Best Barrels for Tippmann 98 Custom Pro-Gun Upgrades

Last updated on July 4th, 2022 at 11:12 am

Tippmann 98 Custom is a well-known paintball gun due to its affordability, reliability, and customizable features. The customizable features of this gun allow you to upgrade its barrel according to your needs. However, many newbies and fresheners ask why barrels are that much important? To this query, the Best Barrels for Tippmann 98 Custom is an essential gun gear to targets your opponent with accuracy.

To win essential games in a battleground, you need Tippmann 98 custom upgrades for better accuracy and safety. The tricky part in upgrading barrels is you may found countless barrels available in the market. That’s why, after hours of research, we have picked three top-notch barrels for your Tippman 98 custom. These barrels will provide you with immense accuracy and defense on the battlefield. We have also stated the specs and features of top barrels to guide you while making a purchase.

Table of Content:

  1. DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Gun Barrel
  2. DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel
  3. Tippmann Sniper Barrel

Top-Rated Best Barrel for Tippmann 98

Make the right decision with Tippmann 98 Custom Flatline Barrel Review. First, you need to know every little detail about barrels. People usually ask, How much is a Tippmann 98 custom worth? Do barrels make a difference in the accuracy of your gun? Does barrel length matter in paintball?

You can read the detailed answer to your queries in this article. You can also benefit from the three top-notch barrels we have selected best barrel for Tippmann 98 custom pro. This information can help you in making a decision that will be worthy of your investment.

Best Barrels for Tippmann 98 Custom Flatline Barrel Review

1) DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Barrel for Tippmann 98 Custom Pro

DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Barrel for Tippmann 98 Custom Pro
  • Ultralight Weight
  • Carbon fiber
  • Strongest for rough use
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Unique three-layer construction
  • Strong Multi-vector pattern
  • Silk fiber
CompatibilityTippman 98 Custom, Tippman Cronus, X7 Phenom, and more
Length14 inches
Porting3 rows of straight ports (CNC-ported)
Construction3 layer construction
MaterialCarbon Fiber

If you are searching for the best barrel for Tippmann 98 custom pro, DeadlyWind provides the best barrels for upgrading your weapon. They give ultra-lightweight, accurate, and stable barrels, supported with durability and reasonable prices. It has three-layer construction, which enhances its functionality.

Its noise-resisting feature will provide you with an ultimate edge on the battlefield. The straight-bore barrel design, most muscular body, and accuracy are worthy of your investment. To know more about this barrel upgrade for your Tipman 98 custom sniper, read explained features.

Greater Accuracy:

Null is one of the best barrels for Tippmann 98 custom that is a carbon fiber one-piece barrel to reduce the defects in Tippmann 98 custom. The ultra-lightweight and maximum accuracy can enhance your gaming experience. DeadlyWind has used carbon fiber in its manufacturing for greater accuracy and stability.

One-piece straight bore barrel and lightweight makes it easy for beginners to use. As a result, you can target your enemy on the battlefield with more accuracy, and your chances of winning for your team increases.

Longer Range:

It comes in both lengths, 12-inch and 14-inch barrels for long-range targets. We prefer a 14-inch long barrel for more accuracy. The extra 2-inch will enhance your target, and a longer barrel means a stable shot. The additional length can make your Tippmann 98 custom faster and accurate for targeting in long-distance shooting.

Most newbies and intermediate players like this barrel for their Tippmann 98 custom upgrades because of its longer length. The longer length undoubtedly decreases the faults and improves the gun’s accuracy.

Some people prefer a Tippmann 98 custom 16-inch barrel for an upgrade. However, there is not much difference in the long-range or accuracy of both barrels.

Noise Resilient:

There is much more to this barrel upgrade than you can imagine. Its noise resilient feature provides you with silent triggering and shooting for your Tippmann 98 custom. This noiseless feature will offer you incredible benefits on the ground. No one will be able to track you by your gun’s noise in your paintball game.

Three-layer construction:

The three layers of this carbon fiber barrel are constructed uniquely for Tippman 98 custom gun. First, it got 2×2 satin twill external using uni-direction fibers laid up in the multi-vector pattern. And then, there is silk fiber inside the barrel for safer swapping.

Every part of this barrel is 100% USA-made as well as assembled there. Therefore, the worth of this is cheap and economical for this grade of the barrel.

Ultralight Barrel:

This ultralight barrel weighs 50-grams, and it’s compatible with Tippmann 98 custom gun. And you do not have to worry about how you manage this barrel. The fantastic performance and elegant design make it more unique and worthy of your investment. There is no insert required for this barrel; it is ready to use as it is. 

