhat tricky; that’s why many players go to professionals of paintball stores to refill their tanks. In this blog, I will guide you on how to fill the paintball CO2 tank and others with simple steps.

Solutions for Refilling Paintball Tanks at Home

Suppose you are in the middle of the paintball games and your compressed gas ran out, what will be your next step. Do you know how to fill paintball tank with air compressor. If there is no HPA tank refill near me, what would I do?

You must know how to refill paintball tanks at home or at the arena to avoid stress. Therefore, it would be great if you knew the basics about refilling paintball tanks.

This guide will answer your questions: Can you fill paintball tank with air compressor? And how long do paintball compressed air tanks last? Finally, how do you connect a CO2 tank to a paintball gun?

Start reading this informative article and be independent for your favorite game, paintball.

Refilling of Tanks

Paintball players usually ask that, can you fill the paintball tank with an air compressor. Don’t ever try to refill your HPA tank with a car tire’s pump or any other regular compressor or pump. At their maximum, they yield only 180 PSI which is not even close to your need.

Then the same question is raised again, how to refill your paintball tanks at home. The simple solution of that is, invest in a 4500 PSI air compressor pump. Sure, this is an expensive thing to do for standard paintball players, but it makes you your boss.

Refilling of Tanks

It’s hassle-free, easy to use, and most importantly simple. These great compressor pumps also fill the Scuba tanks. So first, get yourself a Scuba tank; after that, you will need a fill station with it to connect your paintball tank to the Scuba tank for refilling up paintball air tank.

After getting your equipment, follow these simple steps.

How to Refill CO2 Tank with Air Compressor?

  1. Connect the fill station to your Scuba tank.
  2. Hook the paintball tack with the filling station.
  3. You must make sure the release valve on your fill station is closed.
  4. Turn your primary valve on to let air into your paintball tank.
  5. Wait until the paintball tank’s gauge fills up.
  6. If you have filled your tank to 4500 PSI, rotate the release valve to lower the pressure in the filling station and paintball tank connection. After doing this, you will be able to release your tank.

Keep in mind, don’t ever turn the valve hastily, as it will cause the air to rush into the and results in hot fill. Hot fills cause trouble, they drop the paintball tank’s pressure after some time, and you have to refill again.

How Long Do Paintball Compressed Air Tanks Last?

How Long Do Paintball Compressed Air Tanks Last?

The answer is simple, HPA tanks have hydro dates, which indicates the last time tanks were inspected.  In inspection, any possible issue that may cause a horrific accident is checked and cleared. HPA tanks are generally inspected every five years, which means they are suitable for five years.

How to Refill Paintball Tanks At Home?

To refill the paintball carbon dioxide tank, all you need is a paintball CO2 tank refill kit and a CO2 bulk tank. Once you have the following equipment, you are good to go.

Follow these steps, and you will be able to refill paintball co2 tank, and you don’t ever have to ask again how to refill CO2 tank with an air compressor:

In the first step, you must refrigerate your CO2 paintball tank before refilling; it avoids pressure fluctuations due to temperature differences in the tank or outside of the tank.

  • Attach the fill station to your CO2 tank.
  • Firmly attach the paintball tank to the fill station.
  • Rotate the bulk tank’s primary valve to start the airflow
  • Open the station’s valve, let the air in the tank until it fills with CO2.
  • And that’s it your tank is filled, and you are good to go to play on the battlefield.

The only thing to take care of in this situation is the CO2 bulk tank. Keep that bulk tank in a secure storing place. It has its hazards which are associated with incorrect use.

Can You Fill A Paintball Tank At A Gas Station?

Can You Fill A Paintball Tank At A Gas Station?

The answer is NO; you cannot fill a paintball tank at a gas station. That’s because you need a 4500 PSI to refill your tank, but gas stations have 180 PSI at their Maximum level.

Comparison of CO2 and HPA Tanks

Professional paintball players prefer HPA tanks over CO2 tanks on the battlefield. They argue that High-Pressure Compressed Air tanks are more consistent and better than CO2 tanks.

We will discuss the following situation and simplify the pros and cons of both HPA and CO2. Different factors play an essential role in the selection of gas tanks and preferred gas.

Loading Strength:

The downside of CO2 is that its tank contains liquefied CO2, and it expands and changes into gas when you pull the trigger. On the other hand, HPA tanks are already filled with gas which increases the loading and firing efficiency on the battlefield.

Temperature Effect:

Another factor that affects CO2 is that it is affected by the surrounding temperature. So if the surrounding temperature is high, then CO2 will expand and ultimately give you an increase in the pressure in the tank, which will be a plus point on the battlefield.

But, unfortunately, if the temperature gets low, the CO2 will shrink, which will cause a decrease in the temperature in the tank. This would affect your game in the arena.

Shot Velocity:

HPA tank is filled with gas, and ultimately it will provide consistent shot velocity. However, at the same time, the fluctuation of pressure in the CO2 tank will cause the shots to vary in velocity.

CO2 can shoot many successful shots, but CO2 in the tank needs time to expand into gas after those shots. This will cause inconsistent shots. In addition, the liquid CO2 is shallow temperature, and it can also damage your expensive marker.


However, CO2 offer a bright spot when it comes to the answer to this question: How much does it cost to fill a paintball CO2 tank. The Paintball CO2 tanks refillable, which is way cheaper than High-Pressure Air tanks. Moreover, CO2 is easier to get in every locality.

Storage Capacity:

The HPA is a lot less dense than CO2; that’s why you need to store it under high-pressure conditions. It means the HPA tanks can usually sustain the 4500 PSI while CO2 tanks can easily store up to 1800 PSI.

HPA tanks come in two different types, while the Carbon Dioxide tanks only come in standard aluminum.

Paintball Gun that has high pressure tanks

What are the Types of HPA Tanks?

There are different types of HPA tanks. That is why people got confused about how to refill paintball tanks at home because every tank has its specific method. So before further ado, let’s check the kinds of paintball tanks for a better idea. 

Fiber-wrapped HPA Tanks:

Fiber-wrapped HPA Tanks are manufactured by carbon fiber which is shaped into a cylinder. They are lightweight and easy to carry on the harness. In addition, these HPA tanks can be stored at a higher pressure threshold.

However, these HPA tanks are not robust enough against harsh impacts and environments. Moreover, they are expensive, which is also a downside of this tank.

Aluminum HPA Tanks:

Aluminum tanks are way heavy than fiber-wrapped tanks; that’s why they are available in small sizes. These tanks are cheap and can take up to 3000 PSI in them. In addition, they are more durable and can last up to 15 years.

Last to Say

Time to end your worries about how to refill paintball tanks at home because we have some of the best steps for this purpose. Utilize the above details for filling the paintball tank and save yourself from both time and money wastage.

You have to buy the appropriate equipment and refill the tank anytime you want. The comfort of your house would not be available anywhere else. That is why it is better to keep equipment in your hands and refill your tank without delay. Make sure to keep the things done in said procedure to have desired gameplay spirit.

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