Does Paintball Hurt? 6 Safety & Protection Tips

Last updated on December 24th, 2022 at 12:39 pm

Most first-time players and parents of kids ask the same question before the paintball game. Does paintball hurt or what does getting hit by a paintball feel like? Yes, it hurts and it is widespread for the players to feel stung, similar to the flick on the arm.

However, the pain of the paintball is usually minor and mostly fades away swiftly. Most of the paintball hits are insignificant. However, some can cause bruises and welts as well.

The brutality of the paintball depends on some significant factors, including the speed of the ball, where it hits, and the distance the ball travels. If the paintball breaks on your skin, then definitely it will hurt more than indirect contact.

To keep the game safe and fun, you must follow some guidelines to make paintball less painful. You can avoid the pain by wearing the right clothes and protective gear.

How Can I Make Paintball Less Painful?

Beginners and even intermediate players query a lot; they usually ask questions about paintball injuries. Even I want to know how I can make paintball less painful. This following guidelines will give some tips to minimizing the pain on the battlefield of paintball.

Protective Gears for Body:

By wearing the best paintball chest protector, you can shield your chest and back. The best paintball elbow and knee pads can minimize the negative impact of the paintball on joints.

Your hands are most vulnerable to injuries in the paintball battlefield because you have to use your fingers to continue to pull the trigger. It would be great to wear protective gloves to protect your hands because they are the closest body part to the opponent.

The best paintball neck protector is highly recommended in serious paintball games to protect your neck from bruises and nasty stings. It is highly suggested that your wear a mask or a helmet protect your face and head from high-velocity paintballs.

Bare Skin Hurts More:

How much do paintballs hurt depends on how much protection you wear on the battlefield. If you wear simple jeans and a T-shirt, you should expect bruises and welts, which will fade away with time.

But you should anticipate the pain and discomfort it can cause during the game. Does paintball hurt? The simple answer would be YES, the bare skin is most vulnerable to the paintball and definitely hurts more than covered skin.

You should wear long-sleeved t-shirts under the sweatshirt to minimize the impact of the paintball. Also, it will be awesome if you wear a padded jersey and pants to avoid the direct paintball contact.

Wear Safety Goggles:

Paintball is all fun until someone gets seriously injured, and that’s only possible if you are not wearing the proper protective gear. Eyes are the most sensitive body parts, and tragedy can happens if a paintball hits your eye.

Wear Safety Goggles

If you are not wearing the best airsoft goggles for paintball, you can hurt your eyes badly. High-velocity paintball guns can cause devastating ocular injuries if you are not wearing protective gear.

However, if you wear the paintball helmet or protective goggles, the paintball would just feel like a balloon filled with paint. Moreover, you will enjoy the game more confidently and will have fun without any injury.

Dress Smart and Play Safe:

Dress smart before the game, and you don’t need to ask anybody that does paintball hurt. Wearing a multiple-layer sweatshirt and pants would minimize the impact of a paintball and protect you from nasty stings and bruises.

Dress Smart and Play Safe

Keep in mind that wearing the following protective gear will protect you and your kids in the arena. They will have more fun in combat dress.

List of Protective Gears:

  • Helmet or mask to protect your head and face from high-velocity paintballs
  • Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. Airsoft paintball goggles defend eyes from serious injuries
  • Body joints should be protected in inside. Most importantly, in outdoor games; you need knee and elbow pads for ultimate protection.
  • The main target of opponents will be your chest and back, and you need chest armor that offers you protection from point blank paintball shots.
  • Most players neglect the neck protector, which seems a small gear but keeps your neck safe from nasty bruises. Neck bruises can be a lot more painful than you can imagine
  • The players usually have uncovered fingers because they need to pull the trigger more efficiently. With protective gear, pulling the trigger becomes uneasy. It would help if you chose the two-finger gloves to protect your hand rapidly pull the trigger.
  • Try to cover your skin as much as possible if you don’t have pads try to gear thick clothing in winters.

Perfect for Young to Old:

Paintball is a family game, and kids and people of all ages love enacted games, and it is entirely safe. Many parents inquire that is paintball safe for 12 year olds.

Yes, with essential protective gear and equipment, paintball is completely safe for people of all ages, from young to old. Moreover, there are many myths about the paintball, one of which is frequently asked by the protective guardians.

For example, can a paintball break your finger? Although paintball cannot certainly break any bone in the human body, it can leave you bruises that are also quite painful if you are not wearing protective gear.

To make sure kids play safely, you will require a pair of goggles, a mask, specialized gear from gloves to neck protectors, and tactical padded shirts. In addition, you need elbow and knee pads and a padded front and back protector to ensure more safety.

Summaries Tips To Keep in Mind:

Wearing protective gear and multiple-layer clothing can keep you safe and minimize the risk of getting an injury. You can gear up and go out to the battlefield without the stress of getting bruised.

Does paintball hurt anymore? No, following these simple guidelines can have painless paintballing and relatively more fun in the arena.

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