Stability and Durability:

You should know that you are buying a barrel worthy of your money and stable with your Tippmann 98 custom. Null is not just an ultralightweight barrel but also strong enough to be driven over by a car. The manufacturer has tested it, and the results were fantastic.

Now you can use it as rough as you need without worrying about breaking or damaging it. Its straight bore design with 0.68 bores of the barrel guarantees the stability of your shots.

Why Choose?

Reviews of its lightweight and noise-resilient features will amaze you. It has three-layer carbon fiber construction and durability. If we talk about accuracy, it has unmatched accuracy with more excellent stability. These features make it the best barrel for Tippmann 98 custom.

2) DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel – Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades

DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel – Tippmann 98 Custom Upgrades
  • Stainless Steel Insert
  • Two-piece construction
  • Autococker/Matrix Threads
  • Compatible with all DYE Ultralite Tips
  • Glass Fiber Construction
  • Muzzle port design with stable pressure porting
  • One-Year Warranty
SpecificationsTested Values
Bore size.684 and .688
PortingSteady port pressure porting
Material303 stainless steel
CompatibilityTippmann 98 Custom and  All DYE Ultralite Tips
ConstructionTwo-piece and glass fiber technology
Colors8 different colors
Back Length8 inches
Total Length15 inches

We recommend you DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel for Tippmann 98 custom upgrades. It is the best barrel with optimal quality and 2-piece constructed. The barrel is composed of CF and GF structural wrap, which assures lightweight and supreme performance.

The barrel comes with stainless steel insert, which makes sure sturdy performance and resists scratches and corrosion. Moreover, the barrel has a steady and stable port pressure porting. This port design gives the barrel higher accuracy and delivers a pretty low sound performance.

This construction assures that the barrel features a smooth and straight surface. The combination of glass fiber technology for its incredible strength and durability. What else? You can also enjoy color customization, which is very rare in barrels.

2-Piece Construction:

What do you expect from the best barrels for Tippmann 98 custom? The barrel consists of two pieces that give you maximum accuracy and a high-quality barrel. 

Its structure will upgrade the qualities of your Tippmann 98 custom and make it pro with unmatched precision. It will give you the quality and satisfaction you need.

Glass Fiber Technology:

This glass fiber barrel innovation is a step into a new era of barrels. The manufacturer invented this new technology to allow more strength, durability, and customization of colors for their barrel. So let’s add this upgrade to your Tippmann 98 custom and make it a pro-gun.

The combination of glass fiber technology and Auto-cocker/matrix threads gives this barrel a unique spot in the market of barrels.

Port Pressure Porting:

The barrel comes with a stable and steady port pressure porting. This feature enhances the accuracy and serves with better shooting performance in your important gameplays. Its noiseless performance is very effective; less noise helps you shoot effectively without giving away your location. 

Lighter weight:

The barrel is constructed by combining CF and GF structural wrap, which makes the barrel lighter. If you have a more lightweight barrel, you will be comfortable managing your Tippmann 98 custom gun in gameplay.  

The lighter weight allows you to handle the gun more swiftly in your game that will be favorable in targeting the enemy.

Stainless Steel Insert:

The stainless steel provides you ultimate durable, extremely low coefficient friction, and long-lasting barrel. This combination is unmatched and gives you the smoothest and straightest surface finish. 303 stainless steel offers you exceptionally high quality and makes it scratch-resistant.

The extremely smooth and corrosion-free barrel resists the fraction and gives you a breakneck speed shooting experience.

Unmatched Accuracy:

The stable and steady performance of this barrel provides your Tippmann 98 custom and unmatched accuracy. You will be amazed on the battlefield by the precision and easy handling of this great barrel. The barrel’s design and glass fiber technology give you a more accurate shot and supreme performance.

Colour Customization:

The smoother surface falls you in love with its physical appearance. Its availability in 8 beautiful colors feels pleasant to your eyes and gives your matchless performance. You can choose the color you need and impress your teammates.

The color combination with effective performance will make your Tippmann 98 custom an unbeatable weapon in the battleground.

Why Choose?

With the 15-inch barrel size, this is the most extended barrel in our list with highly unique features. The 2-piece construction, CF, and GF manufacturing give supreme accuracy and optimal performance to your Tippmann 98 custom.

The most slaying fact about this barrel is its combination of unique features. The stable porting, soundless shooting, stainless steel barrel, and color customization are distinctive features.

The glass barrel technology makes it unique and outstanding in the market from other barrels of a similar price range.

3) Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper Barrel

Tippmann 98 Custom Sniper Barrel
  • Two sizes of barrel length are available
  • Best for long-distance shoots and sniping
  • Compatible with Tippmann 98 series, A-5/X7/X7 Phenom paintball
  • Quite/Noise resistant
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Micro-hones backing
  • Superior and durable performance
  • 90 -days warranty on defective and missing parts
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Length14-inch and 16-inch
CompatibilityTippmann 98 custom, pro, A-5/X7/X7 Phenom markers
Warranty90 days
Construction  Aluminum and anodized black surface

If you are looking for the best sniper barrel for Tippmann 98 custom, then you are at the perfect place. Tippmann is a most popular company of paintball markers, and the manufacturers had started making parts to increase the accuracy. As a result, Tippmann has manufactured a sniper barrel to fulfill the needs of your sniping.

This barrel comes in two sizes, 14-inch to 16-inch barrel sizes. Because it’s a sniper barrel, we suggest you should have a 16-inch long barrel for better accuracy and long-range shots. The 16″ barrel can be equally compatible with Tippmann markers; Tippmann 98 custom and Tippmann 98 pro.

Based on reviews of Tippmann 98 custom users, it is considered the best barrel available in the market. Additionally, this is a cheap barrel available with the best features within the budget range.

Long-Range Barrel:

Tippmann has specially designed these best barrels for Tippmann 98 custom. It is a long-range barrel in the market. This 16-inch long sniper barrel provides you with extended coverage of shots from your nest. The longer range of this barrel does not compromise the accuracy of the Tippmann 98 custom gun.

No single marker barrel in the market can challenge its more extended coverage, and it’s cheap and affordable.

Maximum Accuracy:

The more extended coverage does not mean less accuracy. On the contrary, the sniper barrel provides you with the maximum accuracy a barrel can have. You will be surprised that even an expensive barrel cannot be compared with the combination of its accuracy and long range. 

It also has a micro-honed feature which is inside and out polished. This may enhance the barrel’s accuracy and preciseness. You can enjoy these unique features in your gameplay. 

Fitting and Compatibility:

This barrel is an excellent upgrade for Tippmann 98 custom. Its also compatible with other guns along with Tippmann 98 custom pro, A-5/X7 Phenom series, etcetera. In short, once you have this sniper barrel, you don’t have to worry about changing it. 

Even if you change your gun at some point, this barrel will be compatible with other guns as well.

Sniper Technique:

It is the best barrel for people who like sniper technique on the battlefield. The combination of Tippmann 98 custom and sniper barrel will ensure the shooting on the opponents. Moreover, it provides a long shot with higher accuracy.

It is the best barrel for people who like to aim from a distance and have an accurate shot.

Noise Resistant:

A snipper needs a noise-resistant barrel to hide his locality. This barrel has a feature of noise-less shooting to protect its owner. Most players want a noiseless functioning barrel to keep the shooting as quiet as possible.

While competing for in-game, it gives you an element of surprise. Tippmann sniper barrel fulfils your wish of noiseless, long-range, accurate shooting.

Ninety-Days Warranty:

It is a USA-made product which means you do not have to worry about its quality. But for customer satisfaction, Tippmann gives a 90-days warranty on defective and missing pieces without additional charges. This warranty will increase the trust of players and keep the customers loyal to the brand.

Easy Maintenance:

This barrel is easy to maintain; you can remove it quickly and clean it as you like. It is also very convenient to use and handle. Moreover, the barrel is good to go with cheap Tippmann 98 customs as an affordable option. 

Why Choose?

As its name indicates, it is best for sniper tactics. The long-range, noiseless functioning, and easy use make it the best snipper barrel for Tippmann 98 custom. Therefore, it’s the best choice for accuracy for long-range shooting. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a 90-days warranty on defective and missing pieces.

Buyer’s Guide to find the Best Barrel for Tippmann 98 Custom Pro

It is not an easy task to buy the best barrels for Tippmann 98 custom upgrade. There is an infinite number of barrels available to pick from that will puzzle you and maybe affect your judgment. We suggest you consider the following factors before purchasing to upgrade your barrel. 

  • Length of Barrel
  • Bore Size
  • Interior Finish
  • Vents
  • Material

Length of Barrel:

You will see the performance of your Tippmann 98 custom depends on how long or short your barrel is. It is best recommended to stick with barrels between 12 to 16 inches to slay your opponent on the battlefield. 

But if you think the larger size of the barrel-like 20-inch will make you the best shooter ever, you are wrong. It does not work that way. When it comes to barrels, size does not always matter. In some cases, it may even hold back your shooting abilities and make you miss your shot more frequently. 

Shooting is all about balance, so find a barrel that fits your Tippmann 98 custom to increase your accuracy. Nothing else matters on the battlefield. You may face more problems with the increased length of your barrel, such as paintball takes more time to come out.

To find the best barrel for flatline barrel Tippmann 98 custom, you must consider accuracy a top priority, and length usually matters less. With longer barrels dragging issues usually comes up, which will negatively affect your accuracy. Just remember, barrels between 12-inch to 16-inch are best for your Tippmann 98 custom pro-gun.

However, the pro-players usually prefer to involve more in-game that’s why they run, doge, and crawl. A shorter barrel allows them to do this without damaging the barrel. On the other hand, controlling your aim with a longer barrel is easy and will enable you to throw more paintballs on your opponents.

There is no perfect size for your Tipman 98 custom sniper; you have to choose from 12 to 16 inches according to your preferences.


The quality of designed vents in your barrel is as important as the interior finish of your barrel. If the ducts are drilled in the right place, it can improve your Tippmann 98 custom’s speed and eventually improve your game. When the vents are close to the gun, the sound of the shot will be a lot less.

The less sound barrel will help you throughout the game. Especially if you are using Tippmann 98 custom snippers, you must look for this feature in your barrel. Because as a sniper, you do not want to get caught during your gameplay.

Bore Size:

The bore size inside your barrel can enhance or destroy your gameplay. It would help if you remembered that the bore size must be compatible with your Tippmann 98 custom’s bore size, which is 0.69. This is most important if you want to shot accurately in a consistent manner.

There are some easy methods that you can follow and find the exact bore size which will be compatible. Grab a paint and throw it in the barrel in a vertical position. If the paintball goes right through, this means the barrel is not compatible with Tippmann 98 custom, and you should explore more options. The bore size you are looking for must be tight but not overly tight which is perfect for Tippmann 98 custom.

Interior Finish:

You must keep in mind that the interior finish of the barrel must be well designed; otherwise, it will not last long. The focus should be on locating a barrel that will be bumps and defects-free, so the paintball comes right out. This polished barrel will enhance your Tippmann 98 custom’s performance in gameplay.

If you could not find a polished barrel, it will take more time to hit the target and affect the accuracy of your shot. You can put your finger inside the barrel and feel yourself to know more about the interior finish. You must have some extra paintballs while shopping to test the barrels and their interior finish.


The popular manufacturers use the best materials available to make guns, such as Tippmann 98 custom is a good gun. The materials used in barrels are ceramic, stainless steel, and Teflon to create smoother and accurate barrels. The better materials used in the barrel, the higher the chance to have accurate and smooth barrels.

Some people need to have a more robust barrel for their rough use, and a light barrel may damage in-game. That’s where companies have invented carbon fiber and the latest innovation the glass fiber technology. These fiber barrels are lightweight and rugged enough for rough gameplays.

If you are a pro player, you would prefer barrels made of carbon fiber and glass fiber technology.

Benefits of Upgraded Tippmann 98 Custom

Having an upgrade for your Tippmann 98 custom barrel has fantastic outcomes for your gameplay. But, unfortunately, many paintball players are not aware of the benefits that come with an upgrade. That’s why big manufacturers are making day-to-day innovations for the better sale of their products.

Barrels are the vital equipment of any gun. And if you plan to upgrade your gun with the best barrels for Tippmann 98 custom, it will increase the shooting capacity and make it more accurate.

The essential benefits of barrel upgrade are:

  • Enhance your accuracy in gameplay
  • Noiseless functioning protects you from being caught 
  • Comfortable in managing your Tippmann 98 custom
  • Keep you focused and slay your worries
  • Advanced consistency and precision
  • Light-weighted for running around in a match
  • No stress breaking down during your important match


We have explained the best barrels for Tippmann 98 custom with their specs and features. And we are sure they will help you in making buying choice for the best barrel. But, at last, we wanted to give you and extra input for your own befit.

We recommend you DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber One Piece Paintball Gun Barrel for your Tippmann 98 custom. Its ultra-lightweight makes it the lightest barrel to date. It is easy to handle in a battleground with incredible accuracy. 

It’s a one-piece barrel, so you don’t have to worry about inserts. Just buy and use it as it is. Its versatile features, straight bore, noise resilient, and three-layer construction heightens its performance.

In addition, this barrel is 100% USA-made which ensures the quality and durability of this barrel. Finally, the affordable price of this barrel is a cherry on the cake.

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